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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paved Paradise- Put up a Parking Lot

And so it passed,  on Earth Day 2014, Hamburg Village Residents learned about the destruction of the landscape along North Street.   Paradise will be paved to put up a parking lot adjacent to Hamburg High School.

In one of his first decisions as Hamburg superintendent, Cubby Jetter ordered the cutting down of trees that were planted by former students and staff.  The "parking lot" will run along side the tennis courts on the North Street side of Hamburg High School.  In addition to the destruction of green space, the Cubby parking lot plan shows little regard for those who play tennis by creating distractions to the athletes. 

More importantly, where did the money for the parking lot come from?  And why weren't the neighbors along North Street consulted about the significant modification to their modest tree lined village street?   What is happening to the Village of Hamburg?  The proposed apartments on Main Street, and a parking lot over taking the green space of the high school surely stinks of bad village planning.  More cars and more apartments- what happened to walking and property ownership?  These kinds of plans do not take into consideration the long-term health of a community. 

Why didn't Cubby, James Martinez, Ed Piazza nor Daniel Chiacchia have a "community forum" to discuss the destruction of trees, green space and landscape and the proposed parking lot?   Surely these topics are worthy of community input?  

Instead, a group of angry community members (rightfully so), led by district employee Maria Johnson,  lit up the Hamburg Board of Education meeting on April 22, 2014 with opposition to the destruction of their little piece of paradise in the Village of Hamburg.  

Kudos to Ms. Johnson for standing up for a real issue that impacts the community*. 

Board members Sally Stephenson and Catherine Forcucci agreed with the community members, and went so far as to suggest the district under the guidance of inexperience Cubby Jetter may have misused funds from a 2011 capital project to destroy the high school environment.  The Cubby parking lot plan reflects his propensity for destruction. 

How are flowers to grow in a parking lot, Cubby? **

Stephenson and Forcucci were the only two board members who empathized with the members of the community.   Stephenson suggested that the parking lot project be halted until the district is clear on the use of excess capital project monies to fund the parking slab, and until the community gets a fair shot at weighing in on the plan. 

The community showed overwhelming appreciation for Stephenson and Forcucci's concerns, while the other four members of the Hamburg School Board and immature superintendent Jetter winced at the disapproving remarks by Johnson and others.   Hamburg school community, you reap what you sow, and so it seems- you may be getting a parking lot. 

*Careful at work Ms. Johnson, Cubby and friends might make up some tall tales about you.  Cubby has a very active imagination. 
** Here is a solution: take the bus.  The taxpayers foot an approximate $6 million dollar bill to collect and drop of children every day.


North St. said...

Thank you for this head line North St.

1st- we had no notice of the construction of a parking lot going on in front of our homes on North Street.
2nd- we did not vote or approve this capital project of paving the grass ( 44 parking spaces) in front of our high school tennis courts. This is what is called bait and switch.
3rd- learned of this when we awakened yesterday no notification to us taxpayers who are proud of our Village our neighbors and our schools.
4th- our neighbor came home from vacation with kids to see the area ready to have mature trees taken down. Trees planted by teachers and students some in memory of loved ones.
5th- where was the transparency on this as one of our neighbors suggested?
6th- why didn't the other 4 board members see any wrong in this?
7th- This community deserves better. As a life long resident and graduate of Hamburg High we have sunk to a level where we have no voice. We thank 2 school board members for speaking out and expressing their concern. - 8th- The President of the School Board attempted to stop Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Froccuci from discussing the parking lot situation. Both women shared important information with the public and were very supportive of having a parking lot placed elsewhere at the high school.
9th- Where is democracy? We did not approve this North Street parking lot creation in the capital project plan that was presented to us in 2011. The add paving on North Street was added on not by a public referendum but by the school board in May of 2013. How is this legal?

highland ave said...

"what we know and what we got don't put up a parking lot. don't take it away. do not put up a parking lot." listen to joni Mitchell lyrics we agree with her
highland ave. resident

North said...

We are on a fixed income and cannot afford this foolish spending. Senior Taxpayer

Trolling for Trolls said...

Is Cubby paying Hodgson Russ to troll the blog? Seems like they might be watching the blog- picking up where Harris Beach left off ?

Kenmore West Class mate said...

Rick Jetter has about as much ability to lead as a 12 year old. He looks like a pizza faced little 7th grader trying to find his way thru middle school. Are his zits still flaring up with his hot head temper?

He was like this a Kenmore West- the poor little pansie. You gotta wonder how a guy who had no friends in school, and then becomes a teacher only to " knock -up" a parent could ever be a superintendent? Did the board check out his employment in NT? He had hate groups out there- and they ran the patsie out to town. Watch Richie destroy Hamburg.

Anonymous said...

Former Spruce Elementary school principal Rick Jetter managed to anger the PTSA at Spruce Elementary his last assignment. Colleen a member of that group was elected to the school board. Rick had many calls to a school board members wife. Calls to her may not have been anything sinister. We never knew what it was about but it didn't help him. Rick left because of cool relations with the parent group.

Rick is easily irritated and can be combative. FYI

Too cool for Proms said...

Easily irritated? That is an understatement. Jetter will attempt to play games and destroy anyone who he perceives as an enemy. He files FAKE reports with the police and creates a culture of fear. He is being watched very closely, and he thinks he is being surrounded by friends. Little does "pizza face" know, he is being watched. He should control himself, and buckle down for the big changes. No Cubby- you are not smart. We know you think that you are a Doctor- but you are really just a little dummy. You are a small little boy Richie, with serious anger managment issues. We even hear from some NT folks that you have an abusive personality toward women you think are weak. And strong women- well you just call the police on them. LOL- Foolish little guy.

up to neck in taxes said...

We hope we are not paying for Hodson Russ to play on their computers.

tom f said...

Rick Jetter is a sick man. He is abusive, in our opinion. He is a very sick little guy- this will be his last job the one he is screwing up in Hamburg.

North St. resident said...

North Street.

thank you for stopping the parking lot. We appreciate Catherine and Sally school board members for their help.

Flynn- the loser said...

Tom Flynn- the only way you will win an election is to have election fraud again. Look at the inspectors. Tom, you are gonna get blow out of the water- you will be so embarassed to show your face at MANDT Bank- doing the dirty business for the car folks Tom- hows your nose- itchy?

No to the Parking Lots said...

We were at the school board meeting the other night, and it was my first ever meeting like that. I heard some cray stuff about that board, but I sure dont want a parking lot near my house. Those high school kids already cause too many problems with there cars. The police are on North Street all the time. What a stupid idea that little superintendent had with this one. I saw him for the first time, and I thought he was a kid. Hamburg, you picked the wrong person what a public embarassment that JEeter is to Hamburg. He looks like an evil insecure nut, and needs to go soon. Shame on you Mr. Yoivenne, I vote for you. You stood at my door and lied to me last year at this time- you are a disgrace to this community.

Eggert Road said...

Was CPS over at Cubby's recently?

Anonymous said...

So who should we vote for come election time? What school board candidates are running and who is the best of the best??? Please help me decide...

Anonymous said...

It is quite obvious that you wrote all 12 of these comments.
You and I are the only people that read "The Blog" anymore.
Sally made the motion to approve this project. Look it up.

Dirty Dave said...

Richard Jetter- oh what a tangle web you have woven! Careful- pizza face, you are getting sloppy.

Anonymous said...

The only ones that read the blog, Cubby? Andy Freeman sure likes it- like the Dick did!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cam Hall is a Canadian Citizen. Born and raised in Canada. Has lived in Hamburg for 2 years. Not a good choice for school board

Anonymous said...

A parking lot in a suitable area, North Street is not that area. Village Residence.

Prospect Ave said...

geez.... you would rather have all those cars parked up and down North st? And even farther. its dangerous and ugly. I realize you drama queens are upset, but take a chill. Its a suitable place for a parking lot. not everything has to be an argument !

Prospect Ave said...

Geez ppl. You would rather have cars parked all over North st and beyond? wont it be a nicer prettier village if cars are in a lot ??

Everything doesn't have to be an argument. keep your drama to yourselves.

I live near there and i see no problem with it.

Anonymous said...

geez ! you would rather have cars park all up and down North st and beyond? Wont your precious village
look prettier with the cars in a lot? Its wasted space and a good place for a lot.

everything does not have to be an argument.

Anonymous said...

If community members don't want the additional parking space added at HHS and they want teenagers to start "taking the bud",then stop allowing YOUR CHILDREN to drive to school.
Problem solved.