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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where in the World is Richard Edward Jetter?

You can not make this stuff up.  The Doctor Jetter, Jennifer Giallella and Andrew Freedman story is getting richer and richer as it twists and turns.   Last evening Channel 7 WKBW reporter John Borsa ( click link to story: Where in the World is Richard Jetter) interviewed Andrew Freedman Esq. regarding the future of Doctor Jetter.  Freedman indicated he would like Doctor Jetter to cut ties with the district, but they are having trouble finding him.

Concerned Hamburger finds this incomprehensible.  

The Hamburg school district can not find their superintendent? 

Mr. Freedman here are a few ideas: call his wife, call Bry-Lyn, or put out a missing persons report to the police.  You know, a Jetter Amber Alert.   Concerned Hamburger bets the police could help you find him.    Or, Mr. Freedman ask David Yoveine where Jetter might be.  From reports coming into this blog, it seems that Mr. Yoviene knew about the Jetter pole accident that day after you did in June.  So, why did the both of you allow this to continue for a month, before the community was made aware of the truth?   Since Yoveine appears to be in the "know" from the many reports he has given to the various news agencies, perhaps he might be able to lead you to Doc. Jetter. 

If Doc. Jetter doesn't call in or advise his employer of his intentions to be away from work,  doesn't that mean he has abandoned his job?  Of course, Doctor Jetter would be foolish to walk away from his contract without a fight.  Heck, Doc. Jetter is in the driver's seat and could likely walk away from Hamburg with hundreds of thousands of dollars in his pocket. 

Andrew Freedman later remarks in the interview with Channel 7 News that the district has NOT questioned Hamburg Middle School Principal Jennifer Giallella, because they can not coordinate schedules.   It appears from all reports, Mrs. Giallella knew about the pole incident, attended the "we love Rick" rally on 5-7-14 and covered up her involvement in and  knowledge of Jetter's deception scheme.  Perhaps, Mrs. Giallella was scare to come forward and tell the truth in fear of retaliation from the off-kilter Jetter.  Regardless of her story, the district has an obligation to pin her down and ask the right questions.  

Andrew Freedman appears not to be credible in the Channel 7 interview.  It is impossible to believe the story he gave to reporter John Borsa. The community is wondering what is going on, and who was involved.  But, the attorney for the district can only comment that he and the principal can not coordinate schedules for an interview, and he would like Jetter to resign.  

It seems to Concerned Hamburger that interviewing the principal should be a priority over all others.  One is left to wonder if the district isn't intentionally dragging their feet.  After all, Mr Freedman wrote Doctor Jetter's contract and according to reports last week Mr. Freedman knew the facts of this matter  several weeks ago and did nothing about it. 


Anonymous said...

Check Craigslist

Anonymous said...

I would think that even if Dr. Jetter is on paid administrative leave, that he would not be able to just disappear. He should still be held accountable to be present when the "job" requires- including to come before the board/investigators/etc. The same should be said for Jen Giallella. If she isn't taking vacation days or personal days- she should be in her office, right? What schedules are there to coordinate? Show up at the time she is required to work and interview her.

Can't wait to see how many teachers will be cut at the end of the 2014-2015 school year because of this mess...