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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More school for elementary school students voted down by the Bored of Education

A report was provided to Concerned Hamburger about the Hamburg School Bored Work Session on Tuesday March 5, 2013.   Looks like Calkins, Dils, Flynn and Brunner-Collins made complete buffoons of themselves once again.

The Bored of Education continued in its boredom of education by voting down a resolution by Sally Stephenson to study lengthening the elementary school day for children.  Stephenson emphasized that by reconfiguring the student elementary school day, students would have more direct learning time with their classroom general education teacher.  Special subject scheduling, like music and art,  could be made at the being of the day or the end. The Stephenson plan is a win for Hamburg kids.

Hamburg elementary school children have the shortest day in Erie County.  
The teachers have one of the longest contractual days in Erie County.  
So it seems that there is a real possibility for more teacher-student contact time.

Stephenson's resolution is simple and clear:


10 minutes was added to the Hamburg Middle School schedule this year with little fanfare. 

It is no secret to anyone who has been around Hamburg for awhile that the real issue regarding the elementary school day is Fisher Bus.

So, Stephenson recommended that the teachers, the unions, the transportation committee sit down with Fisher Bus to hash out a plan to provide Hamburg kids more school time. This must be a priority in Hamburg, not just something to talk about year after year.

Stephenson wants action, but Calkins, Dils, Flynn and Brunner-Collins want the status-quo.      

Stephenson emphasized in her resolution that adding 40 minutes per day would translate to about 125 extra hours of instruction per year.  This is a significant impact on a child's life.  All totaled, with Stephenson's recommendations the children of Hamburg would benefit an entire additional 1/2 year of education over their 6 year elementary school career.

Stephenson's resolution was clear, and simple: 

Lets start a discussion with the teachers, who know what can be done, and get all the parties around the table to talk.  

Stephenson wants action. 

Sadly, Calkins, Flynn, Dils and Brunner-Collins have difficulty in reading comprehension.  

They fail to understand the simple basic language of Stephenson's resolution.  

In fact, it is clear the Bored fails to understand the purpose of a resolution.  
Calkins would prefer to continue down the dirty behind the closed doors road. 
Perhaps, Joan should reach out to her sister, Lucy, and ask for some reading comprehension tips as Joan failed to process Sally's resolution.

The four bored members listed voted NO on Stephenson's resolution.  After a round table discussion which seemed more a like a brainstorming session on why the Bored couldn't possibly pass a resolution by Sally Stephenson, a roll call vote was taken and Stephenson and Reynolds were the lonely votes of YES on a meaningful measure to start a discussion to lengthen the amount of time children are in school.

A nation wide discussion has been taking place for years on the benefits of kids being in school longer.   The discussion of a longer school day and school year is high on the agenda at NYSED.  Hamburg already has all the tools it needs to give kids more contact time. Its a matter of scheduling, and a matter of getting more buses, or realigning the buses schedules that are in place.

The resolution was voted down by 4 Bored members who have a collective experience on the bored of education of over 25 years.  

25 years of do nothingness. 

25 years of kids having one of the shortest school days in Erie County.

One thing is perfectly clear Dils, Calkins, Flynn and Brunner- Collins are no match for Stephenson.  
It is clear this gang of thugs is more concerned about defeating the resilient and bright Sally than they are about enhancing the education of children.   

Shame on the Bored of Education!


Anonymous said...

Our elementary children are receiving 1 month less instruction time then other districts in our area per year.

Yes approx 1 month less elementary instruction time.

Teacher driven not administrative dictate. Teachers actually take the lead, HTA involvement, teacher involvement, fisher bus involvement and transportation committee involvement. Just image actually doing something after years of complaining that kids in Hamburg have the shortest elementary school day.

All that was asked was a public discussion to study the issue and have it done by the teachers, transportation comm. Fishcer Bus and HTA. Shared decision making where the teachers do matter in policy decisions. Please this was turned down because Sally sponsored this.

Anonymous said...

Dils made a lame statement at last nights sb meeting, "we will be keeping them from their families." Please, our contract states we start at 7:50 am and our contract states we leave at 3:20. No matter we are at school extending the day by 35 or 40 minutes does not keep us from our families, please come up with a legit excuse.

elementary students day starts 8:40 ends 2:25 Sally asked that a discussion begin with the teachers to come up with ideas for a schedule for students to end the day at 3 Pm.

35/40 more minutes per day instruction time more.

School Board has been talking about the elementary school day being "one of the shortest" in WNY. This sb is all talk and when a suggestion to start this discussion is asked to be taken seriously the sb votes it down. The reason for voting it down, Dils didn't understand it, Flynn thought there may be a committee studying it (it doesn't Tom). Joan needs to do what is right for education and get over your vendetta toward Sally. Get over yourself, you don't always have to be the center of attention Dr.Calkins.

Johnny carson said...

Anyone who was at that meeting should laughed out loud at those foolish idiots. Many of them are sueing Stevenson, and now they want more money from the taxpayers. Dils is getting sued because of his mouth....he is pretty mouthy for a guy that never went past 12grade. Flynn is simply dumb... The stupidity is laughable. Sally is light years beyond these chumps. Eat them alive in may.

Anonymous said...

It was seriously juvenile, the way they "the four", talked around why they could not possibly pass this resolution. Ridiculous! Sally was spot on that it was because SHE was the one who initiated it. We are not stupid - we see right through them . . . And good for Diane! Is she finally seeing the light??

Super said...

You have got to be kidding me. When are these 4 elected officials going to pull their heads out of their Asses? The motion that was made was to talk about possibly extending the school day. Yet these people would rather our kids suffer then back a motion made by Ms. Stephenson. It just goes to show you that when it comes down to it, our school board does not have our children’s or the taxpayers best interests at heart. They have let their petty infighting, backstabbing and lying take over our schools. If you ask me I think our tax money should be working to better benefit our kids. Each year we hear about the over crowding, how our kids are not getting the one on one time they greatly benefit from and how at our elementary schools are not meeting the state requirements. It seems to me that this would be a step in investing in our kids that we should at least be willing to talk about. It’s time for a change. We must have a school board that works for our kids and us.

Anonymous said...

Matt Dils also stated that he could not directly negotiate with the HTA. He was insinuating that Sally's resolution indiateted that the board would be negotiating with the union, which was not the case. Listening to him talk is really alarming. He is so dumb that you can't help but feel sorry for the children, whose lives he is affecting. MATT, IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND SOMETHING YOU SHOULD JUST ABSTAIN.

calkins just lost our vote said...

the 4 that voted against this measure don't have the kids best interest at heart. come on 40 minutes more a day just helps our kids. why wouldn't they not study this and start the process? why Mrs.Stevenson sponsored the idea. the 4 that don't want more school time for my elementary children, don't care about education. i voted last year for calkin, heeter & stevenson. the pettyness of calkins has just lost our vote for her.

thanks Diane & Sally said...

Do what is right for our young children we deserve the same instruction time as other school districts. Please stop the petty politics are children deserve better. Shameful that because Sally asked for consideration of what is right they turned it down. I was told the lame excuses they gave for not giving our children what other districts have. Maybe that is why O.P & East Aurora are ranked so much higher than Hamburg. Shame on those 4. Thank you Diane & Sally

thanks Diane & Sally said...

Do what is right for our young children we deserve the same instruction time as other school districts. Please stop the petty politics are children deserve better. Shameful that because Sally asked for consideration of what is right they turned it down. I was told the lame excuses they gave for not giving our children what other districts have. Maybe that is why O.P & East Aurora are ranked so much higher than Hamburg. Shame on those 4. Thank you Diane & Sally

more time at school please said...

Idiots the 4 of them, starting with the pediatrician. Why not have more intruction time for our young kids? Spiteful politics is not what our kids need they need what every other district receives. We want the extra month in time a year that our kids have lost.

Parents Charlotte Ave School

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Dr. Caulkins who asked that the adults stand down and do what's best for the kids, putting aside their petty arguments? I guess she need to look in the mirror and try that again!

Anonymous said...

Most working parents would prefer the kids have more instruction time. Since I'm not a teacher, I work til 5pm. You wouldn't be keeping my kids from our family, you would be helping my family and keeping my kids from too much time home alone.
Is Dils home at 2:25 for his kids everyday?

Klozman said...

I believe absolutely that Sally S. has been targeted ever since she rallied the troops to prevent Ogilvie (in this instance not the all-powerful Oz) from moving the EMT program from the high school to BOCES. Enter the Achrostooge, a total loser, dumped from his two previous superintendent positions, and yet championed by Ogilvie as if his protégé. Achramo is shoehorned into his current superintendent situation under decidedly questionable circumstances. His first act of significance is to fire Sally's daughter, a probationary teacher at the high school, under a totally trumped up series of accusations. The proceedings are recorded on a tape that in all probability was legally produced by someone in attendance at that inauspicious gathering. Achramo has wasted oceans of taxpayer dollars on law suits to both suppress the exposure of the tapes contents and discredit innocent persons. RSB members, seeing a way to line their own pockets, jump on the law suit band wagon, even though personal financial gain at taxpayers’ expense is illegal.

Oh oh...Sally S. is elected to the Board...that really "effs" up the works does it not? She displays knowledge and acumen that no member of the Board can begin to equal. She becomes an enormous threat because she can out think, out reason and out maneuver the lot of them and therefore presents a clear and present danger to the future tenure of Achramo and his RSB lackeys. Expect them to lie, fight her with every available resource, disagree with her and attempt to block her initiatives at every juncture. The May elections are fast for a doubling down of efforts to discredit Sally S.

Anonymous said...

Not working in the best interests of our kids is hurting our district. Giving more time at school would be a good thing. We have one of the shortest elementary school days, why would we not want to have he same as Orchard Park, Frontier, Eden, East Aurora or W Seneca?

Anonymous said...

We couldn't agree more. What in God's name is wrong with bringing our elementary kids up to speed with surrounding school districts who have a longer school day. We had no idea that we have one of the shortest elementary school days. please put your personnel differences aside and actually work to achieve this. I was told that at the end of the year our kids have a month less school time.

Parents AES

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Briandi's picture is now on the blog. Briandi is from Hurwitz and fine. I would think that Mrs. Briandi would use some of the money she is getting from hamburg to get a little "Rhinoplasty". Chirp, chirp little birdie.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Our kids are being short changed. 1 month less school per year for our kids because of bus service. We should tell the bus company to make it happen not the other way around.

Parents AES

Anonymous said...

Is Hurwitz and Fine Related to a board of education member. Concerned, I was out tonight with friends overhearing a conversatioon about Hurtwitz and Fine and a hamburg school lawsuit. I graduated in 1983 from HHS, so I perked right up. I keep up on the minutes of the BOE, but never saw a conflict of interested between the board and hurtwitz and fine. Someone said that a partner at Hurwitz and Fine used to be a student teacher in a case. Did any Hurwitz and Fine attorneys ever student teach at HHS???? I heard this conversation tonite.