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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Calkins' sisters impact on Hamburg Schools.

If this missive from the South Bronx does not scare every reader of this blog, nothing will.
While extreme, it amplifies the long-term negative economic impact bad educational decision-making has on children and their adult lives.  

Bored of Education President Joan Calkins sister Lucy Calkin's Writers Workshop program is being used in the Hamburg School District.  The Calkins' Writers Workshop program was instituted in Hamburg when Joan Calkins served on the Bored of Education.
(This is clearly an opinion of the South Bronx blogger one that Concerned shares.)

Grade Level 3 at Armor highlights the Writers Workshop on a teachers webpage

To read the South Bronx story, click here:

SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Read How Lucy Calkins Ruins A Life in 2023: On March 6 we here at SBSB shared the wisdom of Robert Pondiscio and his thoughts on cult leader Lucy Calkins methods of of abusing childr...


Whole English said...

whole English, just jot down your thoughts, forget spelling,grammar, sentence structure, capitization, puncuation, paragraphs. Just let your thoughts ramble on in your journals.

What next;
reality hits, cannot write, cannot compete in the real world. All this feel good stuff just made us idiots. We had to learn as fast as possible in the middle of Hamburg High School English. A Colgate graduate Mr. Taylor(English teacher) who helped us undo all the bad habits that were instilled in us with this wild experiment in writing. This ruined a whole generation of Hamburg graduates until someone with some sense said stop. This Calkins thing sounds eerily familiar.

Anonymous said...

Money Maker for Lucy Calkins and a problem in New York Schools.

Anonymous said...

Was this piloted by the teachers or was it foisted on the teachers and students?

Please someone


teacher in put? said...

Did the district get teacher input regarding this Calkins program?

one month more school time a year said...

The school board should focus on giving our elementary kids 40 more minutes a day at school like our districts in WNY. My kids are getting 1 months less school a year and that is not right. Focus on making this happen.


Anonymous said...

What Dr. Calkins demands Dr. Calkins gets, BV, UPES & CAS no input.

Anonymous said...

Whole Language, is what it is similiar to

Anonymous said...

On the Calkin's sisters Lucy & Joan,

from NYC Blog

Breaking News!!! Lucy Calkins her failed Experiment are out of NYC DOE(dept of ed.)

" a generation of NYC children will pay the price of a failed experiment but LUCY CALKINS and the $ 5 MILLION she received last year from the DOE as well as the close minded administration that implemented her cult of learning, will not pay the price"

Dr. Calkins brought her sister Lucy's program here (at no Cost) the cost was to have her sister have a foothold in WNY to garner more $$$$ for her reading and writing program. Teachers had no input in 3 of 4 elementary schools . Using Joans position as sb pres to bolster her sisters experimental program.

second thoughts we are ahead of the curve said...

School comunity,

on the heels of Steve Achramo's announcing that HTA has reached a tentative agreement on appr(RTT race to the top funds), the Pres. of NYSUT put out a public service announcedment in all daily newpapers throughout the state. NYSUT spells it out clearly we rushed too quickly to pass RTT appr. tying teacher evaluations to testing that is unfair to students as well as teachers. (READ PRES OF nysut MESSAGE AND WEEP) Hamburg not so foolish nor 1/3 of teachers in NYS our NYCity teachers and Bflo teachers have not ratified or passed appr.

rushed through said...


yesterdays 3/28/13 bflo nesw full page add NYSUT signed

Respectfully Richard Iannuzzi

Join us by signing a petition that calls on the state to get testing right.
Go to

paid for by NYS United Teachers

An open letter about testing:

Next month,our students in grades 3-8 will take state tests based on the new Common Core standards adopted by the State Education Dept. Parents & educators have raised serious concerns about the timing and preparation for these new standardized exams. As president of NYSUT, I am writing to let you know why teachers are so concerned.

Let me be clear: Teachers support the principle of Common Core standards. Done right, implementation of quality COmmon Core standards can enrich and expand sudent learning, critical thinking and creativity.

And we fully support the principle of accountability for students and educators. Done right, standardized tests can be one of many measures that can strengthen teaching and learning.



Anonymous said...

Dr. Joan Calkins was a waste of space on the BOE in Hamburg. She spent her entire time on the BOE doing the dirty work of Chiacchia and Fleming. That lawsuit for the secret taping against Kavanagh and Stevenson was to keep that tape quiet. Calkins, " do we have what Moses and Shara did?" Yeah Joan you had those fake reports by Shara and Moses- but how did you know about them? Joan Calkins is a detestable woman who sits in her house and drinks large amounts of Russian Vodka lamenting her miserable life and failed career as a school board member. Joan was sued at the NYS division of human rights for violated the law. So think twice before you go near that woman.