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Friday, May 3, 2013

Gender meets budget election day

Concerned Hamburger noticed a throw back to the 1950s-a real Hamburg oddity.  The School Board elections inspectors and machine operators are the old guard of Hamburg with vested interests in the status quo. 
According to a recent agenda on the Hamburg School district web page (before the agendas became illegally password protected) , the girl inspectors will be on one side of the gym, and the boy inspectors on the other.  

Much like the old entry doors at Union Pleasant Elementary School- one side for girls, and one side for boys.  Does who ever assigned these positions on election day realize that women can operate machines?  But really the election machines are not machines at all, but rather scanners.

Does anyone find a conflict with the names that appear on the following lists?
One should feast their eyes on the ladies column a.k.a. "the election inspectors".  

Is Marg Rust the same person who wrote a scathing letter that appeared for months on the district web page about a current Bored Member?  Margaret Rust ought be sent to the end of the line, and is surely the last person who should serve as an inspector. Her bias came out loud and clear less than one year ago.  It is rumored that Marg Russ is a pal of Joan Calkins, a candidate in the school bored election.  The Bored of Education must say no to Marg as she clearly exhibited bias.  
  Marg if you read the blog, just say no and walk away from the one hundred bucks. 

Now, please turn your attention to the boys column aka "machine operators".   
Certainly any one who has been around Hamburg can immediately identify the red herrings.  

In some school districts, the students in the senior social studies classes manage the polls on school budget/board election day. New York State Education Law makes a special provision allowing 17 year-olds to manage the voter sign-ins and machine (scanner) operation.  Did Hamburg ever consider having the students learn something practical about their Democracy?  Instead in true Hamburg form, the old cronies of Hamburg will be minding the voters trust on May 21, 2013. 

All candidates beware and have your own set eyes and ears in the High School gym on election day. 
Legerdemain is alive and well in Hamburg Central Schools. 
Can Hamburg ever find unbiased individuals to act in neutral positions?  
Perhaps, that question answers itself.  

\Election Inspectors                        Machine Operators 
               Gail Hellert                                                     Robert Brogan
               Wendy Horth                                                  Gerald Gerbracht
               Shirley Haberman                                           Ken Haberman
               Margaret Holmes                                            Kevin Snyder
               Ann Kostorowski                                            Vincent Yacobucci
               Marjorie Mashiotta                           
               Anita Meissner
               Jeannette Mugle
               Joan Orr
               Marg Rust
               Elaine Schroeter
               Gloria Troyan
               Audrey Taft
               Nancy Wood
              Dawn Yacobucci 


Anonymous said...

yes Marg Rust lent her name for the districts web page, wonder if Joan & Steve had her consent?

Bias for sure

Anonymous said...

Please make sure that voting protocol is followed in that all voters need to present proper ID showing who they are, their age, and where they currently reside. This should be done for everyone even if an inspetor knows the person to insure a valid election takes place!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

had fun meet & greet, all looks good

Anonymous said...

Enough, we need a new supt. the district is suffering and that means all staff except for their pets, but the students are feeling the pressure. Enough of the Joan and Steve show. The book ends need to be stopped and we will have a Hamburg holiday the 22nd of May.

Please everyone remember when we gave back Steve promised not to lay off our friends and he assured us he wouldn't, guess what he did. Steve deceived us LIED to us. we need a change up on this board and we have our family and friends to get the job donel Holiday please the 22nd of May.

Anonymous said...

Joan Calkins is making threats again...she blackmailed a teacher in public session at the budget hearing. The thug Tom Flynn- stupid mind you- could only care about the triborough agreement, When asked to explain it he couldnt. Tom- you work for an unethical bank- and they are trying to buy their way into education. Tom Flynn the used car salesman. The bord is in hot water. Step down Joan you arsewhole

Anonymous said...

The real word on the streets of hamburg, members of school board suing with our tax dollars for their own pockets. steve and joans scheme.

theft of our tax dollars we suggest.

Anonymous said...

Amen and Hallelujah…

I have to stand up and say THANK YOU to the only three candidates for school board who were at the Budget Hearing. They get it !!! …my hat goes off to Laura Heeter ,Dave Yoviene and Catherine Schrauth Forcucci … (yes Joan was there but she brought nothing to the table)

concerned parent said...

Not a teacher,

Carl Palidino won, he is calling for the Buffalo Suptintendent to step down. As I have combed through this blog, message is we need to call for the removal of the Superintendent of our Schools. I am not a teacher but have good relationships with our childrens teachers. We know that all is not well with the , leadership. I did ( past tense) support Joan Calkins but will not again. Supporting a leader who has demonstrated poor, dishonest leadership is banrupting our childrens education. Superintendent needs to be replaced.

Newbie said...

Holy cow - feeling a little paranoid, people? And you want people to vote for your supporters, when you show this kind of lowbrow behavior? Can we tone down the name-calling, hate and paranoia, please?

Anonymous said...

Newbie----are you for real? Joan Calkins is detested by ever member of the Hamburg Staff. She is diabolical, and the Board is plain stupid. We need Carl Paladino to clean up the thugs, and Steve has to go. How many times can he lie to the Board and get away with it. The superintendent will be sued and will the board for deception and stealing money out of the mouths of children. The shoe hasnt dropped but it will---- what are you going to do then Joan? Get a grip newbie.

Solid State said...

To Newbie:
I understand how you can feel that this blog is full of spite. But keep in mind that this blog is an open forum. People post helpful information, make jokes, vent frustration, make silly cartoons and talk about the things that are going on in the school district. What you might not notice (being new to here)if you only look at the resent posts (on the main page) you are not getting the full picture. There's alot going on, and past posts/posters comments run into current posts. But then again maybe this blog is not for you.
I do encourage you to come to the next school board meeting and see what is actually going on and how the school board is running this school into the ground.

Newbie said...

So, I call for civility and I read that people you don't agree with are "diabolical", "stupid" and "thugs". Is this the "helpful information" that people post? I also read that Joan is "detested by every member of the Hamburg Staff", which is a lie. People, what do you gain with lies, name-calling, and paranoia? Do you think that rallies more people to support you? Sally should be ashamed of herself for encouraging, enabling, and allowing this boorish behavior.

Not newbie...eyes wide open said... seem very angry. What does Sally have to do with any of this. Seems like you have a healthy dose of paranoia. The only boor is Joan calkins, she is detested by most of the staff. You might want to step back and get your facts straight. Is is ok for Joan to tell her patients that if teachers don't pass APPR then the students will suffer? Is it ok for Joan to tell a senior who lied and cheated that' it would all be ok because she planned to have the teacher fired who told the kids not to lie and cheat. I come on this blog are the minority. People in this community have Joan on tape lying...why do you think she is sueing some of them ? Joan has the mentality of a 6th grader. Funny, the only thing I hear about sally is that she is the only know who knows what's going on!!!! Check out a board meeting newbie...Joan looks like a fool, and a boor. Get it straight newbie.

Stolen from Dannys Facebook Page said...

Daniel J. Chiacchia

4 hours ago.

Well the vultures on the blog, and we all know who they are, didn't take long to bash Andy and me. Andy had nothing to do with me posting to my Facebook friends and didn't even know I had until well after I did so. He isn't supporting any candidates one way or the other. I am. The rants about us on the blog are malicious, false and cowardly (only cowards attack anonymously). I know for a fact that Andy isn't working with the superintendent and I also know that we have no financial stake in any of this. Andy hardly knows the superintendent. Some of the people who blog don't like Andy. For them it's personal, and not rational. So be it. That I express my preference (free speech) shouldn't give anyone the right to spread false rumors. Please remember to vote on election day for Dr. Joan Calkins and Sheila Ruhland.

Dear Mr C: interesting your are friends on facebook with none other than the mistress Mrs. V (works at Ken Ton) lives with Mr. Achromo. Sounds like a little conflict please lets keep the status quo and let Steve continue running the school district into the ground. I am not sure about all the stuff on this blog about your partner however it looks like you seem to have some axe to grind. So what if people have an issue with your partner he is a judge and will be criticized (he is an amazing guy)to many that is fine. Do you even know Sheila Ruehand? probably not. Is she good for our community Mr. ChaCha? How would you know. Does she know what it takes to be on a school board? Has she ever attended a BOE meeting? Or are you simply supporting her because YOU Mr. ChaCHa have an axe to grind. People write some stupid ignorant things on this blog. Some humor some pathetic also some great information. It is just a blog. Really who cares. It is freedom of speech. As an attorney and officer of the court Dan you claim to know who runs the blog then maybe you should be called for a deposition.Save the distric 50k (im pretty sure it will not be much less)and identify the Bloggers.