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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Emergency Hamburg BOE Meeting Thursday June 20, 2013

The Hamburg Board of Education has scheduled an emergency meeting on June 20, 2013. They plan to head into secret session at 6 p.m.- no reasons provided on the district web page, no agenda provided on the district web page. Hmm, wonder what is being hidden?  A few agenda items rumored to be addressed in the final days of Cry Baby-Dils, Speechless Diane Reynolds and Do-little for anyone else Calkins are as follows:

1. Jamming Lucy Calkins- Joan's sister- writing program down the throats of teachers and children- all in the name of balanced literacy.  Balance for whom? One might ask this question if questions are permitted.

2. Passing 3 days of  summer curriculum work for 88 elementary teachers on the jammed through Calkins' writing program.  Whoa- that's gotta be at least $50K for three days. *

3. Bringing in West Seneca teacher Jeanne Tribuzzi to train the teachers on Joan Calkins's sister's writing program to the tune of about $20,000.

4. Sneaking through large raises before July 1, and a new Board of Education. Who will get these raises?  Well, we are told the raises are for administrators- and the raises are rumored to be astronomical.  
How shocking it is that miraculously money has appeared in the bank account to raise administrative salaries, but the teachers and staff took a 1/2 step pay cut in 12-13.  How bizarre? Teachers you would be wise to fire any union official that ever sells you that snake oil.

5. Many are speculating that Achramovitch might tender his resignation on Thursday.  But, before he goes off to NYS Retirement-land, some wise Board Member might ask him about the retirement waiver that has been pending at NYSED since 2010 when he arrived in Hamburg from Greece.
So, what will happen on Thursday? Who knows. 
One would need a crystal ball to predict the actions of the ever so secret 
Hamburg Boars of Education. 

* It was reported to Concerned that Assistant Superintendent Jetter- who is up for one of those big fat raises- told the BOE that the teachers volunteered for curriculum work this summer.  What he failed to reveal is the teachers were told they had to be trained, but they had a choice between the summer or 3 days in the fall when they would be pulled from their classrooms.   88 teachers elected to do summer-work.  
Jetter's story was deceptive as the teachers did not volunteer, they signed up for summer work vs. work during the school year.  


Anonymous said...

A couple things....

First, other school districts post much more detalied agendas on a regular basis-maybe the incoming BOE could check them out.

Second, many have gone without raises and the clerical staff has been negotiating for a year -

Third, why aren't Board Briefings sent out after special BOE meetings and ONLY after scheduled meetings? Again, incoming BOE - check it out.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the win in Supreme Court, motion QUASHED.

Stand up speak out and take action whenever we encounter injustice.

We are greatful for this blog and for all of us who have feared Joan and Steve and their clever ways at getting at just about anyone they chose in this district. I say we await a new school board who we hope have learned from all that has been written her. Thanks again concerned and to all that have contributed. Klozman, Super and all the rest. A new day is coming.

Anonymous said...

School law book, 34th edition, 2:78.
Re: contracts approved by outgoing boards.

hope the new board checks out that clause.

change said...

To anony 6/21 7:48 am

thank God this is so. This new school board was sent a strong new message, that we cannot afford the nonsense of all the legal rangling of this out going school board. We do not care we need to focus on the classroom not the vendettas of Steve Achramovitch. What this new school board needs to do is to pink slip a few administrators.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in BV school? What is the principal doing? Sounds like he is spinning out of control. He needs to step back and stop his attitude towards the staff. Many upset and in need of help.

Anonymous said...

The voters have sent a strong message to the incoming school board we need and want Steve Achramovitch out of here.

Admin no body said...

JOAN----PARANOIA---Will destroy ya!!!! dirty secrets waiting to ran a filthy campaign, and don't you worry the shoe hasn't dropped yet....there are still thousands of your sleazy campaign brochures that you need to answer for....maybe you should hire Dan the chia pet who help u circulate...picture on da blog. I have watch you for 4 years set out to destroy people and their lives and reputation....never said a word, but will if asked in front of a judge. Good by you nasty woman--- admin no body!!!!

Anonymous said...

To 7:16
Maybe it's time to give the hard message to the BV staff! Things need to improve quickly.

Anonymous said...

Why do teachers with masters degrees need to be in a writing program to begin with? Is it another thoughtless state requirement?