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Monday, May 13, 2013

Meet the School Board Candidates TONIGHT at 7 p.m. Charlotte Avenue Elementary School

Concerned Hamburger would like to ask the community to attend the meet and greet for the candidates running for the three seats which will be vacated on the Hamburg Board of Education.  Matthew Dils and Diane Reynolds will not seek re-election, and Joan Calkins is suffering from  delusions of grandeur, and will seek re-election.  Remember, Hamburg district voters, Joan was instrumental in hiring Steve Achramovitch for, "his legal expertise". (Please see Hamburg Special Meeting minutes December 2010 for Joan's utterance.)

The event is being sponsored by the PTA and will be moderated by the League of Woman Voters.   The meet and greet is at Charlotte Elementary School in the Village of Hamburg.  Charlotte Avenue runs parallel with McKinley Parkway south of Clark Street.

Each vacancy is for a full 3 year term.  The candidates for the Board of Education based on ballot position  are:

#1. David Yoviene
#2. Catherine Schrauth Forcucci
#3. Joan Grosvenor Calkins, incumbent.*
#4. Sheila J Ruhland
#5. Gary Klumpp
#6. John Callahan
#7. Laura Heeter

* denotes incumbent


Anonymous said...

Joan Calkins is spreading a bunch of lies. Here is the truth:

1. Joan is a teacher hater. When APPR went down she immediately threatened teachers jobs.
2. Joan is wasting taxpayers dollars on illegal lawsuits against community members. She has been quoted as saying that she is trying to bankrupt those community members.
3. Joan does not care about the children of Hamburg (see above).
4. Joan has lust for her number 1 man Steve-O Achramovitch. She is dying to be with him and therefore does whatever he says. Get real Joan, he is never going to want you. He is playing you for a fool.
5. Do you know that the elementary schools don't even have books? Ask an Elementary School teacher about this. We have no books, but we waste hundreds of thousands on lawyers to sue community members for personal gain. One Elementary school teacher recently told me that she has a reading group of 7 children and only has 4 books.
6. Achramovitch makes more $ than Governor Cuomo! This is a fact, look, it up. Get a book Flynn!
7. Joan is very condescending. GO to the board meeting on Tuesday May 14, 2013 and you will hear for yourself. At a recent board meting she stated, "this is not a public meeting" when a fellow board member asked for community input.
8. Joan approved the purchase of nearly $1,000 for the leather chairs that were recently bought for the middle school board meetings. The chairs are used about once per month for about 2 hours. Prime example of the waste that Joan and Steve are responsible for.
9. Joan agreed to pay for Matt Dils' legal bills to represent him from being removed from the board for missing too many meetings. Think about that, paying for his legal bills for missing meetings. wow.
10. I'm going to repeat this, Joan Calkins is a teacher hater. Don't forget it Hamburg teachers. You did the right thing when you voted down APPR initially, rise up again! Draw that line in the sand Again!

Super said...

Tonight I attended the School Board Candidate Meet & Greet . I intentionally did not write down any questions to be asked because I wanted to hear what was on the minds of my fellow taxpayers and community member’s.
These are the three candidates’ I feel brought the most to the table

#1 Laura Heater … “the kids, the Kids the Kids and the teachers, the teachers ,the teachers.” I feel that Laura Heater will bring her experience as a teacher to the Board of education something that has been lacking .

# 2 David Yoviene … we need school board that works together. Dave has a long history of working with the community in many projects he is a leader and will work together to get the job done.

#3 Catherine Schrauth Forcucci… a dog with a bone when it comes to the finances of the district. She will come up with out of the box ideas on how to expand our districts financial rescores. She is also interested in what the community has to bring to the table.

Its Important to know that these candidate’s have attended all the budget meeting, they are abreast of what has been happening at school board meetings and are ready to bring our community together from day one!

Laura, David and Catherine…. You have my vote

Remember to Vote Tuesday May 21st

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This website is certainly not illegal and the district looks foolish in their attempt to attack the first amendment, but no one looks more foolish than all of you. This is what you are raising your kids to think is right. For the good of the children, remove everyone from the board and all of the administrators. They are all incompetent.

blog brings sb from under their rock exposure said...

Lot of information and a lot of exposure. The school board is forced to climb from under their rock.

Secrets lies, wasteful spending all outed how many of us would have had actually had the opportunity to view the NYS Comptrollers audit of the 2006 2007 on the school district where 1.8 million loss to the school district. Why is this relevant, the State is demanding that money be paid back to the State. Same year money left in will $ 85,000. to the school district the school board transfered that,money to a private foundation. Comptroller forced this foundation to return the money with interest. over $500,000. in checks were bouncing due to the school board president and Supt. not being forthright with this information. Most resigned from that mess. Why is this revelant now because we do not learn from past mistakes. School officials namely Joan Calkins and Steve Achramovitch run this district, and not in the open. Speak out publically and we all know what happens to certain district employees. Just keep telling Joan and Steve they are the best things to happen to our schools. NOT

Now you have them going after staff, violating contracts, ignores the public, will not respond to the public. Now the two of them Joan & Steve are targeting more private citizens, the net is getting bigger.

Now Joan and Tom Flynn shockingly wanting our triborough amendment to the taylor law to be repealed. Yes advocating for the removal of the triborough amendment and the distruction of our unions.

You see this blog has exposed a lot. Yes the officials don't like it, but they serve in positions of public TRUST and they will be critized.

Please let us know one positive move that Dr. Joan Calkins has done for the children in this district?

We have a wonderful music program, a beautiful musical the phantom of the opera put on a great art program. These are all done by talented teachers, students, staff and volunteers. Sports programs due to parents, coaches I guess we should feel grateful that she has not slashed and burned what is positive here in Hamburg.

Joan being led by a dishonest Superintendent who has lied and lies to get what he wants accomplished, uses people and than tosses them aside, no respect for those that work here for years, threats and sneaky behind the scenes attacks on us. Yes Joan should not like this blog or any official should that hides the publics business.

We write here because no one listens and we want all to know what Joan & Steve are doing without the threat of being targets and losing our jobs, this is one vindictive Supt. and he uses Joan Calkins to deliver.

If Joan looses it is because of Steve Achraovitch, we need to change and drastically change, morale low we cannot trust Steve and thus Joan, her actions are one and the same as dishonest Steve. Sorry this country is grounded in free speech in our 1st amendment rights.

dishonest & shocking said...

How I see it: abuse of ones position and wastful legal spending; Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent for personal profit of public officials shocks anyone that we speak to. Supt Steven Achramovitch is using our money to cling onto his job and to personally profit from his legal pursuits. SHOCKING TO EVERYONE

Anonymous said...

Joan Calkins is a teacher hater!

Wuf Wuf!

Anonymous said...

No incumbant please