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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hamburg Middle School abandons teaming at the 8th grade level starting 2013-14

Attention parents of Hamburg Middle School 7th graders: your son or daughter will not be on a team during their 8th grade school year 2013-14.  Concerned Hamburger received an email from a teacher in the Hamburg Middle School asking that this story be addressed.  According to the source,  Hamburg Middle School Principal Jennifer Giallella and Vice Principal John Crangle- both former Hamburg High School teachers- have decided to "de-team" the 8th grade starting in September 2013.

The teaming model has been lauded as the preferred format for children during their middle school years.  Students are "teamed" with the same core group of teachers, with the same study periods, and the team  teachers share a common planning period.  

The Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development recommends creating,  "small communities for learning where stable, close, mutually respectful relationships with adults and peers are considered fundamental for intellectual development and personal growth. The key elements of these communities are schools-within-schools or houses, students and teachers grouped together as teams." Middle schools have discovered that to effectively implement the recommendations of the Carnegie Council teaming is a core element of any middle school reform plan. "The hallmark of an effective middle level school rests in its capacity to create dynamic learning teams within the school. Schools are organized into learning communities where close relationships between students and adults can be established and where more individualized attention can be given to all learners." 

So, why the change at Hamburg Middle School?  

One source told us that the Hamburg Middle School administrators feel that de-teaming in 8th grade will help kids transition to 9th grade. In other words, expose the kids early to the chaos of a high school experience.  The reality of this is not what is being reported by the Middle School administrators.  Concerned opines that the reason for the de-teaming is due to staffing.  In order to continue the teaming model for next year's 8th grade, the district would need to hire, or recall,  4 core course teachers- Math, Science, English and Social Studies.  The district refuses to hire staff to continue the middle school teaming model which had been determined to be the best format for middle school kids. 

Instead, Superintendent Achramovitch chooses to spend $40,000 on Freedom of Information Requests and over a 1/2 million on a frivolous lawsuit.  

All 7th grade parents should collectively sue Steven Achramovitch and Joan Calkins for overseeing the outlandish squandering of taxpayer dollars on attorneys diverting money away from students and programming.   7th grade parents must attend the June 11 Bored of Education meeting and speak loud and clear on this matter.  The de-teaming of the 8th grade next school year will certainly bring more opportunities for kids to fall through the cracks, and will not provide Hamburg 8th grade students the opportunity for "intellectual development and personal growth". 
The kids at the Hamburg Middle School already arrive at Hamburg High School clueless, according to a few teachers.  Sadly Hamburg, you have two administrators at HMS who are as clueless as the students.  What qualifies Mr. Crangle and Mrs. Giallella to be school principals?  Mr. Crangle worked for Steve Achramovitch in Kenmore- Town of Tonawanda- so that is it!!!  Mrs. Giallella elevated her career under Mary Ellen Monafo- and got suck in the Administrative Assembly line.

It's not what you know- it's who you know. 


Anonymous said...

Hamburg is always behind the times when making decisions based on research. They still want to retain students rather than addressing problems that keep them from being successful. Check the research- some countries even banned retention and we should too.
If the principal and AP advocated for teaming based on recommendations/research, the superintendent might listen. How can they advocate when they don't even know what the recommendations are?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about Joan going into a UPES gym and ovserving a pe teacher teach, without being envited? This really happened a few months ago. No doubt that is one of the small reasons she got hear ass bounced. The big question is....will you come back next year joan? Do you have it in you? Your buddy Dils took the pussy way out and didnt want to come up an immovable object, so he just quick, smart move. His sloppy ass would have gotten cleaned up on, we now affectionately call, "the Legion Drive Massacre 5/21/13" RIP

Anonymous said...

I would agree that 9th grade students entering the H.S. Are grossly underprepared. Many can't write paragraphs and have never read independently. They are coddled in the Middle School. If de-teaming will increase accountability for middle school students and hold them to higher learning standards more closely aligned with the common core learning standards then de-teaming is the only option.

sam said...

Since when does hamburg hold kids accountable?? Should we review the grade fraud in AP Calculus???? Or the AP Calc teachers behavior??? Hamburg is going down in a big bad ugly way. There is NO leadership...Yes, no leaders..only pay check collectors. Frontier high School is moving to team their 9th grade-they realize teaming works for kids at that age level. Hamburg parents- dont de team your 8th grader----the HMS principals are clueless.

parent of 8th grader said...

My Daughter will be in 8th grade next year and her teams have been great. I don't blame the Principal or V. Principal for not teaming in 8th grade. This loss of 8th grade teamins starts at the top, I think you nailed it when you Concerned stated that it would require hiring 4 more teachers, and that is the only reason why they are not going to give my daughter what she deserves a team in 8th grade. As one writer suggested teaming in 9th grade also may be beneficial. We need to stop listening to this supt. We brought in a new school board and we expect this new sb to be more classroom friendly. we don't need more administrators but more teachers. Our kids deserve this.

Anonymous said...

It's all about money don't fool yourselves. The administration is power grabbing for themselves and the hell with our children's classrooms. They are self serving and self centered.

Anonymous said...

Makes us sick.

Dollar gorging at the top. Our kids need the 8th grade team, and possibly 9th grade. Many of our students not ready for college, must take non credit remediation.

Put the money in the classroom not more in administrive salaries. Please have some common sense, this is why this school district is upset long with a not respected suptintendent. We need classroom $$$$$,
not admimistrative. Just look at our top heavy administrative pay scale. Time to stop the maddness.

Concerned Parent

parent & alum said...

35 kids want ap biology, and are we giving them the opportunity? We cannot seat 35 students in a ap bio class, so please no more than 17 as ap board states. Open up another section. As far as giving more cash to administration give us more teachers so they can TEACH.

Anonymous said...

Kaney is another one of Jetter's drinking buddies. She was very close to the former super too.

Anonymous said...

Of course Kaney is- she is in there now covering up the "dead bodies". Really- Kaney is just Jetter in a pant suit.