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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A medical doctor is spreading disease and illness throughout the community, and is attempting to destroy civil liberties and civil rights

“No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.”
 Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter
Dr.Joan Calkins is NOT the person she appears to be.  

Dr. Joan Calkins, President of the Hamburg Board of Education,  is a sociopath who found common ground in the likes of Hamburg School Superintendent Steven Achramovitch.  Dr. Joan Calkins and Mr. Steven Achramovitch are crooks*, they are stealing your tax dollars and diverting your money to expensive attorneys to fund a witch hunt.  Hamburg taxpayers they are taking your hard earned money, trampling on your Constitutional rights, and seeking their own personal gain.  

It's the facts.  
Joan and Steve have spent over $500,000 in legal fees.  They have spent over $40,000 on Freedom of Information (F.O.I.L) requests.  F.O.I.L  requests do not require attorney involvement. The district has a F.O.I.L. officer, who gets paid.   The school district under Joan Calkins and Steve Achramovitch used attorneys to thwart the publics right to information, and it cost you the taxpayer over $40,000.  This should not be surprising.  Joan, Steve and others are crooks and are trampling on your Constitutional rights.  

Secrecy not privacy is the policy of Steve and Joan.  

Joan, Steve and others were caught lying, and now they are playing the victims.  Joan, Steve, Patty Brunner- Collins, Matt Dils, Diane Reynolds, Greg Wichlacz, Casey Neyman and former Business Director Tom Bagley are using your money in a lawsuit which seeks to line their own pockets.  They are upset because someone, probably one of them,  recorded a public meeting of the Board of Education on 9-21-10,  and they just can not seem to get over it.  By definition an illegally convened executive session is not an executive session at all, its part of the public meeting.   Duh!  

The New York State Committee on Open Government makes this point loud and clear.   If an executive session is not properly noticed and convened, then it is not an executive session, it is a public meeting. The Hamburg School Board did not properly notice the meeting of 9-21-10 and were found guilty of this in NYS Supreme Court. 

Public meetings can be recorded.


Speculation abounds that Joan, Steve and the other plaintiffs in the case are working hard to keep dirty secrets about themselves and prominent members of the community hidden away from the public, and any further release of the recording of the public meeting of 9-21-10 will blow the top off the filthy hands that have had a stranglehold on the Hamburg School District for many years.  Hamburg taxpayers have been duped by crooks, and it is time to stand up and get rid of these warped minded individuals.

Joan has taken to deceptive campaigning in the upcoming school board election in an attempt to hide the truth from the public.  Concerned has heard reports of large document files being removed from the Administration Building on Abbott Road.  Concerned was also tipped off that some administrators have been threatened to vote for Joan and her running mate (who bears a striking resemblance to former US Attorney General "Janet" Reno).   As a matter of fact, Joan Calkins' running mate, "Janet"  has never attended  school board meeting, yet she feels qualified to send out hypocritical brochures claiming expertise in confidential district matters. "Janet"  is simply running to keep the district's lies and secrets under lock and key. 

The latest propaganda being distributed around town is the lie that the Hamburg School District was forgiven over $1.3 million in transportation aid penalties by NYSED.  A few years ago, Mr. Tom Bagley, a plaintiff in the "lawsuit" aiming to line his pockets, simply forgot to put the postage on a very important transportation aid report due to the NYSED. Yep, while making approximately $100,000 per year, he simply forgot to drop a report in the mail.  Mr. Bagley should have been fired for incompetence.   Now, the district is lying to the public saying NYSED forgave them the $1.3 million.  This is simply untrue and a flat out lie.  There is no report on the NYSED web page. Three Governors of NYS vetoed Hamburg's request to forgive the $1.3 penalty, and now miraculously the Commission of Education forgave Hamburg.  The Commissioner of Education CAN NOT override the vetoes of 3  Governors.  We know that Commission John King takes his last name very seriously, but he is not a king and he has no authority to forgive penalties nor override vetoes.  

According to the Buffalo News the district allegedly found out in late April 2013 that they had been forgiven by NYSED. So why wasn't the community notified then, and why wasn't this matter communicated during the many budget hearings and school board meetings since late April?   This is trumped up baloney crafted by Steve and used by Joan and "Janet" as election stunts.  

Hamburg voters, you have the power to remove Joan Calkins from the Board of Education.  She is not who she appears to be.  While she may play the community minded, down on the farm, small time physician who is being unfairly treated, that is nothing more than her community face.  In secrecy she is a rotten, vindictive person with a hidden agenda that includes keeping the secrets of the Hamburg School District locked away.  Joan is not in this for the kids.  If Joan cared about Hamburg Schools, she would lead the charge to fire Steve Achramovitch, and make some attempt to heal the wounds that have been created in Hamburg. 

Instead, Joan Calkins M.D., child health care provider extraordinaire,  is leaching a sickness through out Hamburg School schools and community, and leading the charge to attack Constitutional rights.

* Concerned Hamburger considers misuse of taxpayer dollars at the hands of public officials to be theft.   A generally accepted term for those who are thieves is crook. 


Mary Hartman said...

Harold Johnson and Sheila Ruhland look like characters out of a Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman episode. Great now we got Janet Reno? Whats next a Saturday Night Live skit at HAB? Oh god, these people are sick os!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How can Sheila Ruhland, a probation officer, run for office if this guy from Depew was not allowed?

Joan you have violated many individuals in our community said...

Joan Calkins wants it both ways,

Joan Calkins reports that she is offended that information is leaked out of their secret gab fest. She refers to the sanctity of the executive session, actually a regular public meeting. In her protests she is concerned for privacy of staff when joan herself freely uses community members names in her slander campaign piece without their consent. Intentional Falsehoods, Joan has stooped so low as to use a senior member of our village traffic safety board by using his name in her campaign slander piece to lie about "lost" safe routes to schools grant (up to $500,000.) loss to our school community. Joan knows there is no safe routes to school grant for next year, so why does she use a member of the transportation committee's name to lend credibility to her claims. Joan knows full well no grant exists fornext year.

Steve is not capable of following up on anything. He and Joan dropped the ball "safe routes to school" Steve refused to act. Why ,because Steve Achramovitch doesn't care about Hamburg, his only concern is his self preservation here in Hamburg as the horrible Supt that he is

lack of trust of supt said...

I was helping our school board candidates today, spoke with many people. Most conversations involved the supt and how dissatified they are with him. Joan has agitated many in this community by not removing the supt especially after the survey of staff not trusting him.

Anonymous said...

Message to Patty Brunner Collins, Patty do you read what you hand out, you were handing out literature as a school board member with negative comments and untruths about teachers and community members. Patty you have a responsiblility and I would suggest that you actually read and understand what you are promoting. Handing out literature in front of the school districts information table at the farmers market Saturday is not what the school district should be doing. Sorry Patty I would suggest that you better look in the mirror. People are suggesting that you or the SUPT were the taper capers.

Anonymous said...

We want to hear the tape. We want to hear how our school board and suptintendent trashes people.

Anonymous said...

Read the campaign literature.

Will not support this Doctoror her running mate. Both women Dr Joan Calkins and Shiela Ruhland names on the piece, slung a negative campaign forgot to mention anything positive that she has accomplished. It is good that we have this Blog and then we are told the school board is spending our money to try and silence and shut this blog down. Please anyone with any brains explain why? Why because I agree with Concerned they are covering up "dirty secrets" and with a blog like this, exposure is swift and biting. These people serve in positions of public trust. Sorry I support the United States Consitution and our rignt to free speech it is our 1st amendment.

Anonymous said...

Starting point for all our misfortune here is Suptintendent Steven Achramovitch and a stubborn woman who idiolizes him Dr. Joan Calkins. She has allowed Steve to punish, attack, lie, abuse our tax dollars on his personal pursuits that have nothing to do with education.

Now he leads a gang of 8 to spend tax dollars in a civil matter to line their own pockets with our tax dollars.

free speech said...

our federalist papers were written by those fearful of blow back from the British.

Our federalist papers were written by anonymous freedom fighters and defenders of liberty.

Life Libery and the Pursuit of happiness

First amendment is protected speech, thank you Mr. Superintendent and School Board President

Guy With A Beard said...

To The Joan & Sheila Camp:
What kinda shitty ass tape are you using to stick your flyers to the mailboxes in Boston. Your HATE flyers
are blowing all over Boston State Road.
Thanks for the mess, you litter bugs

Anonymous said...

Isn't it illegal to put such flyers in mailboxes?

Anonymous said...

MY class mate Alex Opiel wrote an email, and lied about a teacher. We were told Joan Calkins put hr up to it. Alex is now a senior in college and all the kids in our classes hated what happened. Lies, lies, cheating and more lies...does anyone have a conscienous.....