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Monday, March 24, 2014

Illegally noticed Hamburg Boars of Education meeting planned for March 24, 2014

Cubby Jetter is getting off on the wrong foot.  Or as some might argue, continuing on the same path of lies, deception and manipulation, which brought him to Hamburg Schools in the first place.

Concerned Hamburger was notified that Cubby, King Boar Yoviene and his sounder of Flynn, Collins and Heeter called a private "conference" aka illegal school board meeting with the Hamburg Teachers Association.  
The illegal meeting will be held Monday, March 24, 2014 at 6 p.m. at Hamburg Administration Building.    

King Boar and Cubby intentionally excluded Sally Stephenson, Holly Balaya and Catherine Schrauth- Forcucci from the meeting.   Oddly, it was Stephenson and Balaya who at last weeks community budget meeting requested a special meeting tomorrow night to continue to hash out the $2.3 million dollar deficit.   This suggestion was made in response to the cry for help by Haus frau Heeter, who admitted she never "did" a budget before and she just doesn't know what to do.   Despite Heeter's plea for help, Stephenson and Balaya were shot down, and no meeting for this week was scheduled in public.  The meeting was instead planned in a clandestine manner with the intention of excluding Stephenson, Balaya and Shrauth-Forcucci

When asked about the unannounced meeting,  King Boar Yoviene stated that the NEW Hamburg School District attorney, Hodgson Russ, approved the illegal meeting by providing the advice to King Boar that the meeting is a conference NOT a school board meeting.  

Concerned disagrees, and so should anyone who can read the New York State Public Officers Law Article 7 Sections 104 and 108 ( New York State Open Meetings Law). 

Section 104 clearly states the requirements for notifying a public meeting:  

§104. Public notice. 
1. Public notice of the time and place of a meeting scheduled at least one week prior thereto shall be given to the news media and shall be conspicuously posted in one or more designated public locations at least seventy-two hours before such meeting.
2. Public notice of the time and place of every other meeting shall be given, to the extent practicable, to the news media and shall be conspicuously posted in one or more designated public locations at a reasonable time prior thereto.
3. The public notice provided for by this section shall not be construed to require publication as a legal notice.
4. If videoconferencing is used to conduct a meeting, the public notice for the meeting shall inform the public that videoconferencing will be used, identify the locations for the meeting, and state that the public has the right to attend the meeting at any of the locations.
5. When a public body has the ability to do so, notice of the time and place of a meeting given in accordance with subdivision one or two of this section, shall also be conspicuously posted on the public body's internet website.

Now let us turn our attention to New York State Public Officers Law, Article 7 Section 108 for legal exemptions to the notification rules of notification: 

§108. Exemptions.
2. a. deliberations of political committees, conferences and caucuses.
b. for purposes of this section, the deliberations of political committees, conferences and caucuses means a private meeting of members of the senate or assembly of the state of New York, or of the legislative body of a county, city, town or village, who are members or adherents of the same political party, without regard to 
(ii) the majority or minority status of such political committees, conferences and caucuses or
(iii) whether such political committees, conferences and caucuses invite staff or guests to participate in their deliberations; 

i) the subject matter under discussion, including discussions of public business,

Any reader can come to the very same conclusions as Concerned Hamburger: the meeting planned for Monday, March 24, 2014 is illegal.  School Boards in New York State do NOT have political committees, conferences and caucuses like legislative bodies.   By definition, school boards in  New York State are apolitical in terms of political parties.  School Board candidates DO not run on political party lines.  Of course,  we all know that politics do exist, but not in terms of political parties, which hold conferences and caucuses to nominate party leaders and to formulate party policy positions.   

It is shocking to any literate person that the legal counsel of the school district would provide such poor advice to King Boar Yoviene.  The meeting planned at the Hamburg Administration Building this evening is illegal- plain and simple. 

Three years ago, the Hamburg Central School district got its collective hands slapped for violating New York State Open Meetings Laws.  It seems that Cubby and King Boar just do as they damn well please with little regard for the law.   It is almost impossible to conceive that any attorney in New York State would provide advice to Cubby and King Boar that this evening's planned meeting is OK, because it falls under the conference exemption.  

Surely it is hoped that one of the three school board members who were intentionally excluded* from this meeting will file and Article 78 in New York State Supreme Court to once again slap the hands of 
the out of control and inexperienced Cubby and King Boar. 

* Cubby and King Boar, just in case you missed the news, Commissioner King didn't throw Stephenson and Balaya off the the school board despite the theatrics of local attorney Mr. Daniel Chiacchia.     


Anonymous said...


taxpayer & retired said...

The discussion is the budget it is a public meeting in a taxpayer funded building. Why is it that these individuals did not take the time to come to the budget meeting? Why did the sb not have another public meeting on the budget? Why all this secrecy, it does not appear above board.

clown sb prez said...

Yovine is a clown

Anonymous said...

So, Laura never "did" a budget. I heard she "did" a guy who ran the PTA where she used to live.

Anonymous said...

I believe the meeting was called by a concerned teacher and not any conspiracy dreamed up by the blog. It was documented in the Buffalo News and television. All of the district stakeholders were there. The blobs (sic) time is almost over….

Anonymous said...

Yeah we heard the meeting was caused by a concerned teacher who is the CRAZY NUTCASE. Wait and see the story that will surface soon on that.

Anonymous said...

A conspiracy dreamed up by the blog. I dont see any conspiracy? Maybe I am missing something. It looks like the school board did not properly notice a meeting, thats what I read. Am I missing the conspiracy? One thing I am not missing is that Rickie HAD NOT IDEA WHAT HE IS DOING. Has he looked at the calender recently or is he too busy decorating his office and putting a couch in there. Hey Rick- couches do not belong in school offices. And who paid for that? You are buying furniture when jobs are being cut. Gee- another furniture scandal. Yeah the teachers are gonna get cut- like the two that tried to run a meeting tonite. Bye Bye.

Howard Insip said...

The only hope that Hamburg has is to listen to Sally Stepenson. I just saw her on wgrz, and she makes total sense. She is the smartest person on the crazy board out there in Hamburg. She was right to vote no on Jetters salary. We had him in NTonawanda and couldnt get rid of him fast enough. Sally said he was getting paid too much, and she was dead right. You will know what this means when he screws you up real good good Hamburg. 165K for a newbie with a bad track record..... thats gotta be three of those 9 teachers you are gonna can. Too bad for you, good for us in NT.

parent & alum said...

Disappointed yesterday 2 globe messages sent out for rally in support of our kids and only 25 or so parents show up.

Budget cuts that are going to impact all our kids.

wake up said...

Richard Jetter needs to grow up and produce a budget. This school district does not know where it stands. Discussed with this entire school board.

Anonymous said...

this message would be for David Yovine & Richard Jetter

a quote from Abe Lincoln 16 President of the United States

" Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power"

Anonymous said...

to wake up: you should be disgusted (not discussed) by the education or lack thereof that you received

Anonymous said...

Where is your BUDGET Cubby??? Just admit it fool, you are in over your head..start treading water you will be lucky if NYSED doesnt yank your certification.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when a school district is required to have a budget adopted it's school board?

Gray Beard said...

Here's a link to a time line from The New York State School Board Association on how the Budget should be scheduled out.

Pong said...

Ping on Boston State Road---Toyota Sienna, blue?
Ping Ping Ping!!!

Anonymous said...

Richard Jetter applying for the job?