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Friday, April 5, 2013

Funding Clarification HAMBURG CENTRAL SCHOOLS DID NOT LOSE $450,000

There have been many comments regarding the $450,000 Cuomo and King threatened to withhold from the children of Hamburg if the teachers in Hamburg did not vote affirmatively on an APPR agreement.  As was reported here, a group of parents in the New York City metro area filed a lawsuit in NYS Supreme Court against NYS Gov. Cuomo and NYS Education Commissioner King  regarding the proposed withheld monies from the NYC schools as those teachers did not strike a deal in the black mail funding scheme put forth by the crooks in Albany. ( Aristy-Farer v. State of New York).  

New York City teachers and students were in the same boat as the Hamburg teachers and students.  Neither school districts reached an APPR agreement, and therefore faced the possibility of losing education funding for the current- 2012-13 school year.  A brave group of parents took on the issue and filed a claim in NYS Supreme Court.  All court documents related to this case are available by clicking the link below. The parents prevailed in the case, and an injunction was granted to prevent the State from withholding aid payments due to the lack of an APPR agreement.  The actions of these brave parents positively impacted Hamburg, as the outcome of the case paved the way for Hamburg to receive full state aid payments- notably the $450,000. 

All the court documents in this matter are available by clicking this link

It has also been reported that Cuomo, King have filed an appeal against the decision made in Aristy-Farer v. State of New York challenging the injunction granted by Justice Mendez.  In the meanwhile, Hamburg got its $450,000 and it appears moving forward that the State will be prevented from threatening the loss of educational aid if the teachers chose collectively to thumb their noses at APPR, Cuomo and King. 

According to reports, the Hamburg teachers will have another go around with APPR later this month, and it remains unseen if they will take the same stance on the proposed agreement.  Nothing has  changed much in Hamburg since the last time the teachers voted earlier this year.  

As it was widely reported, the teachers do not trust Steven Achramovitch, and he remains at the helm for at least the next few days, months, years? Joan Calkins, the second most distrusted person in Hamburg after Achramovitch remains detested and as dull as a butter knife. Joan's one year term is up for re-election in May, and her time may be better spent diagnosing the flu and checking the kiddies for lice than continuing her disastrous attempt at school work. Joan is a perfect case study for how difficult school work really is,even with her Vassar and John Hopkins degrees she can't quite get her mind around the fundamentals of public service and serving the public good. 

Many have claimed that until these two have been dispatched from the district, nothing will change. If either had a heart or a mind they would willingly set off to greener pastures, and allow the school district, the kids and the teachers to reach their full potential. 

And then there are teachers who not only distrust Steve and Joan, but also have a philosophical disconnect with APPR, and the heavy student testing premise on which it is built. Kids are tested too much, and this just does not sit well with many teachers. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I could be wrong because I'm new to this but it seems with the new law in the budget about the educ. commish King now being able to impose a plan on districts without one and expired agreements in place rollng over until a new one is agreed upon, Hamburg teachers cannot escape the appr nonsense by voting it down. This solves the money funding problem for the disctricts. But if they vote down the one their group put together, they'll be stuck with what King decides for them. So this vote they're doing will be between what they collectively bargained and something they didn't. As a non-public union member, I'd be more comfortable with something my team put together than what management imposes. Sorry you teachers have to deal with this. Thanks.

vote in May after elections said...

Wait until after the May elections for our collective vote regarding appr., this is my point. The Gov. has a July 1st deadline, we do not have to impose what Steve Achramovitch or Joan Calkins wants for electioneering purposes. Our HTA membership needs to be smart if you want this than vote for it the day or week after the school board elections . Give Joan and Steve the time table don't let them impose one on us.I agree with other posts, once they get what they want from us to save face, they will dump on us. Sorry just stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

I'm in no hurry, I will closely examine it along with legal advise. My Union dues should be doing this.

got ya team said...

Please remember what we almost had with the appr document that we turned down in January by 73%. The point I would like to make is this, any Union official although they are nice people, did us an injustice by allowing an incomplete document to be passed off as the entire document. One of the most important attachents, appealing a negative evaluation was left off intentionally by administration. I cannot support anyone who over looked or let the team of Achramovitch & Calins try to trick us. I as well as 73% of us or more are grateful that this sham was exposed and we caught this before the vote. Thanks to everyone involved, Contract Committee, Concerned Hamburger, Watch Dog, and the astute membership. Thanks.

Who wrote the appeals process, certainly not a HTA officer

Who done it!!!!! Steve, Joan or their team of I got ya lawyers.

Anonymous said...

We are here due to the dirty tricks during the last appr vote in January . Please don't ever have Steve Achramovitch or Joan Calkins near any appeal. They will abuse it. This was as low as anyone could have gone to trick us to vote for such a ridiculious contract change.

It was like giving Steve the keys to our personal lives. NO TRUST

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you have not researched the law regarding APPR. I heard that APPR will be imposed on school districts without a plan in place by May 20th. Those districts must submit a plan by the first Friday in May. Please check on this. It will not be possible to wait until after the school board elections to vote on APPR unless the union membership is willing to give up their right to negotiate how they are evaluated under APPR.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have a group of your own colleagues working on APPR? Are you suggesting that they are involved in dirty tricks? APPR is a negotiated right...unless of course you vote it down...who knows what "tricks" the state could come up with. Giving up your seat at the table seems foolhardy at best.

Anonymous said...

Voting no to APPR will not make high stakes testing go away, but it does take away the union's seat at the table to negotiate the manner in which teachers are evaluated. There are better ways to make a loud and clear statement about state testing. Opt out or refuse to allow your children to take the tests. Contact the commissioner of education to protest testing.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that anyone running for school board does their own research into the conduct of this district and its relationship with HTA. Ask your own questions and talk with all sides to get a full picture.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous....teacher evaluation is a MANDATORY negotiation right of the teachers. Read your Taylor. Maybe your union should sue the state for taking it away.