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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Security- how does Hamburg Schools measure up?

Concerned has been reflecting on the horrific events on Patriots Day at the Boston Marathon.  
The Sandy Hook school massacre and the bombings at the Boston Marathon ought serve as wake up calls to those in charge of security in the Hamburg Schools. 
Instead,  the Hamburg boars on the Bored of Education have spent the last 3 years chasing rainbows, and draining the district's coffers on frivolous legal expeditions. 

It was reported to Concerned Hamburger that last week a Hamburg Middle School student called in a bomb threat to Armor Elementary School.  Armor went to into a system called, "shelter in place", and after a sweep by the Orchard Park police, the building was deemed to be safe. 
From the outside, it appears that all's well that ends well.
And thankfully the bomb threat at Armor was a stunt pulled by very disturbed middle school students.  

Concerned is Concerned

What is the security like in Hamburg Schools?
Millions of dollars have been spent in many of the schools for "capital" improvements, yet some buildings have little, if any, security.

Hamburg High School may as well take the doors off the building as there is no accountability for who comes and goes.   

The Superintendent and the Boars of Education have done little to acquire and implement a secure school environment.  

It has been reported that the Hamburg administrators are blaming the absent security plan on local law enforcement.  

It has been 12 years since the 9-11 attacks, almost 15 years since Columbine, Sandy Hook weighs heavy on our minds, and the Boston Marathon attacks gnaws at our very collective psyche. 
Yet,  over the last two decades the security of Hamburg Schools has been absent from any meaningful action plan of the administration of the district.  

It has been reported, that students at Hamburg High School freely walk the halls with backpacks, mobile phones and purses.  

Many Hamburg High School students leave the building during the school day for many hours, and return late in the day.  One needs only to drive around the village and observe the high school students who escaped the building.  

Where is the security at the High School? 

The attitude of complacency is alive and well, and most people foolishly reason- "never in Hamburg".  
Over the last decade we have seen the field of dreams,  a.k.a Mark Crawford's Howe Field, and its accompanying night lights, go up amidst the unprecedented cuts in school funding and the lost of over 50 teachers.  
But fret not Hamburg taxpayers, your losing Hamburg High School football team has a state of the art facility, but no one in administration can guarantee the safety of your children during the school day. 

You see, Hamburg Taxpayer, your taxes have gone to contractors, energy efficiency studies, lawyers at Harris Beach, and in the pockets of over paid administrators- who have done nothing but usher in the darkest days of Hamburg schools under the turbulent and contentious reign of school board president Joan Calkins. 

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Anonymous said...

Today a uniformed officer addressed the Hamburg Teachers regarding matters of school safety. The officer works in some official capacity to ensure the safety of Orchard Park Schools. Does anyone know what the role of police officer is in the Orchard Park District? Does Orchard park pay police officers to guard their schools?