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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hamburg School Board Meetings, the place to laugh at idiots

Hamburg School Board wins the "Best Place to Hear Comedy" by Buffalo Spree Magazine.   Sadly, while somewhat true, the award is the result of a complex plot starring local idiots: a sinister and morally bankrupt superintendent and members of the Hamburg School Board.    

Surreptitious tapings, gee that seems like old news and pales in comparison to the antics of an emotionally unstable boy calling himself Hamburg School Superintendent.   

Vandalized autos,  eggings, stranger than strange tweets, lies,  flights of fancy,  horror movie clips,  community meetings, threatening messages, eavesdropping, pinging, private eyes,  extramarital affairs, and more lies.  

Can you make this stuff up?  

So, what is the cost?  It is estimated that the Hamburg School Board has intentionally decided to take educational opportunity away from the kids of Hamburg and instead continue to fund the comedy that has made the Hamburg School Community and the Superintendent Richie Jetter  the laughing stock of Western New York.  

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

Next performance is scheduled for August 4, 2014, or perhaps sooner in an alternative venue. 
Buffalo Spree Magazine
Here is a comedy moment:  Richy Jetter playing a Super in tendent: 

Richy Jetter tells WNY Media that his car was vandalized, and he knows "who dunnit". 


Anonymous said...

Will Jetter be found out for the liar he is. He has lied since the day he got in Hamburg. Just asked the people in North Tonawanda. If any Hamburg Board member has a 1/2 brain in their head they will talk to the people in the Audience who came to hear Jetter lie and his crazy wife lie. What happens Jen if you dont do what Richie wants? Then, how about the people in the audience who are there to see the emotional lawyer Andy Freeman? Lots gonna come out- like the truth. Yoviene is part of the cover-up, he was talking pretty loud about this to some Hamburg folks who know North Tonawanda folks. Yoviene hang on to your hat, and remember you can be sued personally. All the board members can be sued personally. Must suck to have zero ethics David?

Anonymous said...

And lets not forget those wonderful community members who put the district where it is today. Did they think they were not going to be held accountable for their Hate Meetings. Andy Freeman is not a free ticket for them, they might want to start looking for their own legal council. And if they think Cha Cha has got their back, guess again, He can't represent you because he's involved. as well

Anonymous said...

6:30 pm, if you can check out the buffalo law journal and Cha Cha's spin on history. He and Piazza, the rollar rink guard, can quite get their history straight. Its hilarious, too bad those little fellers dont realize they are on video and audio. Nice try shorties, but the truth is a tough one to fight.

Just Saying said...

Hilarious. Did the wack a doodle have a press conference because someone threw an egg at his house? Something is wrong with that man, deeply disturbed it seems

Anonymous said...

Sent at 2:16pm to all HCSD Staff:
Good Afternoon -

The Board of Education of the Hamburg Central School District learned today that the Village of Hamburg Police Department is conducting an investigation involving School District Superintendent Dr. Richard Jetter. The Board plans to discuss its options regarding Dr. Jetter tomorrow. In the meantime, Assistant Superintendents Colleen Kaney and Barbara Sporyz will serve as acting superintendents of the district.

Barbara S. Sporyz
Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services and Finance

Colleen Kaney
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Curriculum and Instruction