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Friday, May 17, 2013

From Greece to Hamburg- a leaky Achramovitch

In 2008, shortly after Mr. Achramovitch arrived in Greece Schools to serve as superintendent,  a meeting with the district's auditors was secretly recorded and leaked to the press.  The secret recording was cause for a scandal in Greece.   Concerned has learned that the number one suspect on the "leaker list" was none other than Greece Superintendent Steven Achramovitch.  Concerned Hamburger wrote on the Greece scandal on August 25, 2012 in a post called- A Bakers Dozen of Possible Suspects.

Steve was a possible recorder of a private meeting in Greece when he first arrived at the school district.  Strangely, the circumstances surrounding the Greece recording and leaks  are not terribly different than those that have been reported to have happened in Hamburg. 

In September 2010, Mr. Achramovitch started as interim Superintendent of Hamburg Schools.  Achramovitch was brought to Hamburg by Donald Ogilve.  Despite a spotted records in Kenmore and Greece,  Mr. Ogilve felt it was a good idea to recommend his buddy Steve for the job in Hamburg.  Mr. Ogilve, you ought to hang your head in disgust and shame. 

On September 21, 2010 just three weeks after Mr. Achramovitch arrived in Hamburg, the Hamburg Board of Education, Mr. Achramovitch, Mr. Thomas Bagley, Mrs. Mary Ellen Monafo and many others met in a secret location to hear a budget report by Lumsden & McCormick- the district's outside auditors.  The auditors report meeting and the illegally convened  executive session which followed was leaked to many members of the Hamburg community.  

Below in italics is an article that was reported in a Rochester area newspaper regarding leaking of information in Greece in what became known as the bakers dozen scandal.  

How coincidental that once Achramovitch arrived in Greece information was leaked from private meetings, and only three weeks after he arrived in Hamburg a very similar thing happened. 

However, in the Hamburg incident, Achramovitch  has spent over $500,000 on a witch hunt. The targets of the Hamburg taper caper are three innocent women who have done nothing but openly criticize the Board of Education.  The victims of this farce are the children of Hamburg, the taxpayers and the defendants in the frivolous lawsuit launched by those claiming to be servants and stewards of Hamburg Central Schools. 

Here is the article:

A week before a scathing draft audit was leaked to the press, the Greece Board of Education gathered for a retreat to work with a mediation specialist. But progress made that day, some say, has been scrubbed out by the audit’s leak.

Since the document’s release, some school board members have blasted whoever leaked it and have been squabbling over what the district should do next.  Some say they’re worried about district confidentiality, community trust and even trust among board members.  “This is really just raising so many more bigger concerns,” said Vice President Julia VanOrman.

The draft audit was released to the media before the district or the state. Comptroller’s Office had planned.  Usually, the office shares its preliminary findings with the board and district, then the district responds to the office, challenging or agreeing with the findings, before the report is made public.Greece, board members have argued, never had a chance to do that.  School officials have been told by the state not to say much, so the draft audit’s findings — that the district mismanaged money during former leader Steve Walts’ tenure — has been mostly what the community has heard. And, some fear, it might stick.

“Now, no matter what the final report says, people will remember what they first heard,” member Frank Oberg said during the board’s Feb. 12 meeting. Whoever leaked the report, Oberg said, “violated the trust of this entire board.”

No one has said who the source is. The draft audit was received by board members the end of January.  Only 13 people, besides the Comptroller’s Office, reportedly had a copy:  Superintendent Steven Achramovitch; clerk Lynne Armstrong; board members Roger Boily, VanOrman, Carolyn Hauer, Charlie Hubbard, Joe Moscato, Oberg, Gale O’Toole, Pat Tydings and Jeff Smith; deputy superintendent Don Nadolinksi and school business administrator Lou Alaimo.   

VanOrman said some members of Achramovitch’s staff got a similar draft copy, but what was leaked to the media was the same as what was given to the 13 central office staff and board members.

“I’m really concerned that (the leak) subverted the process that the state put in place,” she said.And, on top of that, VanOrman said she’s worried that the leak makes the district look less trustworthy. Can the community and employees trust the board and staff not to release confidential information, like personnel matters?

“We talk about having the community trust us? Well, whoever did this is one of us,” she said. “It’s not the community. It’s our actions causing the community not to trust us.”

The leak has seemed to only compound the board’s struggle to get along better.  At last week’s meeting, the first regular one since the audit was released, tempers flared.   Board members pointed fingers at each other, saying everyone doesn’t follow the same rules when it comes to making motions and putting items on the agenda.

Joe Moscato criticized one of the motions, to authorize Achramovitch to talk to the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office about the audit. A statement released by the district Feb. 8 said Achramovitch had the full support of the board in doing so.  Not true, Moscato said.  

He criticized Achramovitch for talking to the DA almost two weeks ago without the board knowing it. He argued that the district is heading down a “slippery slope” where the board is a “necessary inconvenience” that gets bypassed by the superintendent. 

And, Moscato said that Achramovitch shouldn’t be involved in the investigation of another superintendent.President Roger Boily said the motion was retroactive and that Achramovitch talked to the DA’s office because the district didn’t want to wait on the matter.  But will the possibility of a mole among them make board members suspicious of each other? Tydings thinks so, adding he doesn’t know who the leaker is and won’t bother trying to find out.“There’s going to be some unease between one (member) to the next. It’s just how much and how much of an interference it will be,” Tydings said. “Time will tell, but it’s going to have some type of an impact. And it’s sad that it will.”
A baker's dozen of possible suspects


Steve is the taper caper said...

Witch hunt to cover for themselves and we have spent actually over $150,000. just on this alone. This is something that Steve does, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars of our kids school money, to shore up his position here. He has patterns and it is evident here that he is the TAPER AND HE WAS CAUGHT LYING AND THREATENING TO SILENCE AND PHYSICALLY HARM SALLY STEPHENSON. INVENTED AFFADAVITS THAT DIDN'T EXIST. SCHOOL BOARD WAS THEN AND NOT NOW a rubber stamp board.

No wonder Steve Achramovitch and Dr. Joan Calkins are trying so hard to blame three innocent women to deflect the blame from themselves.
It is told around the community the one who was violated was Sally Stephenson. A former school board member suggested at their secret meeting that they had a plan in place if she attends the public meeting to silence her and if she gets up to talk the police are there to taze her, (reported on a tv station). The former school board had a plan in place to embarrass and possibly have her harmed. It is also reported that they mocked with delight community members and I was told their behavior was nothing less than shocking and demeaning to the school community.

We always knew that Steve did the taping and he just got caught being sloppy. He is reported to tape all of his private meeting with the school board. He is no good and Joan supports him because she appears to be in on it. Thanks concerned for all this information this only cements it for me that Achramovitch and Calkins are trying too hard to blame inocents. $150,000. and now they are going after other private citizens Robert Johnson for being vocal at school board meetings. How much have they spent to go after Concerned and Mr. Johnson and our much enjoyed Klozman? Joan and Steve protest too much to cover for themselves. Please the community knows that Steve is the sloppy taper. Steve got sloppy andLost his little taping devise perhaps. He will be outed just wait and see as the LEAK.

Anonymous said...

Joan is either in on this or doesn't know?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Steve Achramovitch should have to take a lie detector test.... if they (the SB) are serious about finding who did the taping. Steve is the loudest voice on the tape (meaning he was the closest to the device). It makes sense the recording came from him.

Klozman said...

As I have often stated, I believe that Achramo was put in place to exact revenge on Sally Stephenson.
The first phase was to fire her daughter from the HSD (accomplished). The second phase is to bankrupt her family (in progress). So let's apply this possible scenario: Achramo tapes (or has a star-struck crony tape) his own executive session which contains damning info. He secretly deposits or causes copies to be deposited (let's assume a degree of separation) in the appropriate mail boxes, assured that Sally, who is a staunch defender of wrongdoing, will act. Achramo then accuses her, and two others who received copies, of both the taping and exposure of contents. Far fetched?... ridiculous? more so than the ludicrous charges promulgated and the expenditure of tax payer money wasted in an attempt to prove these claims. THE LOCATION OF THAT MEETING WAS SECRET so the participants must have been informed either person to person or via phone, letter or email. How could any who were not privy to this info be involved in the taping? THIS IS CRUCIAL! The starting point of the accusation is not valid, ergo, neither is what follows. My personal feeling has always been that an uncharmed individual attending the meeting decided enough is enough.

If you are a fan of the status quo and believe Stephenson, et al guilty as charged then vote for Calkins and Ruhland, but if you are truly interested in terminating this on-going witch hunt and would rather see your taxes benefit the student body, vote for Yoviene, Heeter and Forcucci.

Anonymous said...

She didnt know "he lies even when you know he is lying to you"

Anonymous said...

WOW, pinnochio good fit for the supt

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? The results are the same.

HHS MOM said...


Anonymous said...

I just posted, and my friend who works at BOCES told me that there was a request for Hamburg Resident phone numbers from the IT dept there. PARENTS BE ON ALERT!!!! THOSE JOAN CALLS YOU ARE GETTING ARE FROM STOLEN NUMBERS!

Anonymous said...

I just posted, and my friend who works at BOCES told me that there was a request for Hamburg Resident phone numbers from the IT dept there. PARENTS BE ON ALERT!!!! THOSE JOAN CALLS YOU ARE GETTING ARE FROM STOLEN NUMBERS!

gspot said...

Desperation rears its ugly head. A friend called me to say that it appears Joan Calkins is either calling or telling people to call and spread the word that three of the board candidates are only running because of a personal vendetta. Wow! All three. If that's true it speaks volumes about her lack of popularity. Sound like the death throes of a loser to me. Well, I don't live in the district so I'll miss out on a call...sob sob

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My home phone received a call from Joan Calkins spreading lies about the HTA candidates. Truth is Joan Calkins has the personal vendetta. Bankrupting our district financially and morally.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the school district and possibly BOCES are campaigning on our tax dollars. We are sick of this.

What is Joan hiding, needing to spread lies for herself to win, and why? She has an ax to grind and we can no longer afford this. I am curious as to what they are spending so much money to hide? This picture is becoming clear, we are looking at two people in the community who need the cover up maintained.

Joan also in one of her legal battles is using taxpayers money to line her own pockets. Yes folks OUR hard earned money for Joan to personally profit from her position as school board president. Just stating a fact all is confirmed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with klozman. Someone in that meeting leaked the tape. Private citazens exercising their first ammendment right should not be joked about and or threatened to be stun gunned. Read the news a stun gun can kill. Think of the village cops being armend and using force. That is a joke. They dont know how to use stun guns. They were making jokes about putting sallys life in danger in the hands of the village cops. Thank goodness sally was not anywhere near the meeting or she could be dead all because of a few school board members and a new super not wanting to hear what she had to say.

Anonymous said...

Know what would be REALLY funny? If someone were to tape one of these phone calls from Joan and then one of the candidates that she slanders, sues her!

Anonymous said...

I still can't understand how they keep calling the taping illegal. A judge has already decided that the meeting was illegal. They got caught holding an illegal meeting, so they want to say that the evidence was illegal? Harris Beach is laughing all the way to the bank! They get paid either way. Your tax dollars at work.

taze silence sb critics said...

threaten bodily harm for speaking up? Is this democracy or what. Taze Sally for what? Harming her is not a joking matter. We don't tolerate this from students why elected officials? Harming Sally is no joking matter no wonder they want to silence that tape. Good to anyone who had the decency to let us know what really goes on in school districts illegal meeting. Steve taped that meeting and wanted to send a shocking message to Sally or anyone who has the decency to stand up for what they believe. This school board wants to silence its critics. First Amendment rights being violated by an arrogant school district. Stop wasting my money, stop the maddness. Use your own money not ours.

hamburg grad said...

Using the strong arm of government to control the press and crack down on political enemies is not to protect citizens, but their own power. Funny, I heard about this taping lastnight, and would love to hear it. Can you please post it if you can concerned hamburger? I heard steve is saying the lawsuit is to protect the sanctity of the executive session? I study law at UB, there is no such sanctity. Privacy? From what I understand the topic of conversation in the illegal meeting were the three defendents- sally, lydsey and martha. steve uttered he was going to stun gun sally- and lied about the others. i heard that he warned the board that there would be a camera crew from channel 2 regarding a middle school musical, and paranoia dils talked about security cameras? Since when are those protected comments, steve? the only protection you are looking for is to cover up the lies you and joan and greg and matt and the others told about people. the only way for people to judge for themselves, because steve is untrust worthy is to post the entire recording, and then the entire community can judge for themselves exactly what kind of morally bankrupt people would waste the student money on their own selfish scheme. I will be getting a group of citizens to file a lawsuit against the district for malfeasance. there is NO privacy law for executive sessions. If a murder was committed in executive sesssion is it still a crime? Of course! So, is lying about people in executive session still a crime? Of Course! People are angry at the government and this is the reason why. they lied.

Anonymous said...

Shred-it truck, so why do andy and dan care so much? joan calkins is a liar. funny her misspellings and pathetic attempt at marketing are reflective of her sickness. joan and sheila dont mention the other candidates, instead they focus on their vendetta. joan calkins is a freak, i went to hamburg with her and she had not one friend. i always tolerated her presence and then i got a flier, why is she so desperate?? Let me see, she is afraid she is gonna get sued. well freak show, you should be sued.