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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No-Shows can Graduate too, at Hamburg High School

Concerned Hamburger received notice that another graduation scandal is brewing at Hamburg High School.  Concerned was notified that at least one student, who is in the 12th grade received word that they will not graduate on Saturday due to the student's failure to comply with the attendance policy.
A no-show student skipped in excess of the maximum allowable days for missing a class, and was disqualified from course credit by the teacher.  Hamburg Board of Education has a policy on attendance, no-show failed to meet the policy, and the teacher enforced the policy. Seems pretty simple.

The school administrators, the guidance department, other special teachers assigned to no-show and Mr. Gallagher the High School principal were all fully aware of no-show's lackluster attendance and the threat this posed to graduating on Saturday.  A simple clear cut failure due to skipping has turned into another graduating (or not) senior scandal.  The principal, guidance and others have put pressure on the classroom teacher to change that F into and A, so no-show can graduate.  Essentially, the teacher is being asked to violate Board of Education policy, and give something to a student they did not earn.   Concerned was told the teacher is standing tall and remaining ethical in the case of no-show.

In predictable modern family fashion, no-show's parents arrived at Hamburg High School ablazing with threats of lawyers and lawsuits- a threat that should not scare the legal loving administration of Hamburg Central Schools District.  So, what's another lawyer, another lawsuit and more money going down the drain due to the inability, in our opinion, of the school administration to do their job?  The parent's want no-show to graduate- despite knowing their child is a no-show.  Concerned wonders what legal ground they claim to be standing upon? Attendance at school is a fundamental NYS law

Concerned was told that it remains unclear what will happen with no-show who didn't have the time to attend class, but now has found plenty of time to cry about it and have their mom and dad phone around for a sympathetic attorney.  Now, there seems to be plenty of time to "make-up" the class time or to sit at school begging with a contrite heart "never to do it again".

So, will the principal and the administration give a pass to no-show
Will the principal teach no-show that its OK to miss school and cry when things don't work out in your favor?  
What kinds of lessons are being taught to children in Hamburg?   
It would be shameful if no-show graduates with the other students in the class of 2013- the kids who presumably did go to school and do their work.


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Anonymous said...

The attendance policy has only been selectively enforced at HHS. We have been told that due to our 'unreliable' attendance administration cannot enforce the policy. At least 20 seniors shouldn'thave graduated if the policy was evenly enforced.

Anonymous said...

Where are the standards? this administration is only concerned with the graduation numbers not the quality of education here. Administration has policies that the school board pres and students can just ignore or violate. Starts at the top, in who you know or are related to. Forget us little people with no connections. We have voted change and this is what we expect not business as usual.

Anonymous said...

It's cheapening the value of a HHS diploma. College admissions boards have been aware of this for some time. The kids who've worked hard to achieve academic success are being overlooked because this!