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Friday, March 8, 2013


Hamburg Teachers wake up!!!!

Did your union president tell you that you will be going back to school on 

August 27, 2013?  

You are now going back to school one week before all other districts and sometimes 10 days before other districts.  Oddly, the Bored won't lengthen the elementary student day, but they have no problem sending the teachers back to work a week before the students get there.

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Foolishly Hamburg teachers, you have trusted your HTA president John Mrozek, yet it appears to many teachers John does not know what John is doing.  

Concerned opines based on many communications from Hamburg teachers,  John is nothing more than a puppet of Clifford Huen and his lovely HTA romance and bride Mary Lavis Huen, treasurer of the Hamburg Teachers Union.  

And teachers, Concerned Hamburger was told that Stephen Achramovitch was the student teacher of Clifford  almost 30 years ago.   

Seems a little too cozy.

Teachers demand more from your union president.  

Tell John to tell Steve to take his August calendar and shove it where the sun don't shine.

 It is now March. 
 What was the delay in getting the school calendar out?  
Teachers it is time for you to stand up.  
Teachers your union does nothing for you except grease the palm of an over paid union president and send the honeymooners off to state and national conferences. 

Read it and weep: 


Anonymous said...

Joan & Steve's
idea of punishing teachers for appr going down. Steve & Joan chomping at the bit to screw with teachers at every turn. We need to say good bye to Joan this May. Steve is here because of her and Steve has remained here because of her. A vote for her is a vote for STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH, we are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Matt DIls,

did he not say he "doesn't want to take us from our families" did he mean kids or teachers? Well either way he is taking us from our families, really this time.

A longer school day is not taking us from our families because we are contractually in the school until 3:20. So as much as we would like to educate DILS, he must mean kids. Shortest school day because of what? BUSING?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hamburg always has staff report before Labor Day! Teachers also put in their own time, though b/c district holds useless meetings on the staff days instead of allowing classroom set-up & preparation