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Friday, July 12, 2013

Very Fishy!

How strange it is that the Hamburg Board of Education had an emergency meeting to appoint staff to positions. A routine matter, that apparently has some people uneasy.  It was reported to Concerned Hamburger that approximately 30 people rolled out of bed this morning and headed over to the Hamburg Administration Building to vote on the appointment of 4 individuals to openings in teaching and teaching support. 

Why couldn't these appointments wait until the August meeting?  Seems like someone is either pulling a power stunt, or there is a rotten apple in the bunch. Concerned Hamburger has learned that one of the individuals appointed this morning was cause for a heated discussion on the lack of a district policy on recruiting teachers. It was revealed that one of the individuals on the appointment list got their job without an interview for a probationary position.  It was told to Concerned Hamburger that at the meeting this morning acting superintendent Mr. Jetter advocated strongly for a teacher who had been substitute teaching in the district, but DID NOT interview for the probationary position to which Mr. Jetter recommend her appointment.  The reason why this candidate did not interview is because Mr. Jetter did not have interviews, he simply appointed her to the probationary position without looking at any other candidates.  

Smells like those fish rotting away in a garage barrel as depicted in the Hamburg Sun.  

In attendance at the emergency board meeting were: Patty B. Collins, L. Heeter, S. Stephenson, D. Yoviene, T. Flynn and Mr. Jetter. It was requested by Board Member Sally Stephenson that the "uninterviewed" candidate be pulled until the position was posted for at least 2 weeks, in an effort to attract the very best teachers for the students of Hamburg.  Mrs. Stephenson was met with opposition from the other members of the board and Mr. Jetter himself objected to Stephenson's concerns.  A bold move for an acting superintendent.  
Concerned was advised that Mr. Jetter is well aware that the candidate was NEVER interviewed for a permanent position, but rather made an appearance as if the candidate was interviewed and validated by the Hamburg Teachers' Association.  

Since when, and in what world do unions interview and validate candidates for employment?

In what world does a person get hired without an interview?  

Apparently, in the world of Mr. Jetter interviews are optional.  
Nice work for someone making well over $100K!

The vote in favor of hiring an "uninterviewed" candidate carried 4-1. 
Sally Stephenson voted nay on the hiring until the position was properly posted and all candidates who might be interviewed have a chance to apply.  Stephenson was reported as saying we need to give our students the best we can attract, and we do not know what is out there if we do not post positions. 

So readers if you are in need of work, please contact your local Hamburg School Board of Education member and you too can secure employment without an interview.  
Or, please contact if you are interested in the employment without interviewing.   

From the Hamburg School District Board Briefs as published on the Hamburg school district webpage:

• PERSONNEL — The board approved (4-1) the following instructional appointments: Kristen Grizanti, math teacher, High School; Pamela Joksimovic, special education teacher, Middle School; Lynn Schroeder, physical education teacher, Armor/Boston Valley Elementary Schools; Andrea Wereski, substitute school psychologist, Union Pleasant Elementary.


disappointed said...

Laura Heeter we are disappointed

Anonymous said...

Do they have their heads up their behinds. Only one sb member had the common sense to see the wrong in this. Get a grip a holes we did not expect this out of any of you. If this guy Jeeter lied than get rid of him, we have had enough problems with the former supt and his dishonest ways.

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with looking at what good candidates are out there? You made a big mistake on this one.
Thanks SS and we would hope that the two absent school board members would see the wrong also.

political? said...

anyone with a thread on this.

Is Grizanti any relation to
NYS Senator Mark ? Are we playing with two sets of standards here? If this is so no wonder no interview. Politics as usual.

Laura , Dave, Patti and $Tom we don't like the looks of this. Smells fishy

rats said...

I smell 4 rats.

Highland Ave. said...

Sucks that we got behind these people.What a mistake.

parent said...

those that voted for not posting &interviewing do not have the best interests of education or kids.

Anonymous said...

Please why?

Anonymous said...

Hey moron - July 12 10:20 - the senator is Mark Grisanti, the teacher hired - Grizanti - get your facts straight before stirring up trouble!

Just sayin said...

Ya never know with family spellings- could be a relative. In America, our immigrant history was often cause for different spellings of last names in the very same family. Two brothers coming in from lets say, Italy would have different spellings of last names. Perhaps a Z in one spelling and an S in another. So, you moron caller, go look in the mirror. And, pick up an American History book. Duh!

Anonymous said...

July 14, 10:52 - obviously you missed the point - the point is to get your facts straight before stirring up trouble - oh wait, I forgot, that's what this blog has become - a place to get people riled up BEFORE the truth is unveiled. Very productive.....

Anonymous said...

We should stop with all the fighting back and forth. As far as I'm concerned, if the job needed to be posted and was not, it's a clear as day that the procedure in which things were handled is wrong, and I back Sally Stephenson on that......what is wrong with the rest of the board that they do not know what is proper procedure?!?