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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hamburg Cabaret

What do Hamburg School District administrators Brent Jordan, Barb Sporyz and Colleen Kaney have in common?  
Give up?  

Money, Money, Money. 

Money makes the world go 'round in Doctor Jetter's version of Hamburg Caberet

Thank you Super-duper-intendent Doctor Jetter and Hamburg School Board for siphoning our children's educational dollars into the pockets of lawyers and administrators.  In addition to the $200,000 legal budget presented to and approved by the Hamburg School Board, part of which is being used to fund the attempted removal of a publicly elected official, certain members of the Hamburg Administrative team are lining their pockets with mammoth raises in salary and benefits.  To think Board President David Yoviene ran on a platform of reigning in administrative salaries.  

Yes Hamburg Administrators, there is a Santa Clause. 

Since 2012, some administrators in the Hamburg Central School District have received raises in salary and benefits in excess of 48%.   Much of the these large boosts in salary were bestowed upon the administrators in July 2014, just days before Doc. Jetter revealed to the world that he is not what he appeared to be.  Perhaps, Doc. Jetter saw the writing on the wall and he wanted to be sure his "team" was taken care of before checking himself into BryLin.

Consider the following: 

Hamburglar Barb Sporyz
HAMBURGLAR CASE #1- On July 1, 2014, Barbara Sporyz was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services and Finance (click here for Barbara Sporyz's Contract 14-17).   Without serving one single day in her new position as Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Sporaz was granted tenure on July 1, 2014.  Mrs. Sporaz's contract with the district secures her $125,000 in 2014-15, $126,000 in 2015-16, and $127,000 in 2016-17.  According to records compiled by the State of New York, Mrs. Sporyz earned salaries of $85,500 in 2012 and $113,000 in 2013.   So folks, from 2012-2017 Mrs. Sporyz will have gained a 49% raise, plus tenure and oodles of benefits.  Therefore, Mrs. Sporyz, in two years, has increased her salary $39,500.  Her $39,500 increase is more than a new teacher with a Master's degree (click here for teacher's salary schedule).  Keep that increase in mind when your elementary students are packed into classes of 30 students.  Mrs. Sporyz came to Hamburg after a short stint as business manager of the North Collins School District.

Hamburglar Brent Jordan
HAMBURGLAR CASE #2- July 1, 2014 bought good tidings to Brent Jordan as well.  Mr. Jordan was granted tenure as Director of Technology and Information Services, a position he filled temporarily for less than one year.   Mr. Jordan's three year contract (click here for Brent Jordan's contract 2014-2017) garners him $110,000 in 2014-15, $111,000 in 2015-16 and $112,000 in 2016-17.   Since his earnings in 2012 that represents in excess of a 30% raise plus tenure and benefits.  Mr. Jordan started his career in Hamburg as a teacher and just recently resigned his former position as Assistant Principal of the High School.  

Hamburglar Colleen Kaney
HAMBURGLAR CASE #3- In a third eye-brow raising move, the Hamburg School Board appointed Colleen Kaney as Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Curriculum and Instruction.  Miss Kaney, who started out as a teacher for the Hamburg Schools certainly has climbed to the top of the school organization.  There is little doubt that Miss Kaney was provided good mentors along the way, who allowed her to reach her career aspirations through various avenues of career development and professional networking.   For her outstanding service to the administrators and the District, Mrs. Kaney secured a three year contract starting with a salary in 2014-15 of $122,000, 2015-16 of $123,000, and 2016-17  of $125,000 (click here for Colleen Kaney's contract 2014-17).  Since 2012, this represents in excess of a 28% raise.  Also, let us not forget that since Doc. Jetter is out on paid administrative leave, Miss Kaney and Mrs. Sporyz split an additional $160 a day.  That means together,  Miss Kaney and Mrs. Sporyz could make an additional $41,600 this year if the Board cannot get an interim superintendent lined up.  This again, is more than the District would have to pay for a new elementary school teacher.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This district is going to have to lay off many teachers and staff, but we are sure no administrators.thank you. Concerned for pissing is off this fine Sunday. We need a reality check on our sad state of financial affairs and the even Sadder state of our kids class size and loss of programing.

Anonymous said...

And let me tell you that Jetter and Kaney and Sporys were up to some crazy shit in that office. The 3 of them together have a 1/2 of brain. I am a teacher aid, and we can't get a dollar raise from these people who do nothing. Jetter and Kaney spent most of their time covering up their sloppy mess and the other 1/2 walking around buildings intimidating people. Kaney has brushed all the spec ed issues under the rug and all the spec ed teachers and parents no she is clueless. I say all the teacher aids show up and picket the meetings. these people are thieves.

Just watching said...

Hey Concerned Hamburg, Did you know that Forcucci's lawyer called Martinez to be a witness on Thursday Night, because some of the charges against Forcucci were from Martinez. Now Concerned Hamburg, the Reno 911 picture does not do Mr. Martinez justice. He is one big feller who spends lots of his time puffing himself up with re-run jack lalane videos (someone said thats why he erased tapes in the alleged BVS break-in- he didn't want to get caught with Jane Fonda, Rickard Simmons and Jack LaLane videos on his computer, others say his therapist ordered exercise as an outlet to his pent up anger). Anywho- Martinez is twice the size of pint size Forcucci, and Martinez is afraid of Forcucci. (now that is laughable). So, when the lawyer called out for Martinez several times to take the stand and testify, Mr. Martinez hid behind a pole in the cafeteria and shouted out he was not going to testify. Guess, the guy is a pansy or is it the witness protection program?

Anonymous said...

Now that everyone knows about Dr. Jetter's drinking date(s) with Principal Gialella, what about the happy hours with Ms. Kaney and Ms. Sporcz? There is more to learn.

Anonymous said...

I can now understand why people would want to work for the Hamburg School District! Holy cow Batman - if those wages are not an indicator of the ridiculous-ness of this organization I don't know what is!

I have not met a school administrator who is worth $125K a year! you could hire 2-3 staff on that wage ... there are so many issues with this school district I believe the only way forward is to sack them all and start over. There is nothing worth saving with this lot - even Catherine - I don't believe she has done much wrong but then again I don't see she has accomplished much either - cut the losses and start again Hamburg -including the administrators who are being way over paid!

Anonymous said...

Tenure in a position after 1 day?
So glad our Hamburg Board is making good decisions.

Anonymous said...

Barb and Colleen and Jen and other women from the admin building went out drinking with rick- all the time. Often during the day- they got these raises to keep their mouths shut.

teacher aid said...

People need to be reasonable. I looked at NY states salaries of all the school districts...

Almost ALL were in line with what these ppl make. Ill agree with the lawsuits being a waste.

but pay ppl what you pay them...

Anonymous said...

Roll back their salaries so we can at least use a few tax dollars for our kids. Isn't that what we are suppose tone focusing on educating kids.

Anonymous said...

There is not one job in public education that should be over 100k. Obscene- maybe a tax payer should shadow these over paid idiots and see for your self. Nuts!

Anonymous said...

well if thats how you feel about the salaries then too bad ! this is a market place just like anywhere else. grow up and adjust

you cant make it seem like they are doing something wrong when they were given promotions and a salary to match. sorry I see no sin there.

Anonymous said...

I heard the staff in north Collins bought barb a calculator because she had trouble with numbers- and well, do we need to mention kaneys promotion under former personnel director Gordon Kerr? Ask any staff member in hamburg - Kaney is special education herself and could likely use an iep. This board has been hoodwinked- and the stupidity will cost this district millions. Bottoms up ladies- playing with Dick jetter sure did help your pensions. But, it's not a wonder they need the both of u to do one job.

Anonymous said...

I have visited this blog many times in the last few years. Largely, the posts are spot on, sometimes the approach is unorthodox, but the message hits a bullseye. Those that leave comments need to rethink. What I would like to say after seeing this post is that Concerned is dead on0- what people will do for money is quite disturbing. Former superintendent richard jetter was far to immature for the job. Anyone who does what he did needs to find professional help, and my family and I pray for him each and every day. God Bless that man, his wife and kids- they have bigger troubles than we will ever know. It seems to me that unless a well balance person, with NO financial interest comes to the surface, Hamburg will be a revolving door. Please Hamburg schools, as a taxpayer, I want to be sure your financial compensation is fair and in line for your profession- you do a good job and there are lots of Hamburg kids walking around this earth that know that is true. but, please everyone- self-regulate- be honest and abandon the greed. Please lets make some sense out of this mess. Please- we have kids to teach.

Anonymous said...

The waste of money on excessive salaries, lawyers, and these hearings is astonishing. Remember all this come May when we lose more teachers and the board proposes overriding the tax cap because we have a huge deficit and they claim, but it's for the kids.

These hearings especially are a criminal waste of taxpayer money. For one thing, the State Ed commissioner already refused to remove a Hamburg board member and admonished the petitioner and the rest of the board to "get along." Instead, they tried again with these hearings to remove Forcucci. They will NOT succeed and Hamburg will have to pay for the idiot Andrew Freedman, Forcucci's lawyers, the hearing officer, and try to hire a superintendent. Freedman: Can you give one example where state ed removed a board member?

They did nothing about these clowns:

Dirty Harry said...

HERE ARE THE HAMBURG PTA OFFICERS. READ THEIR PUBLIC STATEMENTS FROM NOV 2013- posted on the district webpage. Makes ya wonder how on earth this group of women, who claim to promote children growth and learning could embarrass a woman, Mrs. WHipple who runs a club that denigrates young women, exploits their bodies in exchange for money- pole dancing, lap dancing- and God knows what ever else. Shame on the Hambung PTA. Maybe someone should ask Mrs. Whipple about her private life, she sure does love to tweet and point the finger at others. Just check out that club. ANYONE WITH AN OUNCE OF RESPECT FOR WOMEN SHOULD CHASE THIS PERSON AND HER STRIPE CLUB OUT OF HAMBURG.....

Executive President
Karen Krawczyk 649-1045(h) 880-7277(c)

Executive Vice President
Christina Whipple 649-6569(h) 913-6727(c)

Executive Treasurer
Candy Ditkowski 648-0270(h) 799-4532(c)

Executive Secretary
Maureen Geary 649-0634(h)

Armor Elementary Vice President
Kelly Harper 649-1989(h)

Boston Valley Elementary Vice President
Tracy Tew 913-6016(c)

Charlotte Avenue Elementary Vice President
Sarah Marvin 649-2626(h)

Union Pleasant Elementary Vice President
Kelly Heine 649-7802(h)

Hamburg Middle School Vice President
Amy Kane 646-6728(h)

Hamburg High School Vice President
Nancy Krencik 536-3496(c)

Bob Ewell said...

Lets see what PARENT Dan Chiacchia has to say tonight. He will come to the meeting at the end, after his buddy AQUA MAN signs him in. Danny will tattle off about about sugar in vending machines, and then the classless fool will throw barbs at Sally and Catherine- because Dan is a Pillar of Morality. Yep, that man is someone who should be a role model. Dan, the feller who cares so much about Hamburg, but didn't have his civic calling until after his law partner was admonished. Gee Dan, we can't see where you are coming from. Keep opening that MOUTH of yours, it sure is helping Chiacchia & Fleming, Esquires. I bet all kinds of folks want you for their slip and falls, you put forth such a credible face- esp. your personal vendetta against Sally and Holly. The NYS ED petition went over like a lead balloon- kinda the way most of your legal matters turn out? Just Saying Dan, Father of the Year and Fine specimen of Frontier HIGH School. Cant wait to hear what shorty has to say tonight.... pass the peanuts and popcorn please...the dunce has entered the house.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Kelly Harper now has time to be the PTA mom at Armor. Didn't she quite the BOE because she was too busy at Canisius? Or maybe she didn't like the scumbag politics. Too bad, she seems like a nice person, but my guess she is just as dirty as every other BOE member??? Comments please

spending spree said...

The District plans to scan your Driver’s License to get in to the Administration Building a public building, a building that my tax dollars pay for. Now I’m all for safety. But lets face fact the district isn’t Fort Knox. I mean Jennifer Lackie has given out people private phone numbers. The District uses geek squad to fix the servers. Keep in mind when you go to the US capital you don’t get you Identification scanned.
Allowing the district to scan, read, and store my personally identifiable information. Although just someone’s full name fulfills the criteria of personally identifiable information, a Driver’s License barcode and/or magnetic stripe contains much more. By scanning the driver’s license, the district retains my full name, date of birth, address, gender, race, driver’s license number, license information (restrictions, endorsements), organ donation, and issue date. It also allows then to check for tickets, warrants. They will also be capturing your photo. All of this has been paid for with the capitol gains money. The board never approved this system until tonight. So yet again our district spends the money then asks for approval

Anonymous said...

7:27- where in earth did you hear that they want to scan our license? Holy smokes, they wanna scan my drivers license to go visit adults? Really, who the heck wants any of the those worn out women in the admin building? The place is a disgrace and if they want to have security they might start with getting rid of Jim Martinez. He actually told the staff he wants to keep them safe from the Russians in the back wooded area of BVS. He is a NUTS. If they even attempt to collect data on visitors, I for one will blow a stink. We do have a Constitution in this county- despite what the pigs under Dave Yovien have to say. Dave, you should really try paying attention to your own family- the kids and the wife are pretty much out of control. Clean up your own house Dirty Dave, before you point your drunken fingers at anyone else.

Anonymous said...

7:27- where in earth did you hear that they want to scan our license? Holy smokes, they wanna scan my drivers license to go visit adults? Really, who the heck wants any of the those worn out women in the admin building? The place is a disgrace and if they want to have security they might start with getting rid of Jim Martinez. He actually told the staff he wants to keep them safe from the Russians in the back wooded area of BVS. He is a NUTS. If they even attempt to collect data on visitors, I for one will blow a stink. We do have a Constitution in this county- despite what the pigs under Dave Yovien have to say. Dave, you should really try paying attention to your own family- the kids and the wife are pretty much out of control. Clean up your own house Dirty Dave, before you point your drunken fingers at anyone else.

From the horses mouth said...

Mr Flynn wants to waits to put off the Superintendent search until the 2015-2016 school year. Is this so you can be president of the school board Tom or is it so you can give Cha Cha and Aqua Man enough time to find the best candidate. After all I’m sure he will want to make sure he finds the cream of the crop. After all it worked so well for us last time.

Just Saying said...

To Flynn is an idiot. He is doing the dirty work of Dan Cha Cha. Lets face it Mr. Flynn- you are setting up Mrs. Kaney for failure. Everyone knows that Colleen was having her way with a certain former Associate Superintendent ( you know the first in Hamburg since Eddy BOY Osborne). Someone has bruises on their knees. At any rate- the teachers and staff are gonna eat Colleen alive once they realize she was playing dirty ball with Jetter et al.. Good Idea Tommy- keep Colleen in there, then next year at this time we will be reading about her in the paper. Tom Flynn is a world class idiot who really needs to focus on getting his kid out of Boston Valley- there is a nut case running that school.

Whoa said...

Ocala, Florida — Darren Chiacchia, the former U.S. Olympic equestrian rider and part-time Ocala resident that was arrested on January 20, 2010 and charged with Sexually Transmitting a Disease to his partner, now has a warrant for his arrest, according to court documents.
Chiacchia, now 49, was scheduled to appear before Judge Hale Stancil for a pre-trial conference on Thursday. When he failed to appear, a warrant was issued.
According to the original arrest affidavit, the victim told investigators that he and Chiacchia had unprotected sexual intercourse several times between February and June of 2009.
The victim told investigators that while [they] were vacationing in New York, the victim stumbled upon some of Chiacchia’s medical documents. The reports pointed to the fact that Chiacchia is HIV positive.
The victim told investigators that he had asked Chiacchia at the beginning of their relationship if he had been tested and that Chiacchia told him he was negative.
The victim, at a later time, was able to provide investigators with an e-mail from Chiacchia in which he admitted he knew he has been HIV positive since 2008.
In a recorded interview with Chiacchia he stated that he did not tell the victim he was HIV positive because he did not feel the victim was trustworthy.
Judge Stancil later threw out the charges, citing there was not any solid proof that the victim and Chiacchia had sexual intercourse.
In May of 2013, the Florida Fifth District of Appeals overturned Judge Stancil’s decision and reinstated the charges.
While there has not been a federal law passed, 32 states have adopted state laws that protect innocent women, as well as men, from sexual partners who feel they should not be required to disclose to their partners they have a STD.
In California, if a person has sex with another person and neglects to inform them of a STD, it is a misdemeanor; for HIV/AIDS, you could actually be charged with attempted murder or eight years in prison.
New York (the first state to actually convict someone) and Florida, as with California’s law, makes it a misdemeanor for STDs other than HIV/AIDS, such as HPV, and could bring a sentence of up to one year in jail with hefty fines.
In Georgia doctors may actually call the partner to inform them about the other person if they test positive, as state law mandates.
Chiacchia, faces up to 30 years in prison under a Florida law passed in 1997 that makes it a felony for people with H.I.V. to have sexual intercourse without informing their partners of their condition.

Anonymous said...

The assistant superintendent positions were once eliminated to help alleviate the administrative bloat in Hamburg finances.
Now they're back- and Hamburg is in more financial peril than ever.
Seems like there needs to be a separate financial oversight board from the "school board".

Anonymous said...

7:27 and 8:13- the district is planning on implementing ID scanning for all who enter any building on HCSD grounds in the next 2 years.
From what I hear, the scanning of the ID will be connected to a brief background check (a limited version of what a police officer can see) and will help to determine whether or not you are fit to enter a school building.
I feel sorry for all who will be put under this scrutiny.
An expensive security measure for a district that can't afford to hire Resource Officers...

Anonymous said...

to 9:27.
Totally and completely irrelevant!
(but you did reveal how obsessed you are- SCARY!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah- Dan Chiacchia has spread obsession in Hamburg faster then Ebole in Africa. Lets watch as Danny Chiacchia and Marie Johnsons brother Darren goes on trial this month for murder in the state of Florida. The poor guy had to get a court appointed attorney cuz big brother Dan is too busy chasing ghosts in Hamburg to take care of his little Olympian brother. Did ya ever hear, what goes around comes around. So, its not an obsession just a curiosity about a many who thought he had the world by the asshole, and turn out to be an arrogant liar. How curious.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Giallella is being investigated? It is obvious she knew Jetter's story was fabricated. In my opinion she is just as guilty. I do not feel comfortable sending my child off to middle school in a few weeks knowing a woman so lacking in character and regard for our children is in charge. Are we to seriously be able to trust her and show her respect? Our children have seen the news. Are the children expected to trust & respect Giallella? Who do we voice our concerns to? Is there anyone we can trust?

Division Street said...

I overheard Dave Yoviene say to a group of people that Mrs. Giallella was too drunk on 5-5-14 to recall what happened with Jetter's car. Sadly, the car hit a sign post in the early evening on a Monday. Why was the superintendent and HMS Principal that drunk by6 pm. They mustve been drinking all day long. Jetter makes 165 K and Giallella somewhere around 100K and they are out drinking during the school day? I wouldn't send my kids to HMS either. I guess the next think we are gonna be paying for are breathalyzers at the door ways of the schools and all personnel need to blow into be before entering the building... hope they install one at Boston Valley- if that knob Martinez isn't drunk saying crap about russians in the woods, then he is sicker than I thought. Atleast he can blame it on the booze like Giallella. So proud to be a BULLDOG! Student Government would do a better job running the school than these overprices clowns.

Anonymous said...

is Giallela also being investigated by the state Ed department? seems like she is lacking character and moral fiber, is that not grounds for her to loose her certification as well? And what about Martinez?! I really pray that the truth, the whole truth would be exposed and that justice will be done for this school district once and for all.these types of people who display such poor judgement and make such stupid, thoughtless, narcissistic decisions have no business being in leadership of any kind least of all in the field of education or around children.

Anonymous said...

Yovienne's supporters on the board are going to attempt to block the appointment of a permanent superintendent until Chacha can hand pick the successor for his current failure, Rick Jetter. I have to agree with Jim Tresmond's assessment that Dave Yovienne is in over his head when it comes to leading the BOE. Not only does he lack any semblance of leadership ability, he is nothing but a patsy for Chacha's nefarious schemes. Additionally, he was caught in numerous lies during both his testimony and that of the defense witnesses.

Anonymous said...

I think that those running for school board should have their children's teachers give them a "report card". I have a feeling that some community members actions on the board would be further illuminated by how they interacted with members of the school district, how they treated their children's teachers and how they furthered their child's education at home.

weird said...


tweets of Christina Whipple reporting of the whereabouts of Holly B and Sally S. Why such interest by her? Who cares if these 2 women volunteer at a children's camp. Weird

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Anonymous said...

Where were all you privacy rights people when they initiated fingerprinting our kids to get them through the lunch line? The district will sell that data base and more to any interested party when funds run tight. "Security" is only for control -to keep us from keeping tabs on the content of their indoctrination and now running interference in physical access to our children via liscence scans.
Wide awake

Charlotte Ave said...

Every single parent and community member must shout out this license scanning scheme. Do you realize that the administrators in Hamburg can access all of your info if they have your license. Doesn't anyone want that CRAZY James Martinez near their personal information? The man is sick and must be removed from Hamburg very soon. As if the deplorable BVS scores weren't bad enough. Boston, you have a mentally ill man running your schools...just recall the "RUSSIANS in THE WOODS" statement by Martinez to his staff. To take it one step further, we have a very strange man called Dan Chiacchia, a lawyer with a law practice on So. Park Ave (which we hear is not doing so good), who has some unusual relationship with Mr. Martinez and Richard Jetter. Perhaps, the license scheme is simply a marketing opportunity for a law firm to data mine people with legal issues. Now, this may seem kinda nuts, but consider this cast of questionable characters- Dave Yoviene, Richard Jetter, Jim Martinez and Dan Chiacchia. Now are those the kinda guys we want representing Hamburg? Now, throw into the mix that nutty lawyer Andrew Freedman and some other circus clowns- Eddy "Roller Rink" Piazza, Joey Boy (Eddy Osbourne's Patsy) and you have a crazy group of men who collectively share about as much integrity as Scarface. Hamburg taxpayers- your test scores SUCK, your public image as lower than Buffalo and you have a BLOW HARD School Superintendent. Now they want your data....time to have a community Hate fest- oh Danny Boy, where are you- sleepest or wakest thou? Crazy Hamburg- you need all be ashamed of yourselves for letting this community rot.