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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Read it and weep Hamburg taxpayer. A bloated Administrators Contract in Hamburg Schools

Hamburg School Administrators Council (HAC) negotiated contract reveals outrageous salaries and benefits.

Who are the administrators in the Hamburg Central School District?

Principals Salaries/ Benefits (source)
Hamburg High School:  Mike Gallagher, (NYSED)  $132,446 plus $42,330
Hamburg Middle School: Jennifer Giallella (SeethoughNY)  $97,854
Union Pleasant Elementary School: Jackie Peffer (NYSED)  $127,462 plus $41,310
Armor Elementary School: Leslie Bennett, (SeethroughNY)  $106,184
Charlotte Avenue Elementary School: Danielle Grimm (Contractual) $90,000
Boston Valley Elementary School: James Martinez (SeethroughNY)  $92,045

Assistant Principals
Hamburg High School: Mike Tylock (SeethroughNY) $95,521  and Brent Jordan (1/2)* $88,967
Hamburg Middle School: John Crangle (Contractual) $73,500
Union Pleasant Elementary School: Julie Gajewski (1/2)* (Contractual) $73,500

Pupil Services: Colleen Kaney (SeethroughNY)  $97,854- an undisclosed labor contract was agreed upon with Miss Kaney and the District effective 7/1/12
Athletics, Health and Physical Education (interim): Patrick Cauley n.a.

* denotes administrators who are in part time other positions in the administration building.  It has been reported that it is unclear what they are doing, but in the case of Mr. Jordan he is compensated with a hefty stipend to act as that data collection clerk for the district, and Miss Gajewski is acting in a curriculum role.

Hamburg Administrative Council (HAC) Salary Schedules per negotiated contract 2012-2015

According the the Hamburg Administrators labor contract the Superintendent Achramovitch, Assistant Superintendent Richard Jetter, and Director of Administrative Services Barbara Sporyz are excluded, and enjoy their own contracts with the Hamburg School District.  Strangely, all of the district labor contracts on on the Hamburg School web page under Human Resources except those of Achramovitch, Jetter and Sporyz. Additionally, the deal made with Colleen Kaney is not disclosed.  In true form, he district picks and choices what it posts on the school  homepage, and exhibits the classic symptoms of the fox guarding the hen house.

If one were to analyze the salaries of Mr. Gallagher and Ms. Peffer it becomes immediately clear they are "off the charts". The salaries and benefits of these two administrators are approximately $345,000 per year.
Wow, that is a lot of shekels!  
Both administrators salaries are far in excess of the contract negotiated by the administrators and the district.

So, why are Mr. Gallagher and Ms. Peffer being paid such outrageously excessive salaries?  

Did they cut their own deal with the District? 
The top step for a Hamburg High School Principal is $114,850, Mr. Gallagher takes in $132,446 plus another $40K+in benefits. Top step for a Hamburg Elementary School Principal is $105,075 plus another $40K+ in benefits.

Why the discrepancies?

In the private sector these compensatory salaries are hard to come by, and the perks of the Hamburg Administrative contract are virtually unheard of and similar perks have caused many a private sector firms to collapse under the weight of unsustainable management contracts. Should they be reading this post, one might bet that even Hamburg's high priced Harris Beach Attorneys would blush with envy at the sight of Hamburg's administrators compensation and time off.

At first glance, the sweetness of the administrative contract is on the surface, but the real prize is hidden on the other pages of the contract.

Sweets and perks of the HAC contract are as follows:

Sick leave and vacation:
  • twenty (20) full sick days per year which shall be accumulative to a total of 240 days.
  • And if that isn't enough, if the administrator needs more sick days due to extenuating circumstances the Board may extend and employee's sick leave.
  • Upon reaching 240 sick days, and administrator will be granted 1.7 days for each month in service during that year to a maximum of 20 days. The administrator will use the additional sick leave before touching the golden goose egg of accumulated sick leave.
  • Bereavement leave is granted at 7 days.
Personal Days:
  • Personal leave is 3 days per year, and if it is not used, it will be added to the administrative sick leave.
Holiday and Vacation Leave:
  • All holidays- Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday.
  • School holidays- i.e. Christmas,  Winter Recess and Easter are days off for school based administrators.
  • Vacation time is granted at 28 or 25 days depending on hire date.  Upon separation from the district the administrator will be paid for accumulated vacation time at the rate of 1/240th of the administrators annual salary in his/ her final fiscal year of employment. 
  • An administrator can accumulate 50 days of vacation time.  Upon reaching 50 days the administrator shall thereafter be credited with an additional 2.3 vacation days for each month of service during that year to a maximum of 28 days. The administrator shall be eligible to draw from these additional vacation days before using vacations days from the 50 day total accumulation. Any vacation days above 50 days as of June 30 of each year shall be lost to accumulation. 
  • Upon retirement unused vacation days may be converted to a health benefit or to the administrators 105.h account. 
  • The administrator must notify the district by May 1 of each contract year that up to 4 days of vacation days not used may be converted to a cash payment for administrators will less than 10 years of service in the district, and up to 6 days for administrators with more than 10 years of administrative experience.  Effective July 1, 2012 this benefit is no longer available for new hires.
Sick leave conversion:
  • Employees who do not participate with the District Health Insurance Plan and who are eligible to retire with more than 8 years of service and who notify the Board of Education at least 4 months prior to retirement shall receive the following retirement award into a taxable cash account at 80% of the value of the retirement award. 
  • Sick leave is paid at a daily rate of $130.00
  • Employees who participate in the District Health Insurance Plan are who are eligible to retire with 8 years of service  and who notify the Board of Education at least 4 months prior to retirement shall receive the following retirement award into a Post-Retirement Health Insurance Account  payable for the Retirement Health Insurance Premium.
  • Should the retired administrator die, then the remaining dollars in the account shall fund health benefits for the spouse until depletion or the death of the spouse.
Medical Insurance:
  • The District pays 88% of single coverage, and 85% of the family plan.
Health Maintenance Account:
  • Beginning on July1, 2012 and each subsequent year thereafter, the District will annually deposit $1,800 in a 105.h account for each Administrator. The plan features a swipe card. Those hired after July 1, 2012 will get $200.00 deposited into a 105.h account. 
  • If the administrator has to go from building to building, mileage is paid according the district rate

  • If the administrator needs a cellphone, the district pays for it.
Hamburg School District Administrators are required to attend graduation in June, but their contract fails to provide any further requirements to attend any other district function.  In fact, the contract fails to mention any work day parameters nor does it make any other provisions or expectations of the administrator.  The administrative contract does not spell out the work day nor the number of days needed to work.

Administrators in Hamburg are called "12 month employees",  however if you take a close look at the time off provisions of the contract with holidays, sick days and vacation days, administrators in Hamburg have the opportunity to have almost as many days off as teachers. 
However, teachers are 10 month employees, not 12 month employees.   

For many years, the Administrators were working 4 days during the summer months, thereby adding an additional approximate 8 days to the list of days off.  There are approximately 40 days of summer, when teachers and students are out of school. If a Hamburg administrator wished it to be so, in theory, they could use all of their either 25 or 28 days of vacation, leaving just 15 or 12 days to report to work.  After marking up the calendar with days off, the administrator's work year is not very different than a teacher, a 10 month employee.  So, perhaps calling the Hamburg administrators 10.5 month employees is more reflective of their work status.

However, it is our opinion that the administrators are working, and not taking the maximum amount of time off as provide for in their contract. So, in lieu of days off, the administrators can trade in their unused time for a big fat unused vacation day check.  So, anyway you slice it the sweetest part of being an administrator in Hamburg might appear at first blush to be the gigantic salaries, but once we eat through the chocolate exterior, the prize is in the details of their contract.  Remember, administrators are members of the NYS retirement system, and as such every dollar paid into the pension system is the gift that keeps giving after retirement until death.

Taxpayers should be outraged.  

These are the kinds of salaries and sweet deals that caused all of Route 5 to be an industrial graveyard.  What on earth could Mr. Gallagher and Miss Peffer be doing to garner those kinds of salaries and benefits?
Last time we looked, Hamburg has been slipping or stagnant in the rankings.  

It is time taxpayers of Hamburg to take a good hard look at the administrative expenses in Hamburg.
Should you care to review the labor contracts of most employees of the district, they can be found on the Hamburg School District web page under Human Resources: Bargaining Unit Agreements. 

Please note while visiting the District web page the absence of the contracts for Mr. Rick Jetter, Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Steven Achramovitch, Superintendent, Mrs. Colleen Kaney, Director of Pupils Services and Mrs. Barbara Sporyz, Director of Administrative Services.  The Bored of Education meeting minutes fail to mention how much in addition to his salary as Vice Principal, Mr. Jordan receives as a stipend to act as the data coordinator (whatever that means). 


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit!!! Do they work in the summer? I had no idea. It would be cool to check out those cellphone bills Concerned Hamburger. If the district pays the phone bill it is subject to FOIL requests. There was a 900 number superintendent in one of the local districts a few years back- think Orchard Park of East Aurora- he tried to blame it on his son. LOL

Dan the Man said...

Ask Tom Flynn or Debbie Reynolds if bank managers make this kind of money? HSBC and MandT are local employers, I bet they dont make this kind of money, and time off. It is sicko

is this for real? said...

This is gross, who deserves this much cash. I if I worked double shifts all week for 52 weekd I wouldn't even come close to those salaries and benefits. Makes us sick, no wonder the bastard fights so hard to keep his job. Many of us parents are discussed with him and if that means new school board than so be it. We will do our part to make change. parents

Oh by the way my neighbor informed me that the supt and others are suing district residents not for the school district but for their own bank accounts with my tax dollars. Please someone find out the details. This is even more discusting.

Anonymous said...

please tell us thisisn't so. We are over the top sad

blog observer said...

hard times, doesn't the education board realize they can impose a wage and benefit freeze. Time to take some action these salaries have spiralled way out of control. We are a poor school district and this waste is untenable. I also hear the message to vote for change.

Anonymous said...

One rotten apple can spoil the whole batch.

Supt Steven Achramovitch is the spoiled fruit and Dr Calkins is infected

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that we need a complete over haul of the school board. Vote any incumbent out next election. Spread the word

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that we need a complete over haul of the school board. Vote any incumbent out next election. Spread the word

Anonymous said...

What happened to Greg Witman? Did he leave the district? Was he fired? Where is he working now?

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing is private jet service.

Anonymous said...

RE: Greg Whitman - Teacher on Special Assignment as his replacement and then PE teachers replacing this teacher to act as Interim head of his dept. noted in March 12 BOARD BRIEFINGS but no where in any minutes or briefings does it note that the distict accepted Greg's resignation or terminated him. Why? Yet they must have b/c they replaced him.And the district is WAY BEHIND posting BOE meeting minutes to its website. Also, yes, a complete overhaul on the BOE is needed this May - change and a move to boost morale district wide is needed! And things need to be put out in the open and let the community know what is going on. And Open Meeting Laws need to be followed: 24 hours notice for meetings and follow that rule please!!

Anonymous said...

Is Joan the most humiliated creator that trolls the earth. She has been on a psycho witch hunt of 3 people, and she recently learned she was wrong. Hey Joan, wait until you get sued for defamation. I think we are gonna be looking at that house on Windover, and any mere pittance you might have. Your ass is on the line Joan...and Stevie wont be around to use taxpayer dollars to cover you. You will be sue and you will lose. Laugh out Loud at you Joan Calkins. WE HOPE YOU RUN SO WE CAN PUT FLYERS ALL AROUND TOWN UNDER EVERY WINDSHIELD AT THE MUSIC FEST, AND ON EVERY CAR AT 7:30 AM like MR. DANFORTH SAYS. ARE YOU GONNA GET MARG RUSS THE ELECTION INSPECTOR TO FILL OUT FALSE BALLOTS? WAIT JOAN...YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU ASS IS HANGING IN THE WIND.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I didn't realize salaries like this existed in our little community. The benefit package, unbelieveable. holy Sh*t

Anonymous said...

Solution: as suggested a pay freeze for all administrators and a roll back on their benefits. Many in line to replace them in education.

Wake up school board

Anonymous said...

It is rumored they are trying to get private jet service.

Anonymous said...

The arrogance,the extravagance, the patent disregard of our tax money. Top that off with the outrageous way our kids' futures are bartered for federal money. This is only the beginning. Under common core our children are considered nothing more than "human capital" by the Education Department. If we as parents don't wake up we will have no say in our kids' education whatsoever.
Please go to click on videos at the top of the page. In these short clips you will find why these feckless bureaucrats think they have such license. Jane Robbins from the American Principles project explains exactly what is going on clearly and concisely.
Wide Awake

Watch the stats. said...

Harris BEach trolling the BLOG again today...10:46 to 11:30 a.m. Thats an hour in lawyer land. How much are you spending on this steve??? Wait til the community finds out this expense...and Joaner you know all about it now dont ya. We trust you were not stupid enough to run for BOE again?

Anonymous said...

Reading and weeping, now we see why all the teacher lay offs paying these outrageous salaries. Our kids come first

ken ton said...

From Ken Ton,

you have a rotter, Steve Achramovitch is as devious and heartless as they come. Friend of Pat's

Anonymous said...

SuperRAT Achramovitch will spend our tax dollars to keep himself in POWER. We believe by voting Dr. Calkins out he will be gone.
Reynolds and Dills not running

Joan is Steve's supporter. Steve starts rumors about school employees who Steve doesn't care for and the bored never checks out his claims. Not all board members but Joan & company. We have been treated badly and we vote. We need Joan to be gone and Steve should leave.

"human capital" said...

To Wide Awake,

Thanks for the Jane Robbins site. She is clear tells a freightening & sad commentary on the present and future direction of our children's education. Our childrens's identies will be shared and marketed and our children will be labled for life. Our school leaders are selling us a bad deal of goods for education, our school community should open their eyes and take a stand against these excessive common core tests, yes are children are "human capital" .

ms parent said...

phuck it
this is unsustainable 2% on $100,000. is a guaranted $2,000. raise every year, Wonder why all our kids have less choices and super large ms classes.

Anonymous said...

We are having a problem with this salary schedule, what about all the hidden perks which I'm sure are hidden.

Anonymous said...

Who are Joan's & Steve's candidates? We need to spread the word.