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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just Rank it.

Just Rank It.

The much respected Buffalo Business First has published the 2012-13  rankings of the local schools and school districts.  The publication also ranks the pay of top 1,000 school employees.  This is a summation of where Hamburg Central Schools fit into the listing.

Hamburg Central School District ranks #10 / 97 districts  Top 20 % 

Hamburg High School ranks 22 / 135 high schools  Top 20%

Hamburg Middle School ranks 42 / 208 middle schools Top 25%

Charlotte Avenue ranks 28 / 281 elementary schools Top 10%

Union Pleasant ranks 58 / 281 elementary schools Top 25% 

Armor School ranks 74 / 281 elementary schools Top 30 %

Boston Valley School ranks 102 / 281 elementary schools Top 40%

Kudos to Charlotte Avenue!
Charlotte Avenue  is a great school, it’s small, it’s fun and it’s really cool.”

Business First Ranks the pay of the top salaries of school personnel, in this category Hamburg Administrators have high marks.  The Business First list ranks salaries only- this does not take into consideration the generous benefits packages enjoyed. 

Superintendent Steven Achramovitch's $170,000 
ranks 13  / 1,000  Top 2 %

Former Associate Superintendent Gregg Davis fatten up his final average salary at  $141,700 ranking  #67 / 1,000 Top 10%

High School Principal Michael Gallagher's $132, 466 ranks 115 / 1,000 Top 20%

Union Pleasant Principal Jackie Peffer's $127,462 ranks 147 / 1,000 Top 20 %

So, when the Board of Education thinks it is time to fatten up the administrative cats, they might want to take into consideration the performance of the administrative departments and schools assigned to each principal.   


Illiterate kids said...

How many of those High School kids had their grades made up by Mr. Gallagher???? He has instituted the dumb dumb curriculum at HHS, so all the children graduate- literate or illiterate--- its societies problem. Thats the Gallagher approach!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Charlotte Avenue? Eh...considering it's based on the innocent 3rd and 4th graders ELA and math OVERtesting...I guess congrats would be more in order for the amount of test prep that we've done.

Anonymous said...

conflict of interest regarding the sb pres and her sister Lucy Calkins. Why did Joan wait so long without any notification to the public and from what I hear notification to our school board? There is a serious disconnect with steve achramovitch, Joan Calkins and the school board. We have broken up that mess for sure. New sb if you don't like this being forced down your throats then recent this motion your first meeting and do it right. Informationt & input from sb, teachers, community/parents and then if it is worthy adopt it.

Anonymous said...

we cannot wait for July 1st, start to heal



Anonymous said...

It makes sense that our school taxes are so high. I don't mind this going to the kids and their classroom, but object to these over paid administrators.

Retired folks