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Thursday, March 14, 2013

MORE CHEATING AT Hamburg High School

More cheating by students at Hamburg High School.  
This time the cheating was in an AP science class.  
What happened to the cheaters?  

According to our source: 

Cheating is alive and well at Hamburg High School, and it does not seem that anyone cares. 
It seems,the Accounting scandal had little impact on the administration.

Bored of Education: 
Create a Policy on Cheating!


do something about cheating said...

For the love of God,
why would any school need a policy on cheating? Cheating and plagurism is wrong and should not be allowed. What are you letting these kids get away with? What about our honest kids who see these kids get away with cheating? Who is running this High School? Administration turning their backs on cheating is wrong on all levels. We need to do something about this. My kids have reported this many times and it is sending the good kids a bad message.

hs parents said...

Cheating is chronic in our HIGH SCHOOL. Principals just refuse to deal with it, don't want to do nothing, couldn't be bothered. Refuse to deal with lying kids and difficult parents. We see it and it is not good for the morale with the kids who actually do the work and work hard honestly on their tests and class work. We are teaching our kids that it is ok to cheat. Shame on all the principals for turning a blind eye. These dishonest should not go unpunished. A zero is the correct grade and parent notification a must.

Anonymous said...

Discusting and they blame the teachers. Shame on administration.

Morale low

Anonymous said...

Not so long ago when Mr. Hood was principal, the test would have been torn up and that was it. You would have a zero factored into our grade and our parents brought in for a discussion. At home the punishment was worse.

Our standards are so low to allow cheating to go on unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Kids that cheat in any AP class don't deserve to be in that class. Standards so misplaced blame the teacher. Why the teachers these kids some almost 18 made a conscious decision to steal answers. How is this his/her fault and don't tell us that administration needs a policy to address this issue. Kids to blame not the teachers, get this right. We need a strong firm Principal in the High School.

Anonymous said...

Student in middle school caught cheating on Spanish test he was given a zero made some excuses that he wasn't, teacher did not care zero for even appearing to cheat.

Guess what that high honor roll student will never do it again. Hard to bring up a zero on a test. This was a good lesson for him and his peers. Don't think any of them will take that chance again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are more AP classes than ever at the high school, and more are added each year. Makes the school look better on Buisness First reports. What doesn't show up on the report is that they are no longer elite classes where students must complete applications to get in. Any kid that wants in is accepted to boost the school's numbers of kids taking AP.

APUS said...

Many of the students in the AP Classes do not want to be in classes with Special Ed classes. So, they take AP Classes, look at AP US History. How many kids get a 3 in that class? Its a real jokester.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with APUS. Many students do not appreciate the slower pace of instruction needed to accommodate students with low skills in the Consultant teacher classes. Unfortunately, with staff cuts and the proliferation of AP, honors and Global Ledership sections, and the reduction of genetal education sections ofmost classes, the only places left for average learning students are in the classes with students with IEPs. Unfortunately the skill deficits of Spec Ed students are not being addressed by administration despite continuedrequests for reading support at the high school, a writing lab and smaller CT class sizes to support skill development. Some AP classes are much smaller than CT classes, and there is no support for Spec Ed students in 12thgrade Englishclasses. HHS needs to start caring more about their students and less about their ranking.

Anonymous said...

The cheating policy is in the students hand book. Perhaps the Vice Principals need to review it. Tear up the test and factor in a 0 in the cheaters grade. I guarantee this would put an abrupt stop to their future cheating. If they were so bold to pull this, it isn't their first run.