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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tom Flynn's Hot Irish Temper

The Hamburg Board of Education meeting on Tuesday September 11, 2013 revealed the true nature of Board Member Thomas Flynn the Third.  Mr. Flynn's conduct exhibits his true intolerance of those with differing opinions and is not acceptable behavior of a Board Member.  Mr. Flynn took absence of his surroundings and behaved like a hot tempered Irishman instigating a saloon brawl.

Mr. Flynn became increasing tense as a discussion unfolded regarding the District's extraordinarily high legal expenses and the possibility that the former board and superintendent lied to the community when presenting May's budget.   Other board members expressed concern about the legal expenses with Harris Beach law firm for the month of June 2013 and the missing half-million dollars in NYS aid.   It was revealed in discussion, the former superintendent and board spent over $60,000 with Harris Beach in their last 30 days in office.  New board members simply suggested that the New York State Comptrollers Office be asked to conduct an audit of the district's revenues and expenditures under the superintendency of Mr. Achramovitch and former Board President Joan Calkins.   This simple and prudent suggestions was the impetus for Mr. Flynn's tantrum. 

Mr. Flynn dismissed the suggestion, and somehow twisted the suggestion into some misplaced accusation that other members on the board had a hidden agenda by the suggestion of calling the NYS Comptroller.  Mr. Flynn became increasing disturbed and eventually flipped his lid, packed up his books, made harassing statements to other board members and stormed out of meeting in an uncontrollable state.   After viewing the video of the meeting, it is apparent that Mr. Flynn needs to attend an anger management support group and seek counseling for his harassing behavior.  Many have suggested he step down from office.  One wonders if Mr. Flynn's employer and family are aware of his volatile and potentially dangerous conduct.   

Does Mr. Flynn have something to hide?  

Was he not the Board Vice President when the district allegedly lied to the public about NYS school aid in the spring of 2013?  Was he in on the extraordinary expenditures with the Harris Beach Law Firm?  What did you know Mr. Flynn, and when did you know it?  

An audit by NYS would expose you and others for your role in the the dirty tricks that the district has been playing on the taxpayers and students. 

C'mon Thomas the Third, call in the auditors, and learn to control that hot temper; children are present.

Viewing of the Board Meeting is easily accessible by visiting the Hamburg Schools webpage. 


Anonymous said...

Hsving the STATE COMPTROLLER come in to view our financial books makes a lot of sense. Let's get it done.

Anonymous said...

Some in the galley not much better

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Mr. FLynn want the state auditors in here? That is apparent from his over the top flip out rage. Many thought that he was going to hit Mrs.Forcucci.

Steven Achramovitch abruptly resigned. He had another 1 to 2 years left on his contract. Something isn't right here. Invite NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli in to do an audit.

Anonymous said...

Call Tom Flynn's bosses at M&T bank and tell them what you think about his behavior at the board meeting. Robert G. Wilmers, Chairman of the Board. Chief Executive Officer
Mark J. Czarnecki President 1-800-724-2440.

Anonymous said...

It's what Springville's superintendent Connelly would have done..

Linda v said...

I know Tom- he is the biggest jackass in all of M and T bank,

He thinks he is hot shit, but he never had a date before age 40!