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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meet the New Hamburg Superintendent- Rob Ford

Hamburg Central School District Superintendent
Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford, known for his crack-smoking “drunken stupors” and murder threats, is the natural choice to lead the Hamburg Central School District. 


Anonymous said...

I never thought Hamburg would trump the Iran Nuke Deal. Way to go Hamburg! I guess the News needs to sell some print. I guess most Americans dont know where Iran is. LOL

Anonymous said...

I find it very odd that the Buffalo News decided to leave CRAZY JIM MARTINEZ out of the buffalo news article. He has been running around threatening everyone for months. Among his crazy acts are the following:
1. He followed one board member out to her car to intimidate her. He then told that board member that others needed to resign from the board or else her sister was going to lose her job.
2. Crazy JIM stood up at a community meeting and talked about killing a community member.
3. CRAZY JIM has tried to get many people fired from various positions (many outside hamburg schools) for doing nothing.
4. He staged a make believe break in to Boston Valley elementary school.
5. He then said that he called the state police regarding the pretend break in. When a board member checked with the state police it was discovered that Martinez was lying, he never called the police. It turns out he called the police several days after the break in. The reason Martinez didn't call the police right after the break in is because he fabricated the break in. If there really was a break in, his actions put the children of boston valley at risk by not having the state police sweep the building.
6. CRAZY JIM MARTINEZ has demanded that some board members resign from the board. Perhaps he does not realize that they can fire him at any time.
7. CRAZY JIM MARTINEZ'S attendance at the community meetings is reason enough to fire him. Don't forget, CRAZY JIM has nearly two years left on his probationary appointment. He can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all.

It has been said that the board is afraid to fire him because they fear he will BURN HIS SCHOOL DOWN (boston valley). Surely this is not a good reason to keep CRAZY JIM MARTINEZ around.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that you have to be nice to the secretaries in any building. CRAZY JIM MARTINEZ abused his to the point that she moved to another building. Does the board not understand that he is a serious problem waiting to happen. If he does something horrible it is on the boards hands.

Enough Already said...

Hamburger, if you believe in a serious debate about schools, education, and improvement in Hamburg, you absolutely have to stop letting some of these comments through. Let people who want to post baseless personal attacks against (Board, Staff, Community...anyone) start their own blog. This one is beginning to make me sick over my morning coffee. You are being used as a platform for anonymous slander instead of a place where people can use their First Amendment Rights to ask risky questions and have a real debate. How about a post stating that you will not approve any comment that contains any part of a name or an individual's initials? Seems like a common-sense way to elevate this debate a bit.

Anonymous said...

Laura Heeter is having a love fest with Rick Jetter.

efil4zaggin said...

Darcy Regier for Supraintendent! No but honestly, this blog (hell this whole story) is one of the best pieces of "dramady" i've seen in a while. It sucks with Breaking Bad finished, Game of Thrones on hiatus and The Walking Dead having a slow season i haven't been able to get my fill. Hopefully this escalates to some crazy shit like the board (bored) banding together to make Slamburg Schools look like "teh best n smrtst skewl eva!" and "gets rid of" anyone who isn't meeting their standards. Keep up this great entertainment everyone! said...

Hamburg Skewls has been skrewling the parents for years. Check out the degrees of your teachers, most of them are a mockery. Even your foul mouthed, superintendent got his phd from capella on line. A 60 million dollar waste of money! The only one with a 1/2 brain was Herb Taylor. All the teachers at Hamburg are Bflo State college and fredonia rejects. Where is Herb and Mrs Nailos? The glory years.

Anonymous said...

No leadership

Anonymous said...

How obvious is it that Dan Chia has an ax to grind with Sally and Holly because his partner is getting sued for taking business from the bench. You see folks, JUDGES can not practice law in the County they are judges in- does that mean Dan can? I dont know. There are ethical people who decide such high level questions. It does seem kinda odd that just after elected official Fleming got admonished- with more to come- so I heard- that Dan got involved in the school district he doesnt even bother to send his children to? Now folks, that is Odd. So, lets see what happens with judicial ethics and the AG office, I overhead that they come around and observe. But that could be gossip. I heard one of those morality police officers say that the proof is in the district's records that some people are working really hard to hide. When was the last time Jetter bought a new server? Just saying folks. Just saying..... Some of those "active" parents, should get "active" at the gym- snap snap.