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Monday, July 14, 2014

Meanwhile, as Doctor Jetter spins tales, elementary school class sizes reach 30 pupils

The antics of Richie Jetter and the Hamburg School Board has left Concerned Hamburger baffled.  Since Doctor Jetter's arrival as a "player"( in more ways than one) on the Hamburg game board, some really bizarre things have transpired.   Weekly, one reads the Buffalo News with the same cliffhanger anticipation as if entering the Bates Hotel.   Long time WGRZ reporter, Scott Levin, called Doctor Jetter's conduct bizarre in response to Jetter's failed attempt to mimic a scene from the film The Shining. (Click video for clip of Doctor Jetter's comments)


It seems a horror story theme has taken hold of the Hamburg School District under the inexperienced Dick Jetter.   Meanwhile while Doctor Jetter and his band of merry minstrels on the Hamburg School Board continue the "circus that has turned into a carnival", children are being used as pawns in Jetter's sick horror film.

Concerned Hamburger has received no fewer than 10 emails from concerned Moms and Dads.  The parents are concerned about the size of their elementary school child's classroom.  One dad wrote,
"there are 30 little ones in my son's class at Armor", "what can you do to make this a more widely known problem, Concerned Hamburger?".   Class sizes have been addressed scores of times on this blog, and the research is widely accepted as universally true- children do better in small class sizes.

So, it seems that Doctor Jetter is far more concerned with his own three ringed circus and spinning of local horror story lore, than he is about the education of the children of Hamburg.   From what he has demonstrated, it seems to Concerned Hamburger that Doctor Jetter is NOT superintendent material.

Perhaps he might be better suited to write articles for supermarket aisle tabloids.

To the parents of Hamburg, the school board is scheduled to meet Tuesday July 15, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Hamburg Administration Building.   The agenda suggests they are meeting to approve a roof on the Hamburg Middle School, even though the roof work has already started.

The moms and dads in Hamburg need to attend this meeting and voice their disgust of class sizes and the sick use of taxpayer dollars for sideshows, carnivals and horror stories courtesy of Dick Jetter.

Case in point, the Dick Jetter " who dunnit"  of the side panel swipe and misspelled note to a "sleazebag" that consumed the district in the days leading up to final exams for the children.

Doctor Jetter's car that he claims was the target of a hit and run. (photo taken from Buffalo News webpage)

Jetter follows up the car drama with allegations of an egg attack of his Tonawanda home, and tweets of all nighters to protect his nest from the so called bad doers.   Just the pictures alone demonstrate that Dick is far more concerned about himself than he is about the 30 or so kids jammed into classrooms in Hamburg's elementary schools.   Then just days later, Doc Jetter tells Scott Levin his is "putting the eggs behind him".  He claims, the eggs were breakfast and he will not dwindle (sic) on them, he is moving to lunch. So, what will be be next time, a lamb to slaughter?


Spruce MOM said...

He is a sicko Hamburg and you will all learn that eventually. He is a crazy man, just ask the parents in our community North Tonawanda. He is a liar, and a cheat. Dishonest to a core and mentally messed up.

Taxes too high said...

That audio on BEN, Jetter said he had the police report from the night of the accident at UPES, then seconds later he says he was gonna stop and see the "Captain" and get the police report. He had on his fresh shirt and went to the Chiropractor the day after his car was hit. Here is an idea Jetter, get your ass out of bed and go to Hamburg we are paying you top dollar to get to work in the morning. Ya think the world doesnt see thru your lies, sir? Any good counselor could hear the lies in your voice. This guy is a creep.

Jack W said...

All I can say is that Jetter is one ugly dude. He sounds stupid and his face looks like he got infested with poison ivy. did anyone check out if that PHD is real? I bet he never passed 8th grade. Dumb ass guy.

Anonymous said...

This blog gets more humorous everyday!

Danny said...

James Martinez is a PSYCHO. Lets see who goes first Martinez or Jetter? Or the corrupt Dave Yoviene.

Just wondering said...

Whats Jen Jetter Gonna Say?

NT Tom said...

Why was Jetter paid $8,900 from North Tonawanda in 2012 when he left us in 2011. We bet he put in some "claim", posibly a false claim with the district.

Anonymous said...

What will dick tell JEN- more lies? Look at Dick - see Dick lie! The Dick Show! The Board is a bunch of liars now in the midst of another Hamburg cover up. Let's see the lies flood out some more.