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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Greed: stealing the education of Hamburg children

"We got caught...holy crap!" 

This photo was sent to Concerned Hamburger, it was taken at the May 7, 2013 Bored of Education meeting during the public speaking session.  The Bored and Achramovitch  are sitting  in shock and horror as they are confronted by community member and blogger, "Super".   Super chastised the Bored for wasting taxpayer dollars in an attempt to unmask Super, Klozman and Concerned Hamburger.  

Most members of the Hamburg Bored of Education have zero regard for the Unites States Constitution and the New York State Constitution both to which each member swore oaths to uphold. The Boars and the Superintendent violated their oaths of office and must be removed immediately

And, the Bored failed to demonstrate a meaningful explanation as to why they are squandering taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit which seeks to line the pockets of: 

  • Steven Achramovitch,  Superintendent 
  • Joan Calkins, 
  • Patty Brunner Collins, 
  • Diane Reynolds, 
  • Matthew Dils
  • Gregory Wichlacz  (former BOE member),
  • Casey Neyman  (former BOE member) and, 
  • former Business Manager Thomas Bagley.  
These individuals are using Hamburg Central Schools tax dollars to sue in a civil matter.  The money they are using to finance their lawsuit is meant for Hamburg kids.   The lawsuit they filed on June 29, 2012 is financed by Hamburg tax dollars, and is being sucked from the classrooms.  It has been reported to Concerned Hamburger that the district has spent in excess of $100,000 on behalf of these 8 people in their wild goose chase in a hope that at the end of the lawsuit they will line their own pockets.  

Joan Calkins has uttered to several community members that her objective is to bankrupt the defendants.  Hamburg School community member, does Joan Calkins belong near children?  Should Joan serve in a position of public trust? 

As President Calkins and Vice President Flynn chewed off their fingernails at the May 7th BOE meeting, the meter with Harris Beach law firm was fired up as the attorneys for the district scrambled around to somehow justify the maligned actions of the district.  

Meanwhile, the average class size in Hamburg elementary schools is 24 kids per class, the high school has students sitting on the floors during classes,  and Hamburg elementary kids have the shortest school day in the area.  Perhaps one needs to reflect on what the boars are doing?    


class action against the indivicuals listed said...

phuck them all, those bastards you are right, turn around is fair play. We need to start a class action law suit against all those listed to recoup this cash. They have no right to line their pockets with our hard earned money. Bastards.
We need to make
Steven Achramovitch
Patricia Brunner- Collins
Matthew Dils
Diane Reynolds
Casey Neiman
Greg Wachalaz
Tom Bagley
Joan Calkins MD

pay back money already spent to us the taxpayer. There are plenty of cases supporting us the taxpayer in situations like this.

One more thing if or when any one of the three defendents sue them for all that they have put them through it will be with their own cash.

These individuals and their abuse of power needs to stop. It is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

They are on their own on this one. No more of our dollars, previous commentor is right, the school district cannot indemify anyone of them in this Civil matter, we need this money back, action needs to be taken. This vendetta is going to cost Steve Joan and group.

Anonymous said...

alarming. shocking, sleezy, dishonest, illegal all comes to mind. "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" We have it all going on.

All those listed need to step down.

shocking behavior said...

Here for 1st time BN & art voice got message out 1st amendment free speech. I live here and was curious about what all the fuss was about. I am shocked

Anonymous said...

This is unbelieveable

Superintendent needs to step down as well as the school board president, leading this group of idiots into this pile of dung.

Wanting money from us to pay for your witch hunt to profit yourselves is pathetic.

My kids are the ones being affected go away and quit.

Anonymous said...

This is the tip to their problems. You will be shocked when all is out there who this school district has been protecting with our money.

help said...


angry dad said...

Maybe if the school district didn't hire a real estate lawyer from Harris Beach maybe they wouldn't be in this hole. This is so horrific it is going to bankrupt my kids education. Step down anyone of those left on this list. superintendent as suggested needs to step down and pay back all that has been spent on this BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP mess.

parent said...

Anger is all I can express Anger

please fill us in said...

Who is this school district protecting? Please at this dollar amount we demand to know. since we are paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Harper former school board member who resigned her post was wise not to lend her name to this legal action.

1st Kelly Harper was absent from the December meeting when Steve Achramovitch was annointed Superinendent. Thus had no part in his appointment as Superintendent

2nd Kelly Harper resigned in the spring of the following year.

Kelly apparently knew something that the rest of the board should have known about Steve Achramovitch tenure in both Greece Schools and Ken Ton. His less than stellar performance was all pointed out to each and every school board member. Each and every school board members at the time choose to ignore the warning.

Steve Achramovitch lies gets caught, hires high priced law firm to protect him from his lies.

Convinces the naive school board or should we say charms the members of the board of education at the time that he is the KING and the school board are his subjects and the taxpayers are his serfs.

All the while Steve Achramovitch is laughing at his puppets, he leads them to believe that he is this super smart guy clever & sly.

Kelly has her phd in ed and I am sure she saw where this was headed.

Smart women but not willing to stand up or speak up against the bully's on the school board. Big mistake, now Kelly Harper attends most school board meetings as a taxpayer not a representive of the district. Smart woman

Members of the school board at the time

Casey Nieman former sb member
Greg wichlacz former sb member
Diane Reynolds current not running
Joan Calkins current sb & candidate
Patty Brunner-Collins current member
Matt Dils current not runing

Now we would be remiss not mention that in Greece his last supt. position before Hamburg

spent almost $3 MILLION with attorneys and Harris Beach was a major part of that 3 million spent.

See folks we need STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH to step away from HAMBURG SCHOOLS ASAP.

Anonymous said...

The world press is all over this with the 1st amendment protections as well as the tax funds being used in this fashion for profit. Check out the attention this is getting. Sounds like heads are going to roll here

Klozman said...

TIME WOUNDS ALL HEELS! As always, it is only a matter of lingering patently and diligently until the barricaded threshold of infamy is breached...until the greed of corrupt individuals contravenes the boundaries of common decency and they are eventually destroyed. Kudos and highest praise to Super who vigorously and effectively exposed the wrongdoing of these self-serving bureaucrats. This is a person whose obvious excellent personal qualities and courage exquisitely qualify him for a seat on the very unfortunate that he is not a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Klozman we could not agree more with you on Super.

My question to you is how do you tell a guy like Tom Flynn politely that he is in over his head?

Anonymous said...

It would appear then that the "login requirement" to view the agenda was simply trolling for IP addresses, in order to determine who the posters may be.

At this point does it really matter? To what end? What can the students and taxpayers and teachers of Hamburg hope to gain?

Anonymous said...

Please notify and/or Marc Randazza, known as a 1st Amendment "bada**", of your case. They are serious 1st Amendment defenders with impressive track records. You can read about some of their cases at their blogs.

I realize you already have counsel but it can't hurt to have these folks on your side. They often do pro-bono work or set up excellent pro-bono representation to protect free speech rights. Good luck!!