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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

A bottle of red, a bottle of white, perhaps a bottle of rose instead, at a table outside of the Hamburg Central School District, board members will meet, eat and drink with two of the final three candidates for Hamburg Superintendent.   

And yes taxpayers, it is on your dime. 
So, what about the third interview? 
When will that take place?  

And why is it not taking place per the schedule that the Hamburg Board of Education adopted in November 2013?  According to sources,  one of the final candidates for the superintendency had other plans and couldn't arrange their schedule around the search schedule.  

So, will this third person be disqualified from the final round of interviews, or will the Boars of Education deviate from their plan and accommodate the third candidate?   An unconfirmed report claims that the  third candidate is none other than Richie Jetter.  But, Richie is out of town for the week---on vacation.  Yes Hamburg taxpayers, your interim superintendent is on vacation.  Yes, he is holding a temporary position, making an additional $170.00 per day, but he decided to take a week off of work in February and go on vacation. 

How unfair it is to the two final candidates who will be interviewed this week, that the third candidate has their own agenda and could not accommodate the interview process?   

In the real world, candidate three would be shit out of luck- "s.o.l"- but this is Hamburg and the real world doesn't seem to apply.   And, of course, it is Richie Jetter- patsy of scared pillars of the Hamburg school community. 

So, taxpayers, how odd it is that the Board of Education will stage final interviews of candidates at a restaurant- outside of the Hamburg Central School District.  The school board meeting is at upscale Orchard Park's  Mangia Ristorante and Caffe, and you are footing the bill.  

One would think, if the Boars of Education find it fit and proper to wine and dine potential school superintendents the very least they could do is patronize a Hamburg business.   Surely, a dinner party for 7,  plus guests,  would  be a nice bill of business for a Hamburg restaurateur on a couple of weekday nights?   And from various reports, between Yoviene, Flynn and Heeter, the bar bill alone promises to be rewarding. 

From the District webpage...... Special School Board meetings: 

To continue the superintendent selection process are scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 4, and Wednesday, Feb. 5, at approximately 7:30 p.m. at 4264 N. Buffalo Road, Orchard Park, NY.  The board is not expected to take any formal action at these meetings.  There will be no public session items. 


Anonymous said...

Jetter has been promised the job long before this process ever got started. Yovine

George said...

Rick Jetter said he was out of town, but he was at Peter Pan the other night. He is in Florida avoiding the superintendent search so that he can be the last one to interview. One of his self help books told him to go last because he will get the job. But he has the job anyhow because he is the pussy who is OK bending over to Donny and Danny Boy. Davie thinks he is a big boy- but he is just a bumbling fool

Anonymous said...

Everything dialed in for Richard Jetter. We spent how much for a done deal?

Anonymous said...

How is the sb & supt going to balance the budget without job loss? Everything for administration, not the kids don't care about Rick's fuzzy approach.

staff said...

Who's jobs are R. Jetter and sb going to cut?