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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An email came in today from "Super"- a super guy who stands up for what is right against a school district that doesn't seem to care too much about kids

Dear Readers....
Recently Concerned Hamburger received an email notification from Google indicating that the Hamburg School District, through their attorney Dick Sullivan of Harris Beach~ a commercial real estate attorney moonlighting in education and constitutional law~issued a subpoena to Google demanding the identities of Concerned Hamburger, Super and Klozman.  Immediately, Concerned, Super and Klozman, remaining anonymous,  hired a constitutional attorney to quash the subpoena.  You see readers~ we have the right in this country to voice our opinions and state the facts as we see them.  For almost three years and approximately 300K page hits, Concerned Hamburger has been operating as a citizen journalist reporting on the antics of the public faces of the Hamburg School District. Concerned is dedicated to reporting, and will continue to write on the school district despite their efforts to silence me and others.  It has been reported to Concerned Hamburger by many sources, that Dr. Joan Calkins has a vindictive and demonic alter ego.  Joan's "other self " has reported thoughout the Hamburg Community that she will unmask Concerned Hamburger, and she will cause financial harm to the victims of frivolous and baseless lawsuits she and Steve concocted.  Fortunately, turn around is fair play, and it seems that the plans of the District, the Bored of Education, Mr. Abramovitch and others will have unintended consequence never deemed fathomable on the onset of their witch hunt.  

Frankly, if the behavior of the the Bored of Education and Mr. Achramovitch was not so egregiously corrupt, there would be no material to report.  Instead, you the reader~of which there are many~ have been give factual, and sometimes humorous, accounts of the insidious behavior. 

*  Concerned Hamburger has already spent thousands of dollars attempting to protect their rights, and it is likely the the district has spent tens of thousands on this witch hunt.   This latest stunt by Steve and Joan et. al. should shock the conscience of any reader.  Taxpayer dollars intended to go to children to support a fair and balanced education in accordance with NYS Constitutional Law instead is being used to strip  Federal and State Constitutional rights from private citizens- who are taxpayers. Steven Achramovitch ought to be fired immediately, and charges should be filed against each and every board member individually and collectively. A groundswell of anti-Joan and Steve support it growing across this community, and it appears this is only the beginning. 


Concerned Hamburger 

* modifications were made to the original post due to a readers feedback

From Super...in Blue

My comments from lasts nights Hamburg Central School Districts Budget Hearing 

"It seems to me that Hamburg Central School District, Superintendent Steven Achramovitch, Dr. Joan Calkins, Patricia Brunner-Collins, Mathew Dils, Diane Reynolds, have nothing better to do with our tax money then involve private citizens in lawsuits and now you asking for more money …
I feel it is Important to let all of you parents, community members taxpayers and Private Citizen know that Hamburg Central School District, Superintendent Steven Achramovitch, Dr. Joan Calkins, Patricia Brunner-Collins, Mathew Dils, and Diane Reynolds. Through Harris Beach have drafted me and Two other Private Citizens into the middle of there Law suit Involving Stephenson ,Stephenson and Kavanaugh by serving a Discovery Subpoena to Google Inc. On or about March 1th 2013 asking for the Records and documents including but not limited to Names, address, any registration information for blogger ID’S ,Blog or email addresses. A Subpoena that is both technically and substantively defective and therefore unenforceable. A Subpoena for production of evidence in a civil judicial proceeding must also be served on each party. This was not done. Additionally, while nonparty discovery is permitted in New York State, Civil Practice Law &Rules 3101(A)(4) requires that, when doing so, the discovery demand must state the “circumstances or reasons such disclosure is sought or required “ in this case the subpoena includes no such information.

It appears the actions of the district in having Harris Beach issuing the subpoena were designed to silence legitimate criticism of the district, its Board and Administration by chilling my and others, constitutional right under the first Amendment to write and speak freely … anonymously and with out fear of reprisal and intimidation. Something that the district did when it had Harris Beach send the January 27th 2011 letter ,that said “it would be” working with Google “ to obtain the contact Information IP addresses for anyone who had commented on the Hamburg educational ethics blog , for the stated purpose of and serving us with legal papers”. A blog that has been brought up in the public portion of school board meeting in the past .

If you have read the comments I have posted to Hamburg Educational Ethics, WIVB, WKBW, WGRZ, YNN, THE BUFFALO NEWS OR THE HAMBURG SUN 90% fall under IEP issues, adaptive Physical Education, special Education, the School District not following District Policy and Regulations or Public school board Meetings. And many are the same word for word .So why involve me in this lawsuit is it because I have been advocating for my disable child or for that matter every child in our district or because my life style. The district needs to be aware that in singling me out they are running the risk of a me filing a complaint with the New york state department of human rights.

The district has already spent thousands of dollars on this matter…(47 hours at $500.00 an hour =roughly$ 23,500.00 ).. So I am asking the school board to have Harris beach with draw this subpoena. I would also like the board to rethink having Harris Beach representation. We can’t afford 500 dollar an hour lawyer who cant even get A Subpoena for production of evidence correct. And as always a written apology from each board member would be welcome .

Keep in mind that this is a civil proceeding and the district is using our tax dollars. Hamburg Central School District, Superintendent Steven Achramovitch, Dr Joan Calkins, Patricia Brunner-Collins, Mathew Dils, Diane Reynolds, Gregory Wichlacz, Casey Newman and Thomas Bagley, are asking to be” awarded damages in the excess of the jurisdictional limit of all lower courts together with punitive damages and attorneys’ fees and the cost, the cost and disbursements of this action and such other and further relief as to the court may seem just and proper”

*** PUNITIVE DAMAGES…. Although the purpose of punitive damages is not to compensate the plaintiff, the plaintiff will receive all or some portion of the punitive damage award.

THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS Hamburg Central School District, Superintendent Steven Achramovitch, Dr Joan Calkins, Patricia Brunner-Collins, Mathew Dils, Diane Reynolds, Gregory Wichlacz, Casey Newman and Thomas Bagley are planning on walking away with money … and we are paying for it !

read it and weep folks this is whats been happening for the past two months"


Anonymous said...

What the hell are spending our tax dollars? Anyone involved in this has to go. My tax dollars for crap like this, no wonder my kids middle school classes are way too crowded.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why cozy relationship between Steve Achramovitch and Andy Flemming? Andy Flemming of Cha Cha and Flemming (Village Justice). Some suggest Andy driving up the legal expenses here. Look in that direction you would be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Cha Cha of Cha Cha & Flemming law firm S Park Ave. sent me a message to support Dr. Calkins & Ruhland.

Flemming not allowed as a seated Village Justice to involve himself in any campaigns. Cha Cha supporting pro Steve Achramovitch candidates.Flemming using Steve as rumored to get at certain people. ALl will out on this scoop. Legal expenses being driven up with support of Flemming &Achramovitch

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of shit that is pissing us all off. No way could I support anyone of those involved in this bull shit. Freedom of the press and lets not forget what our country is all about. First amendment rights.

Will not support anyone causing this. Calkins is running and will not support her.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Super, we love everything you stand for. Thanks for standing up for our kids and our constitutional rights as free citizens.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! what dirty games are being played with my money and the rest of the taxpayers, and you want us to support this budget with law problems that the school district creates. I appauld "super" who I don't even know but would love to shake his hand. We need more people like him Kudos Super and the people that have the right to express their opinions on this blog. Shame on them for trampling on our rights. Stop the waste voting no on this budget because of spending like this. No to Dr. Calkins

Anonymous said...

I am a proud vet serving my country and taking an oath to uphold the Consitution of the United States of America. I fought for the rights spelled out in our Constitution and one of those rights is the 1st amendment rights of free speech. Who does anyone on the school board, school pres or school leader achramotich have any rights to silence Concerned, Klozman or Super. I respect those who have spoken on this. Super please do not ever stop defending what is right.

Anonymous said...

Jill no bad move

Anonymous said...

You go concerned,klozman and super voting for change

shameful spending said...

Shameful the school district

Anonymous said...


pjmarkert said...

I have known Andy & Dan for most of my life and I cannot believe any of this, who thinks this stuff up?

supporting Laura said...

Reminder get rid of Steve Achramovitch by voting out Joan Calkins and not electing Dan's choice Shela Rhuland new and unknown. What is at stake for
Cha Cha and Flemming to put out their face book message?

Anonymous said...

Are we now to believe that every single blog will be brougnt under attact by fat cat attorneys. I thought I was living in a free Country, where our right to free speech is cherished and protected. Our fathers and brothers have fought to keep these freedoms. Screw these blood sucking attorneys and this school district

slobs said...

Catch the last statement of Super, these individuals are using our money for their profit. Dirty slobs Calkins, wachlzc, neiman, reynolds, dils, achramovitch, brunner collins. Sounds illegal and theft of my taxes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy fleming better check out your partners face book.

Anonymous said...

pj call up the ethics board in rochester...you might be surprised.

Super said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Super said...

to pjmarkert
no offense
I am unaware of the dealings with Cha Cha & Flemming (who I assume are Dan and Andy). My statement is 100 present true and I have 47 plus pages from my lawyer, that I acquired to protect my first amendment Rights, to back it up . the same 47plus pages I took with me to the Budget Hearing.
so the People who " think up this stuff up "are Superintendent Steven Achramovitch, Dr Joan Calkins, Patricia Brunner-Collins, Mathew Dils, Diane Reynolds, Gregory Wichlacz, Casey Newman and Thomas Bagley .

Anonymous said...

Dr. Calkins-achramovitch have crossed over to the very dark side with this one. Super we love you and thank you for standing up for our forgotten kids. Without someone like you with guts our kids would be put to the back of the class. Freedom of speech is a good thing, it encourages discussion and lets loose a lot of frustration with our school system and the leadership here.

Mike said...

who gave them the group of 7 the right to use our money for themselves this is where I'm at. Joan Calkins is running and we need to get the message out she is using our money to sue others for herself or her own profit

Stolen from Dans Facebook Page said...

Daniel J. Chiacchia

4 hours ago.

Well the vultures on the blog, and we all know who they are, didn't take long to bash Andy and me. Andy had nothing to do with me posting to my Facebook friends and didn't even know I had until well after I did so. He isn't supporting any candidates one way or the other. I am. The rants about us on the blog are malicious, false and cowardly (only cowards attack anonymously). I know for a fact that Andy isn't working with the superintendent and I also know that we have no financial stake in any of this. Andy hardly knows the superintendent. Some of the people who blog don't like Andy. For them it's personal, and not rational. So be it. That I express my preference (free speech) shouldn't give anyone the right to spread false rumors. Please remember to vote on election day for Dr. Joan Calkins and Sheila Ruhland.

Dear Mr C: interesting your are friends on facebook with none other than the mistress Mrs. V (works at Ken Ton) lives with Mr. Achromo. Sounds like a little conflict please lets keep the status quo and let Steve continue running the school district into the ground. I am not sure about all the stuff on this blog about your partner however it looks like you seem to have some axe to grind. So what if people have an issue with your partner he is a judge and will be criticized (he is an amazing guy)to many that is fine. Do you even know Sheila Ruehand? probably not. Is she good for our community Mr. ChaCha? How would you know. Does she know what it takes to be on a school board? Has she ever attended a BOE meeting? Or are you simply supporting her because YOU Mr. ChaCHa have an axe to grind. People write some stupid ignorant things on this blog. Some humor some pathetic also some great information. It is just a blog. Really who cares. It is freedom of speech. As an attorney and officer of the court Dan you claim to know who runs the blog then maybe you should be called for a deposition.Save the distric 50k (im pretty sure it will not be much less)and identify the Bloggers.

May 9, 2013 at 9:23 PM

Anonymous said...

We need a independent investigation. Key to this is independent.

I support those who support our kids want this to happen. The judge should be reported if he has any involvement

Anonymous said...


Not NY, but likely the same outcome. If so, the next steps would be to publicly request the board members repay the funds they misused on a personal issue.

Finally, you should find willing, electable, right-minded individuals to back for school board in each district and throw your weight behind them.

The snark is fun, but it only goes so far. Eventually, you have to convince the public that you have better solutions.

rasqual said...

Best of luck against these folks. They're quickly becoming another Internet laughingstock.

It's seriously time for school choice and vouchers to dislodge the sense of security that permits this sense of insular privilege to escalate to these kinds of actions by public educators.

rasqual said...

Best of luck against these folks. They're quickly becoming another Internet laughingstock.

It's seriously time for school choice and vouchers to dislodge the sense of security that permits this sense of insular privilege to escalate to these kinds of actions by public educators.

Denko said...

Hey, I never would have heard of this blog until I read about the subpoena. Now I'm an avid reader. Every heard of the Streisand Effect? Great job, Board of Education.

Denko said...

Hey, I never would have heard of this blog until I read about the subpoena. Now I'm an avid follower. Every heard of the Streisand Effect? Great job, Board of Education. Every move you make attracts more eyeballs to your critics.

Klozman said...

Achraphobia - An intense dread that, having been fired from past jobs, you are about to be fired again.

Achramopathy - mental condition characterized by glibness, superficial charm, manipulation, conning, pathological lying, and infidelity. Commonly found in Wall Steet employees and among hatchet men.

Anonymous said...


The great State of Georgia sends kudos to the blogger. You must be close if you're taking fire. GATA.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

School Board members
who authorized this will have to pay back personally out of their own pockets, we will not legally have to foot this bill. School Board you own this one not the taxpayer. Whoever led you down this path needs to be held accountable not us taxpayers. Supt Achramovitch time for him to go, been a disaster here.


Anonymous said...

Vote anyone off the board or appeal the comptroller have all board members removed if they keep wasting the taxpayers money

Anonymous said...

I just read the article about the blog in the BN. I am laughing so hard I can't breathe. I think Steve and Joan and the rest of their crew are becoming "the Kardashians" of education - always in the news for their stupid behavior.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great blog, no wonder they want your ass. too much exposure

Anonymous said...

financial perks with my tax dollars. How is this legal? You want a pound of flesh for your bank account spend your own cash not our kids school taxes. I am new to this blog and a Hamburg taxpayer. Buffalo News article is why I am here. How can we function like this? This school board needs to change, and I will not vote for any presently a school board member. We apparently need new honest blood.

Joan gave the green light on this one said...

This Superintendent and the school board president have a serious problem on their hands. Damage control will not work anymore. Dr. Joan Calkins hatred toward certain school board members and certain teachers is clouding her judgement.

The word is out and it cannot be stopped. To get rid of Steve Joan has to go. She empowers him to pull this dirty shit.

alum & parent said...

Clean up this school district. Clean slate Joan goes and her side kick Tom Flynn and Steve Achramovitch the dude who allegedly has legal expertise. Legal crap I will add.

He has been a mockery to our once great school district.

Alum and parent

Mike McDaniel said...

Dear Concerned:

I've written about your situation and linked to this post there as well. I've also sent the link to the Hamburg Superintendent and encouraged him to read it. I hope this is helpful.



Mike McDaniel
Stately McDaniel Manor

Anonymous said...

Read the article in the Buffalo News and the article in Artvoice. Any other local media (newspaper, TV, radio) coverage on the lawsuit? Anyone know if any more coverage is planned?

retirees said...

who granted the use of public tax dollars for a civil suit for individuals to profit with our taxes. This is not legal and we need to stop this. Please call proper agencies, or we need to step up and start the leagal action to put a stop to this. My neighbors are upset about the large budget increase. We now discover they are abusing our money.

1 million and growing said...

thousands of tax dollars to silence our freedom of expression and speech.

Witch hunt on"we believe" but don't know who taped a school board meeting.

Problem $400,000 dollars spent for "we believe" but don;t know who dun it.

Problem how far does Joan Calkins and Steve Achramovitch plan to go with other peoples money the taxpayer?

Where do the students factor in?

Lost focus on students with "we believe" but don't know who dun it and $400,000 for what?

How much more does this school board and Joan Calkins and Steve Achramovitch plan on dumping on this another 1/2 million on what we believe is a personal witch hunt of Steve Achramovitch and Joan Calkins.

Worse yet they have the gall to use our money (taxpayer) for their own personal bank accounts.

Please any sane person what is wrong with this picture? Perhaps Joan Calkins has personal problems with a certain board member who she cannot mold or bully around like she hss other members of the sb.

I would suggest this is personal with Joan Calkins and Steve Achrmovitch.

Word out there you cannot control all school board members and you shouldn't want to. Seems those you target are not blowing through $400,000. on self imposed legal bills that the two of you are driving. Remember you have smashed our morale and have no cash left. But your personal "we believe" but cannot prove it will be $1 million bucks before it is over. You need to start to develop some self control. Steve is basically finished here. Maybe a certain law firm wants him but that is where it ends. The rest see him for what other districts have witnessed in his horrible past in Ken ton and Greec school districts.

kids deserve better 3 year no proof stop said...

Are you for real $400,000? The school district believe's three women "taped or caused it to be taped;" Which one taped? or caused it to be taped? the legal meter keeps ticking and the lawyers are loving it. Problem $400,000 could do a whole lot for our kids. Now when is enough enough? How long has this been going on lets see almost 3 years and you have no proof other than "we suggest", ""we think", "we believe", well right now a whole bunch of us don't care any more. You have no right to use our kids education money to protect a local law firm or the supt's job.
This money should go to our kids not to a law firm for chasing an idea, did you ever consider that one of you did it. maybe the supt or a school board member. Steve accused in Greece of taping Executive sessions "the bakers dozen" $400,000 + and 3 years and no proof. Time to say give up we cannot afford anymore. Let the law firm start to fend for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Lets hear the tape!!! I want to hear the tape. Cant one of the defendents send it to the news? Put the Tape On You Tube!!!!

gspot said...

New to this blog. After reading two Buff News articles and multiple blog entries it's obvious what's happening here. This superintendent and a vindictive board member are using tax payer's money and a high priced law firm for the sole purpose of bankrupting the three people alleged to have something to do with taping a board meeting. It seems to me that they can't prove their taping claim so their aim is to destroy these victims financially. Great school administration you have there Hamburg.



Klozman said...

Achramania - sensation of pure, unbridled joy when in the presence of a stud muffin.