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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hamburg Schools Superintendent Richard Jetter under investigation by police

Doctor Jetter

UPDATED AT 5:35 pm.  The Buffalo News has published a revised story about Doc. Jetter.  Click here: Hamburg Schools superintendent under investigation by police

Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter is under investigation by the Hamburg Police. 
A message was sent out to all Hamburg Staff (in purple) 

Good Afternoon -

The Board of Education of the Hamburg Central School District learned today that the Village of Hamburg Police Department is conducting an investigation involving School District Superintendent Dr. Richard Jetter. The Board plans to discuss its options regarding Dr. Jetter tomorrow. 

In the meantime, Assistant Superintendents Colleen Kaney and Barbara Sporyz will serve as acting superintendents of the district. 

Barbara S. Sporyz
Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services and Finance
Colleen Kaney
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Curriculum and Instruction

 Allegations are made that he lied about his car being vandalized.  
How many people in Western New York knew that 3 months ago when they saw the picture?     PLEASE LISTEN TO DOCTOR JETTER WEAVE A TALE TO JOHN ZACH AND SUSAN ROSE ON WBEN AT 7 AM on 5-7-14.   SEE LINK TO STORY UNDER POST MADE ON JUNE 29, 2014.   

This man seems to be a liar. 

Oh what a tangled web we weave,

When first we practice to deceive!

 See Buffalo News Article:

Hamburg Schools superintendent under investigation by police


Anonymous said...

How embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Of Course he did this to his car. Let see what the Village Police Do? LOL, good luck with that. They should asked security guard James Martinez investigag the super, or is he involved too? Filth

Super said...

just and FYI for all you school board member's who read this blog but will never admit to it . the District can not employ a convicted felon.... so what do you say we start looking for a real superintendent this time...
** S 176.20 Insurance fraud in the third degree.
A person is guilty of insurance fraud in the third degree when he
commits a fraudulent insurance act and thereby wrongfully takes, obtains
or withholds, or attempts to wrongfully take, obtain or withhold
property with a value in excess of three thousand dollars.
Insurance fraud in the third degree is a class D felony.
* from

Anonymous said...

OMG. Enough is enough. Between the whiny "you invaded my personal space" and " I felt moisture" complaints, the "Here's Johnny" impressions, the press conferences about car damage and egging, this is not a the kind of leader we want in Hamburg. Could we please get a grown up?

Anonymous said...


NURSE Ratched said...

Hurry, Hurry, Call Dan Chiachia Ed Piazza and Wendy Evendon, We need a Hamburg concerned parents meeting ASAP. Call Security TOY COP MARTINEZ.... INVITE THE MAYOR and the TOWN SUPERVISOR- RENT THE FAIRGROUNDS. PLEASE DAN CHIACHIA HAMBURG NEEDS HELP...PLEASE SIR, you seem so balance in the law journal. WHAT A SICK COMMUNITY-

Nurse Ratched: Aren't you ashamed?
Billy: No, I'm not.
[Applause from friends]
Nurse Ratched: You know Billy, what worries me is how your mother is going to take this.
Billy: Um, um, well, y-y-y-you d-d-d-don't have to t-t-t-tell her, Miss Ratched.
Nurse Ratched: I don't have to tell her? Your mother and I are old friends. You know that.
Billy: P-p-p-please d-d-don't tell my m-m-m-mother.

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[to Harding, regarding the pills]
McMurphy: Here, give it to me.

McMurphy: Nurse Ratched, Nurse Ratched! The Chief voted! Now will you please turn on the television set?
Nurse Ratched: [she opens the glass window] Mr. McMurphy, the meeting was adjourned and the vote was closed.
McMurphy: But the vote was 10 to 8. The Chief, he's got his hand up! Look!
Nurse Ratched: No, Mr. McMurphy. When the meeting was adjourned, the vote was 9 to 9.
McMurphy: [exasperated] Aw come on, you're not gonna say that now! You're not gonna say that now! You're gonna pull that hen house shit? Now when the vote... the Chief just voted - it was 10 to 9. Now I want that television set turned on *right now*!
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Nurse Ratched: Your hand is staining my window.

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Nurse Ratched: Good morning.
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Nurse Ratched: The best thing we can do is go on with our daily routine.

Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see if the Town of Tonawanda Police Department picks up this story and investigates his allegation of eggs thrown at his rental car and house. Oddly, the media was alerted on that one, and the TTPD did regular drive-bys of his house.
Jeter is a former teacher and administrator in Ken-Ton. Since many Town of Tonawanda officers, adminsitrators and detectives know him from his days at Hoover I can see this being quietly swept under the carpet.

Anonymous said...

S 240.50 Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.
A person is guilty of falsely reporting an incident in the third
degree when, knowing the information reported, conveyed or circulated to
be false or baseless, he:

3. Gratuitously reports to a law enforcement officer or agency (a) the
alleged occurrence of an offense or incident which did not in fact
occur; or (b) an allegedly impending occurrence of an offense or
incident which in fact is not about to occur; or (c) false information
relating to an actual offense or incident or to the alleged implication
of some person therein;

Alexander said...

Jen Jetter, we are waiting for your facebook update. Please do tell, you know where Rickie was on cinco d mayo, dont ya?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a FOIL request to the Town of Tonawanda police for reports and incidents at the superintendents home would uncover anything of interest? There is a school/church across the street and it would not be uncommon for a camera surveillance system to capture allegations or false reports of allegations for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Laura Heeter and Dave Yoviene knew all about this. Heeter was talking about this months ago, and Dave was shooting his mouth off at a bar the other night. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan CHacchia and Ed Piazza YOU BOTH pressured the board into hiring this guy. Guess that Catherine Forcucci was right about him. Just1 week ago CHacchia took credit for the hiring of this superintendent. Hey Danny Chacchia you have zero class or intelligence. That advertisement on the radio trying to drum up business from "Drowning Victims.. CHildren" that is sick. You have certainly created enough work for yourself with the damage you have done to the Hamburg Central School District.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine if the allegations of fraud are correct this will put everything that has transpired in the past year into disrepute? Boy is this getting good! I can see a book being published about this - stranger than fiction! Concerned Hamburger is in the box seat to write it!

FRAUD said...

what the hell. what a mess. and are we to believe what crap he has spewed about sb member Catherine forcucci could it be she saw right through him and his con of all of us. he is here for the children what total BULL SHIT he was here only for himself and his bull shit. he is a socio path and FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD AND WE WERE SHITTED BY DR RICHARD JETTER. HIS FAKE NOTE AND FAKE EGGING WHAT AN ASS HOLE.a fraud. THE DISFUCTION IS DAVE YOVINE AND DR. JETTER. LETS FACE IT WE HAVE BEEN CONNED BY TWO JERKS.

Frontier Retiree said...

The entire community of Hamburg is sick. I heard that there are administrators and teachers who will be brought down with this. The teachers union is in partnership with the creeep, and thats why he was gonna try and give them the "pay to play raise". I heard the president of the teachers union is under investigation too for lying. Is it true that the sheriff is really behind this? Lets watch this come undone. Hamburg- you are a bunch of pigs.

Anonymous said...

The leaders of our school district hopefully will do the right thing and terminate him. We never believed this Supt story in the first place. R. Jetter tweets that he is watching his house from the vandals who egged his house and car so his wife could sleep in Mother's day? He made all this up. Why did he cause all this drama? Isn't our Hamburg schools in the News enough? Obviously this supt does not have the best interests of our kids. Lies, deception and lack of credibility are a good start to start a supt search.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave Yoviene, maybe it wasn't JETTER that you owed. Maybe you shouldn't have made it your mission to put Jetter in power, because you barely knew him. After all, it wasn't Jetter who put YOU into power, was it? It wasn't JETTER that you owed, and still do, right?

Anonymous said...

Wondering if Heeter is still gushing over Jeter after all of this?

Anonymous said...

Dave Yovine has promised Candy Ditkowski Catherine's position on the school board. Now that being said, don't you think that this is one really expensive board seat worth possible a half million bucks. Candy you need to tell Mr. Dave to stop the reckless spending. We need teachers not lawyers and you didn't make the cut at the election booth

Anonymous said...

If Heeter is still gushing over Jetter she is vacant morally

Anonymous said...

Joe Gunning Hamburg grad, Frontier resident, son in law of Ed. Osborne and husband of Caroline Osborne Gunning, Richard Jetter leader

Anonymous said...

News reports jetter in bry Lynn drying out- or hiding? The teachers thought they were getting a raise today and instead jetter in psych ward.

crossed the line said...

I cannot feel sorry for Rick Jetter. He lied about a high school kid damaging his car and the Middle School Principal Jen G. knew it wasn't true. Not our kids, both need to go. This was crossing the line with us to the dark side. Principal of school at the rally for supt. for the rouge individual that damaged his car knowing full well her whatever did it to himself. Shame on her and him