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Thursday, June 26, 2014

And the talk of Western New York is........"Here's Johnny" Jetter

The Hamburg School Community is the talk of the town, again.  And, according to local television media, New York State Education is looking at the conduct of the Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter.   Cubby Jetter's testimony in the misconduct charges against Hamburg Board Member Catherine Forcucci are cause for some bellyaching laughs.  The general opinion, Jetter is childish, and needs to "grow a pair". 


Putting aside the laughs, Western New Yorkers got a good look at the values of the Hamburg School Community epitomized in the "bizarre" man they call Superintendent Richard Jetter.   WGRZ (Channel 2) Anchors Scott Levin and Mary Alice Demler both were in awe as they watched the reports of the Catherine Focucci hearings.  Channel 2 News called the reports from the June 25, 2014 hearings bizarre.

It is shocking that a school would allow a man who is seemingly unstable to perform the duties as a school superintendent.   From many news reports that have been released recently, including the strange reports of a May 6, 2014 fender-bender resulting in damage to Richard Jetter, PhD's white Nissan Altima car which the Buffalo News reported was hit while parked at the Union Pleasant Elementary School,  Richard Jetter seems deeply off kilter. 
In May,  Jetter suggested his car was vandalized, and he knows who dunnit.  Various news agencies reported that a note was left for the superintendent on his vandalized car,  and that the note was nasty.  The Buffalo News reported that the Hamburg Village  Police were investigating the vandalism to the car.  Concerned wonders what the status of this investigation is?    Then, Dr. Jetter staged a bizarre rally ripe with cow bells and magic buses in a concocted attempt to show a thin notion of support from school staff? 
 What kind of man does this?  

Doctor Jetter and Hamburg Board President David Yoveine insinuated on multiple media outlets that the bender of fenders and the note writer were indeed that same person, and that they knew who "he" was.   The BOE President waffled his singular accusation to the plural in a Buffalo News article,  I just think there’s reasons for this, and we all know what they are, and you’re not going to scare us, we’re going to stick together, and we’re going to put this board back together,” he said. “They’re out there, and we defeated them, and this act of desperation proves it.”   

Mr. Yoviene, do tell, who dunnit? 

Doctor Jetter made some remark on the radio that would suggest the damage to his car was caused by a candidate for the school board.   Careful with that Doctor,  you must know to be nice to all school board members  because they are your boss.   
As readers know, Hamburg Board Member Mrs. Forcucci is charged with misconduct, by none other than other misbehaved Board Members, and the rather frightening...even "spooky"...Richie "here's Johnny" Jetter.    Apparently, Mr. Jetter does not realize that school board members are his bosses, and he ought to treat them with respect.  In one news report, Jetter claims Forcucci is "out of control", but it seems that this characterization is better applied to him.  

So it seems, there is much more to the story of Richard Jetter, and it will likely unravel as the Forcucci hearings continue.   At this point, one thing is for sure, Doctor Jetter was the cause for a good many laughs these last several days.  However, when the laughing stops, and the camera lights dim, one wonders what will be the financial costs and emotional costs to the Hamburg School Community?   A wet behind the ears, troubled young man, who they call Superintendent will cause years of harm to a district which had a golden opportunity to start fresh just 365 days ago, but decided rather to continue on the path of dishonesty, and cover-ups.  

Well done Hamburg--- somethings will never change.


Anonymous said...

Jetter is done in public education if Hamburg wises up to the sociopath there is not one single school district in NYS that will hire him. What a dumb shit. Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

Every single person in Hamburg Schools should be embarassed by the behavior of Jetter. Really? Nothing better to do Jetter? He is a scary guy, what a stupid bunch of people.

Fishy said...

How much does this dude make? Reports of $2 K plus benefits. I'd shut up if I were him. Car thing always sounded fishy from the start.

Anonymous said...

Supt sounds immature

Anonymous said...

Jetter is emotionally unstable. He is a troubled man who finds solace in the self-help aisles of Barnes and Nobels. He has no leadership skills so he buys all the books off the stacks trying to figure out how to manage, speak and build relationships with people. He is quite a strange bird who should not be anywhere near a school district, we doubt even in a classroom. He is troubled, anyone who has had any long term dealings with him will tell you. He lies and will lie to get out of a lie. He is wrapped up in lies- like a pig in a blanket.

Anonymous said...

I graduated from this school district over 20 years ago. It saddens me to see how far it has fallen. Such a shame.

Anonymous said...

What If…..
What if you thought you knew someone

What if they said they we going to fix things and make things better
What if you gave them your trust
What if you showed them your loyalty

What if they looked like a hero
What if you cheered for them
What if you threw them a celebration

What if they were well educated and captivating
What if you valued their opinion
What if you believed what they said

What if they were righteous
What if you put your faith in them
What if you followed them

What if……
What if it all was a LIE

2014 MOM said...

What a embarassment to Hamburg. Jetter made a fool of himself and this district at the 2014 graduation yesterday. Is this the best we can get? I am sure glad my kids are done with Hamburg. Jetter- go sell you bag of goods to someone else, most of us know you are a phoney. His eyes tell all......

Mom of 2014

very concerned said...

wow...I was at that graduation too. thought the same thing.