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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Schredd and Ragan on Doctor Jetter

A reader sent me a link to the July 24, 2104 Schredd and Ragan program on radio dial 103.3 "The Edge".     The program is available as a podcast.  It might take some searching around for it if you are unfamiliar with podcasts.   

Here is the link to the Schredd and Ragan page: Schredd and Ragan Podcast page
The show aired on July 24, 2014 at 7 a.m. in the morning and you can get the link to the podcast by clicking the link above.  It is surely worth a few minutes of your time to locate it and listen.  The show lasts about 12 minutes. 

The show reveals that Richard Jetter confessed the lie about his car the Friday before he turned himself  into the Hamburg Village Police.

According to the program manager of the Schredd and Ragan show, Mr. Jacka,  Doctor Jetter attended a small music festival on Friday July 18, 2104  by himself and was hooting out that he damaged his car and those in earshot would be reading about it in the Buffalo newspaper.   It was stated on the Schredd and Ragan show that Doctor Jetter appeared inebriated as he drank from a plastic cup, which the radio personalities suggested was a "red  solo" cup.

Radio producer Mr. Jacka did not realize the man he saw at the music festival in a bright green shirt was indeed Doctor Richard Jetter Superintendent of Hamburg Schools until Doc. Jetter appeared on all the news stations last week.  

Listen to the program yourself and judge for yourself.


Hamburg is sad said...

OMG- thank god the man has realized he needs help. I don't like his actions, but pray that he gets all the help he needs for himself, and family. Prayers....

Anonymous said...

Don't feel sorry for that bastard for 1 bit people!

Anonymous said...

Who was this Jetter guy drinking with in South Buffalo and why is it a mystery?