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Saturday, June 15, 2013

One more try for Joan- Special Board Meeting June 20, 2013

So it was planned that June 11, 2013 was to be the  last Board of Education for Dr. Joan Calkins.  In what was meant to be her final meeting,  Joan and her Hamburg School District cronies attempted to slither through a failed reading and writing program authored byJoan's sister Lucy Calkins.  

Fortunately for the students of Hamburg, Diane Reynolds and Cry Baby Dils stayed home that evening and the recommended motion- "that the Board of Education approve Jeanne Tribuzzi* to provide professional development training and curriculum development in the Writers Workshop** Balanced Literacy at a cost not to exceed $18,750"- did not have enough support to pass the Board of Education.

The larger question at issue is the Writers Workshop itself.  
When did the Hamburg Board of Education discuss, motion and approved Joan Calkins' sister's workshop?  
When was the presentation to the Board? 
When was the discussion with the teachers, staff and community?  
It seems that something as significant as a writing program would garner at least a 20 minute presentation to the Board of Education.  
Nowhere in the Board of Education minutes is there any mention of the adoption of the Writers Workshop, nor any approval of the corresponding classroom materials what were reportedly already purchased and are sitting the classrooms of all elementary school teachers.  
Where was the Board vote on this important curriculum and instruction matter, and where was the Board's adoption of classroom textbooks related to the Writers Workshop?  
Concerned Hamburger noticed the approval of new French textbooks, but no mention of the costly Writers Workshop?  

Dr. Joan Calkins has been seated on the Hamburg Board of Education since July 2009.  Since her self-service to the Hamburg School community, the district and the services provided to students and families has sunk to the lowest level.  Over 54 teachers have lost jobs.  But more significantly, thousands of students lost teachers.  Programs have been cut, and bad decision after bad decision have been defended and masked by Joan.
Now, in some miraculous way, tens of thousands of dollars is available to squander on the failed writing program of Joan's sister Lucy Calkins.  Thankfully, the Board of Education in some act of enlightenment voted down the Lucy Calkins "whole language" program, and will hopefully do so again on June 20, 2013.

Joan in her infinite capacity of self-righteousness refuses to accept her failure as a member of the Hamburg school community.  She will make another attempt on June 20 to pass through the Board of Education her sister's program.  No doubt Joan called her Board mate Diane Reynolds and begged for her support on this matter.  
Gee Diane, Joan has minimized your existence for three years, and now she needs your vote to make her look significant.

So Joan, perhaps you will realize 40 years after choosing the quote for your high school senior photo that significance is not about that for which you long.     

Good Bye Joan- and Good Riddance.

*Jeanne Tribuzzi works for West Seneca Schools



Why no parental information? said...

Thanks, this program was never presented to us for our children. Why are we the last to know and have input into this?

Concerned and involved parent

Anonymous said...

NCLB has provided billion $$$ for readers 1st program to implement scientific-based reading insturctionin schools but Washington Post reporter M. Grunswald noted within years after passge of NCLB "an acculumating mound of evidence from reports, interviews and programs documents suggest that Reading 1st has had little to do with science or rigor. Instead,the billions have gone to what is affectively a pilot for untested programs with FRIENDS in high places (Griswald, 2006, p.B1)the US DOE's office of inspector General found that the application package for reading 1st grants "obscured the requirements of the NCLB, statue: and that Reading First proposal rewiewers were not adequately screened for conflicts of interest (US DOE, 2006 p2).After a 5 year investigative hearing on conflicts of interest in the funding of reading 1st grants Rep. George Miller, chairing the House Ed. Comm., declared that the administration of the progress "sounds like a criminal enterprise to me(quoted in Paley,2007).

For Dr. Joan Calkins I would suggest friends in high places may be the Teachers College Reading and writing program, Columbia University AKA LUCY CALKINS reading and writing program.

I would suggest that Dr. Joan Calkins has a conflict of interest with voting on the June 20th for her sisters program. We need to know more about this before we move in that direction.


Anonymous said...

WARNING to the new School Board Members.
RICK JETTER misled the public and school board.

"88 teachers have sigbed up".

Correction we were TOLD to pick a date and that we would be PAID EXTRA for showing up. Dr. Jetter led the public and school to believe that this was VOLUNTARY. It was not voluntary it was and either this date or that. June dates we would be paid extra.

SO new school board you need to watch Mr. Jetter.

Anonymous said...

Lucy Calkins NYC contract was not renewed. Reported $5 Million Loss to her.

Don't be fooled we are not all on board with this. A select few are, we are being forced sign on.

Anonymous said...

We got rid of Steve Achramovitchs most ardent supporter now lets get rid of Steve. We have spoken loud and clear with 3 new sb members. I hope they don't turn their collective backs on us staff.

We worked hard to get three new board members elected. Now it is time to terminate Steve Achramovitch for the good of education. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Teachers have received the third set of units from the Lucy Calkins Writing Project. The first units were not aligned to common core, the supplemental units were aligned but not grade level specific enough and the newest set of Units of Study are grade level specific and aligned to the demands and rigor of the Common Core. To her credit, Lucy Calkins has worked to get it right. The writing program does include good and useful techniques and is fairly creative. As long as the units of study weren't too expensive, they would be a good investment. However, all that a teacher with a masters degree needs to do is read the books then teach the material. Teachers could meet to share and help each other without the need to spend an additional 18 thousand dollars for extensive training. We may need to meet as a district and or grade levels to coordinate a specific scope and sequence of how we should use these materials. We may need someone to facilitate those meetings such as someone in our district that is already being paid to develop and coordinate curriculum. If teachers need to do this work, they should be paid to do it. Hamburg's MO of having teachers do everything under the sun during the school day while zillions of substitutes "teach" the children is counterproductive at best. Other successful districts do not operate that way. So the summer training dates and/or the November training dates could be good for the district minus the SUPER EXPENSIVE GURU. Regarding, the morphing of training us to use the writing program into buying the Calkins reading program; it has been in the works from day 1. Jean Tribuzzi has mentioned it intermittently during the training sessions for the writing units from day 1. And teachers have questioned it from day 1. I suggest the board of ed. should stop the train. Back up. Make it clear that if someone has agreed to implement the Lucy Calkins Reader's Workshop without input from ANYONE, they shouldn't have. We know nothing about it. We probably need one kind of program for primary early elementary teachers to teach non-readers to read, and another type of approach for third to fifth grade teachers that is thematic and provides many opportunities for novel studies. Again it would be more work for the curriculum person in our district..... I would think that if Lucy Calkins were my sister, I would want to avoid even the appearance of impropriety and I would do EVERYTHING above the boards.... only in Hamburg....

Anonymous said...

I agree that dr. Caulkins should have excused herself from
The vote. Conflict of interest. I work w/ Mrs. Tribuzzi and she is energetic, knowledgable, and down to earth. I believe that the district should be " presented" with an overview of her plan before voting. However, there is no clear curriculum plan across the distrct for reading and writing. Parts of Caulkins methods are valid. NYC was forced to abandon the method b/ c NYS put modules out to bid and Caulkins was not chosen. It was a state move, not a district one. From what I hear, NYC schools not too happy. In any case hburg needs to start getting its stuff together. I will not be happy if I have to pay hamburg taxes and private school tuition.

Guy With A Beard said...

There was an Advisory Committee formed to review the Districts options.

This is the posting from the Board Briefings for 6\7\11 (sorry I could not find anything more recent):

LITERACY UPDATE — There have been positive and productive advances this year in the district's PreK-6 literacy efforts, already resulting in a higher level of writing from students, according to Mary Ellen Monafo, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction. The district implemented the Scott Foresman Reading Series in 2006-07 but wanted to strengthen the writing component and bring consistency in classroom practice. This has resulted in a literacy plan to ensure that Hamburg students meet Common Core State Standards in writing. A November Conference Day featuring Lucy Calkins, Ph.D., and Amy Vanderwater, experts on how to teach writing, helped to launch efforts. There have also been visits to other districts to learn about their literacy programs, and presentations on best practices and writer's workshops by Jeanne Tribuzzi, ELA director for the West Seneca Schools. An advisory committee has been instrumental in reviewing programming and will make recommendations to further improve the writing curriculum.

I would like to know who was on the committee and their findings