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Friday, March 1, 2013

Traffic Safety Committee

At the December 2012 Board of Education meeting, Board Member Mrs. Diane Reynolds  reported to the Bored of Education on the availability of money for schools and communities through the Federal program "Safe Routes to Schools" which is administered by the NYS Department of Transportation.   Mrs. Reynolds remarks and attempted discussion on this important topic were dismissed by Mr. Achramovitch as he admonished her stating, " there is time for that, Diane".  

Well Steve, apparently there was not time "for that".  

Hamburg Central School Bored and Superintendent Achramovitch get an "F" and "Ineffective" in follow-up.  Month after month, the Hamburg Bored of Education minutes and briefs are full of all kinds of well intended "plans", none of which get any follow though.   Its seems we have the Hamburg Central School Board of Amnesia.   

It appears that things have changed since Sally Stephenson arrived on the Board.  She seems to understand local governance and what it takes to get things done.  However, the other Bored Members remain clueless. Diane Reynolds attempt to discuss the availability of grant monies was well intended, but Steve did not want to be bothered. 
Diane, as a reminder, Steve works for you.  
You do not work for him.  

Bored of Education: try something new and ingenious, get something done. 
Bored of Education: use your meetings for real school business, not the distractive pomp and circumstance of Steve's marble apple awards ceremonies.  
Bored of Education: focus on the work of the schools.  
You, Bored of Education are not unscathed in the APPR debacle- you foolishly gave the keys of to the kingdom to Steve.  
Bored of Education: Steven Achramovitch has failed the children of this district, he has failed the taxpayers, and he has to go.  

Here is a list of recipient's of the the Safe Routes to School grants, notice Hamburg's neighbor Orchard Park .

Western NY
  • City of Buffalo, Erie County: $494,420 for sidewalks, ADA compliant curb ramps, crosswalk striping and pedestrian signal improvements near the Pinnacle Charter School, Bennet Park Montessori School, PS 6 Buffalo Elementary School of Technology, and Enterprise Charter School.
  • Town of Amherst, Erie County: $641,983 for sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalks and safety education in the Sweet Home and Amherst Central school districts.
  • Village of Gowanda, Erie and Cattaraugus counties: $650,000 for pedestrian safety improvements and education at the Aldrich Street Elementary School and Gowanda Middle/High School.
  • Town of Grand Island, Erie County: $205,004 for sidewalks, crosswalks and signage near the Veronica E. Connor Middle School.
  • Town and City of Lockport, Niagara County: $570,219 for sidewalks and safety education at schools in the Lockport City School District.
  • Town of Porter, Niagara County: $15,000 for pedestrian improvements near the WH Stevenson Elementary School.
  • Village of Orchard Park, Erie County: $391,867 for sidewalks, curb ramps and safety education at the South Davis Elementary, Eggert Road Elementary and Orchard Park Middle schools.
  • Village of Williamsville, Erie County: $462,947 for sidewalk improvements and safety education in the Williamsville School District.
  • Lewiston Police Department, Niagara County: $55,000 for a driver speed feedback trailer for use in the Lewiston Porter Central School District.
  • Chautauqua Children’s Safety Education Village, Chautauqua County: $150,000 for safety education in county school districts.
  • Green Options Buffalo/Go Bike Buffalo, Erie County: $150,000 for safety education at the Buffalo Public School District.


Anonymous said...

The loss of these funds in very sad. Since I started teaching in Hamburg I have been very concerned about students walking to school on a road with no sidewalks- oftentimes being forced to walk quite far onto the road during snowy weather. Another loss for Hamburg students.

no accountability said...

Can we really afford not to take advantage of any grants offered\?. Why couldn't the supt carry through on this. Who dropped the ball SB member Diane Reynolds or the Supt? Shame on us for allowing this. Where is the accountability?

Christian Parents said...

My kids are not in that accounting class, but the talk is going around in the hs with the students. Some just say that these kids are there because of who their parents are and who on the school dist board they are related to or know. Dr. Calkin and Principal we are told will not act and we as parents are concerned. What are we teaching all these students? Is it who you know that gives you special treatment here. This is bad for my kids who have no connections to any dist board members, they earn everything the right way, hard work. We are nothing without our integrity and isn't that what we should be teaching. I agree please don't look for an easy target, usually the teacher make these kids accountable.

Why are these kids being inducted in the national honor society?

Please anyone this makes absolutely no sense to us good Christians

parent,taxpayer, christian and alum

PTSA member said...

Sorry this should be a main post.

I am weighing in on this theft of accounting exam by future student inductees in the national honor society. I am not a teacher in the classroom, but a teacher with our children, this is my second time making a comment on this blog, but I am a steady follower. I am discusted at the leadership of this school district to allow this to occur again.

This is simple to me these students should not be considered for The National Honor Society, and if they have been inducted they should be stripped of this Honor. There isn't one thing honorable in what was done here. I have 4 children, 3 still in the district and this is not what we want or promote in this community. Dr. Calkins is our children's doctor and I am shocked that she is allowing this.

My first born class if 2010, that was a mess with the Top Ten

PTSA member

alum said...

This Supt doesn't care about real safety,he is conserned with window dressing for himself. We are so far out on a limb with this supt and sb pres, that we are about to have our branch break.

We will be voting for change my entire family and friends.


parent said...

The measure in how OUR SCHOOL responds to a situation regarding theft of exam is telling in what our standards are with the leaderhip here. Ignoring this is not going to be easy. Stealing exam is a cause for this group of kids not to be inducted into the NHS. If they are allowed to receive this honor it will cheapin the Honors for those who truly deserve to receive this HONOR. My child is receiving this HONOR, if these students do receive these honors we will be making a mockery of the whole idea of NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cheating is nothing new at the high school. Walk down the halls and all you see are students copying each other's homework. 11th and 12th grade students admit they've never actually read a book during the high school career. The only thing they read are online summaries. A culture of respect is what's needed at the H.S. Respect for themselves, their academics and others is sorely needed. Students get off of their bus and walk away from the school...

toneback 25982 said...

Concerned some of these students who went into teachers desk and took iphone pictures of the test are being inducted in the NHS National Honor Society. What are we doing here allowing this to go on and than honor them with a academic distinction. Something is all wrong here.

Dr. Joan Calkins said...

Dr.Joan Calkins popping up at Union/Pleasant to rebrand herself as giving a hoot about us. We know it is an election ploy and please sbPrez don't insult our intellegence. All staff know you know the primary reason appr voted down, Dr. Calkins and Steve Achramovitch. No trust in either, please stop Dr. Calkins we all know this is what you motives are we are not supporting you, we want Achramovitch out of here and that means we have the opportunity to vote in May against you being on our school board.

Klozman said...

Rumor has it that students currently selected for induction into the National Honor Society entered an office and pilfered answers to an exam. Perhaps the RSB should address this issue. My belief is that if the parents of the students involved are well connected
nothing negatively affecting said cheats will ensue.