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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Steve Achramovitch sent packing

On July 2, 2013, the new Hamburg School Board sent Steve Achramovitch on a long summer vacation.  Mr. Achramovitch was ordered in a resolution made by the Board of Education to immediately turn over all district property and leave the Hamburg Administrative Building effective July 3, 2013. Hamburg information technology department was ordered in the same resolution to disconnect Mr. Achramovitch from the district's computer systems.  If you are looking to make contract with Mr. Achramovitch, you will not find him on the end of his Hamburg email address.

Hamburg Board of Education fired legal firm Harris Beach

In other matters, the new Hamburg Board of Education wasted little time in severing the district's relationship with the Harris Beach Law Firm. Patty Brunner Collins attempted to defend the law firms history in the district, while other board members opined that Harris Beach provided "bad" legal advice in the matters related to the Google subpoena which attempted to unmask Concerned Hamburger. Harris Beach was also criticized for leading the district into a frivolous lawsuit involving three private citizens. Strangely, the lawsuit was filed in the Erie County Clerks Office one day before defendant Sally Stephenson took her seat of the Board of Education in July 2012. A strange coincidence or a tactical manoeuvre- which ever it is now a moot point.

Concerned Hamburger was told that the Hamburg Administrative Building conference room was standing room only. It was reported and confirmed that a half dozen moms, all with strong connections with former Board Member Joan Calkins, who was reported to be in attendance, disrespectfully held signs jeering the new board, and often taunted members by inappropriate remarks and other distractions.

Concerned Hamburger wonders why a small group of parents, who profess to be looking for civil discourse, behave with little to no civility at the very first meeting of a new school board? Concerned wonders if their children were present would this same group of parents conduct themselves in such a substandard fashion?

In the same vein, it was reported that Hamburg Village Mayor Tom Moses sat through the meeting, and after the meeting verbally attacked several members of the Board of Education regarding their decisions as Board Members. Again, Concerned Hamburger wonders why Mr. Moses would care about the politics of the school board, has he not his own topsie turvy board of trustees to look after in the village?

The Mayor exhibited uncivil and barbaric behavior on school property, and should be asked not to return if he chooses to verbally attack people.

Concerned Hamburger applauds the new Hamburg Board of Education their braveness and candor are exactly what Hamburg Central Schools has been lacking for several years.

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."


Super said...

The new day has dawned. Congratulations to the new school Board Members and thank you!!!!
I loved that fact that you did the all in public !!!You have done exactly what you said you where going to do when you ran. It’s nice in this day and age to have an elected official keep a campaign promise.
My hat is off to all of you stay strong, stand tall and keep it up !!!

Anonymous said...

I attended and it was all made public no private executive session. Glad for all the public debate, isn't this the way it is suppose to be?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is upset you didnt call and ask her permission. When is he up for re election?

Concerned Hamburger said...

Are we still paying Harris Beach to be on the blog?

Anonymous said...

That anyone would think this constitutes "journalism" proves what is wrong with America. How shocking to think that this rabble rousing new board would think it wise and prudent to hire a new lawyer that will also play a temporary administrative role (as guardian of the district until a new sup. is hired) is an outrage for which no number of "uncivil" parents would be enough.

Anonymous said...

A lawyer with the same certification as administrator as Steve Achramovitch or any other administrator in the State of New York. Just so happens that this administrator certified with New York State Education Dept. does have "legal expertise" because he is actually a lawyer. So there you have it. Just Joan Calkins naysayers. If he was the ALMIGHTY HIMSELF, they would be against hIM.

Hamburg2005 said...

This is all sickening. This board is a pure example of corruption in NYS.
Its funny that Mayor Moses (a Hamburg School District Tax Payer) was criticized for his post meeting comments. The comments that the board members asked from him.
Lastly, how can a board member who is named in a lawsuit, have a vote in removing the board from the lawsuit? Sounds like a conflict of interest to me?
I used to be proud to call myself a bulldog, but the black eye this board has brought to the district takes away every ounce of pride I had.