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Friday, August 22, 2014

Oink, Oink, Oink, Piggies at the Hamburg Trough

Well Hamburg, here we go again.  The appointment of the honorable Vincent Coppola was overshadowed by the release of the Hamburg School District legal bills for the partial month of January, and all of February, March, April, May, June and July, 2014.   In a front page Buffalo News article, the appointment of Dr. Coppola got scant attention.   In addition, it was reported that few people attended the appointment meeting, not even district safety patrolman Mr. James Martinez (apparently, the Russian snipers from the woods of Boston are on summer holiday). 

The Attorneys for Hamburg Central School District
Well Hamburg, now what?  Almost one quarter of one million dollars spent on what?   Concerned Hamburger reviewed the legal bills as posted on the Buffalo News website.  Calling the invoices "absolutely ridiculous" is an understatement.  Being understated is often a good thing, if one is an elected official, as Mrs. Stephenson likely learned in her many years as a public official for the town of Hamburg.   It appears, however, that Mr. Yoviene has not quite learned that public relations tactic.  Yoviene is quoted in the news as saying, " I certainly think it was worth it. Its something we had to do".   It would be nice if Mr. Yoviene would explain who "we" is?  Are these the people who elected him to the school board on his personal promise to reduce legal fees?  Concerned thinks not.  So readers, who is "we"? Who thinks this kind of outrageous expense is good for kids, teachers and education?

What is most interesting in reviewing the 125 pages of Hodgson Russ legal invoices is not entirely what they say, its what they don't say.  What lies underneath those dark magic marker redactions?  It surely is the hope of this blogger that the Buffalo News will take the Hamburg School District to NYS Supreme Court in an Article 78 proceeding to force the district's hand to release the pure form of the legal invoices.   It would be interesting to see some of those blocked out names, and so then the public can get a clearer picture on who has been running the school district in the darkness of the Jetter months.  

"Meanwhile,  the School Board on Thursday night appointed Vincent J. Coppola as acting superintendent."  


Anonymous said...

I saw that too, I thought it is illegal for a school district to use public money to spy on a district employee off time. So, can someone please explain DIGITS? I saw that they got $3K from the law firm. This is really odd, does anyone know anything about this? Is it spying? I sure hope not, that seems like a pretty bad civil liberties infringement. Maybe we need more info. Have YOVIENE, what was Hodgson Russ doing with my tax dollars in hiring a "forensic investigation"? I would like some answers please.

Anonymous said...

PRETRIAL RELEASE, NOT INCONSISTENT WITH THIS ORDER, Trial of Dan's brother coming soon. Wonder if any local attorneys in FLA will taper with a fair trial? Na, that never happens.

Yovine said...

the lack of regard for our tax dollars is alarming. Shame on this school board.

As suggested Dave Yovine is not who he alleged to be while campaigning. I would go so far as to call him dishonest

Anonymous said...

DIGITS= internet forensics company

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information concerned. Makes us wonder how many of us will be left to teach?

Anonymous said...

Government $$$$ as witnessed from the Bflo News web publishing of school districts legal fees.

Using govt dollars (school TAX DOLLARS) to spy on private citizens and employees. Last I heard that that was improper. Now I see we spent money to spin a lie. Yes we all paid for the cover up and lie of Richard Jetter.

stop now please said...

Dave Yovine, Tom Flynn,

if Local little attorney Daniel Chiacchia wants to run the school why didn't he run for school board? Just because he fueled your campaign doesn't mean he has the right to destroy our schools. Shame on you Tom, we thought that you were better than that. We expect Yovine to behave this way.

Anonymous said...

looks like colleen kaney got involved in the mess also.

help our kids said...

Attended a budget hearing. It was mentioned many times the dire financial situation our school district is in. Now we read the cold hard facts. We need to preserve our precious school dollars for kids not this. Only ones winning are lawyers not our classrooms.

District employee, parent and alum

Anonymous said...

This is sick need to stop. Dave Yovine, Jetter both need to go STAT

Anonymous said...

Aside from the over $100k spent on the Forcucci matter attorney's fees just through June, what's going on with the unexplained additional billings of almost $125k?

Hey, Mr. Yoviene, I thought you promised to make this board more transparent. So why are you hiding what all those legal fees are for? Why are you covering up all the descriptions of what the attorneys did with black ink?

Seriously, if you and the rest of the board are even remotely committed to being open and honest with the taxpayers and parents you represent, isn't the starting point not keeping secret why you're giving so much money to the attorneys?

You're on the school board, not the CIA. Didn't your ridiculous attempt to keep the Forcucci hearings secret teach you anything? At a minimum, it should have taught you that if your attorneys told you keeping those hearings secret was okay, maybe you should be second-guessing using those attorneys at all.

If the Buffalo News wants all those blacked out parts of the legal bills lifted, are you going to fight them in court, burning tens of thousands more in a failed effort to keep the Hamburg taxpayers in the dark?

The Bearded Twins said...

I thought everything was dropped about the search on this Blog. Why is the BOE still waisting money on trying to find out who's posting on here. We went to court over this and it was ruled that it is our First Amendment Right to post on here freely. Dave and Laura , how can you let this still happen? I voted for you (and am regretting it). I spent 5 Grand out of my own money to protect my personal information and you shit heads on the board are spending my tax dollars for further investigation???? WTF, Why are you waisting money on something that was already ruled on in court ?

Anonymous said...

Dave is white trash. Dan has been terrorizing Dave that if he doesnt do what he said, then he will be xposed. Dave Yovienes kid got a DWI in OP...and guess who he had as a lawyer? Laura has been extorted to.

Anonymous said...

Dave yoviene should be in prison. He is only on this board to do the work of Andy and Danny. Let's see this flush out- pass the popcorn please.

Joan johnston said...

If I was any of those parents going after a job of a teacher or any of the staff doing the same I would be spending my weekend letting my fingers do the walking to find a real good lawyer- cause my guess lawsuits are gonna be flying. Tortuous interference of contract- to say the least. Lots of us have shamefully been watching too scared to speak up- but those days are over. Martinez called parents at home and lied to them telling them they should be afraid to send their kids to school. Martinez-must be fired at once.

Anonymous said...

The Dick..
It's clear this Blogs days are numbered...made way too many enemies.
The blogineistas were not tech savvy enough to cover their tracks..
Anyone still with the district will be gone…
Martinez will be vindicated..
The leaders of this rouge faction will be finally unmasked and disgraced…
The dark days are over!

Anonymous said...

12:11-hilarious- a little early to be drinking?

Anonymous said...

What is up with the attorneys charging the district for public relations work? All these billings for developing a media strategy around keeping the Forcucci hearings secret and strategy in response to Buffalo News articles and all this reviewing media strategy nonsense. Is that legal work that the district should be using tax money on?

Why the need for all this media strategy? Are we paying attorneys to spin public issues in favor of the board and the superintendent? Is that really what public money should be used for--expensive attorneys doing public relations to make Mr. Yoviene and Mr. Jetter look better?

If Mr. Yoviene wants public relations help and thinks he needs someone to spin the media, why doesn't he pay for it himself? Strategizing against the media and spinning the Board's failed attempt to hold the Forcucci hearings in secret seem to be well out of the law realm.

And if Yoviene and Jetter felt they needed public relations help, why pay hundreds of dollars an hour for attorneys to do it? Why not hire PR experts?

Or are PR experts something that can't be paid for out of tax money? Hmm . . . that's interesting. Perhaps the state should audit these legal bills to determine whether the district was billed for non-legal work under the guise of law consultations.

Everyone should review the bills themselves and draw their own conclusions or questions. But it seems to me that there would be outrage if the Hamburg community saw its tax money being used for PR experts. So where's the outrage when it's being spent on attorneys doing PR work?

Maybe there are reasonable answers to paying attorneys for media strategy and PR. I sure don't see them. Perhaps the Buffalo News could ask Mr. Yoviene for explanations.

Anonymous said...

Martinez vindicated for what?

Is he the one who left the meeting on the 6th of May to place the threatening note on the windshield of Rick Jetter's car?
Was he trying to frame a teacher?
A High Scholl Student of a sb member?
A school board member?

appears to be so.

Dave Yovine should not be trusted and he needs to be questioned and questioned and questioned.

Yes, the village police should look a littler harder at James Martinez and his role. He went outside, prowled around.

James Martinez is he still worried about Russian snipers in the school yard at Boston Valley School?

Harrassed community members and visitors from other districts at the Forrcucci hearings. He screamed out for arrest of people in his imagination that he images are talking to him. I ask James Martinez vindicated for which offense? There are many just ask a few of us at Boston Valley. Our letters to Supt have been ignored. We have never been given a response other than the school district is investigating. Where are we in our Principal's investigation?

Anonymous said...

Who authorized all this spending?
please anyone

remove Presicent said...

School Board President often brags about how much cash he has. So if he has so much cash but no class, I would purpose to him to use his own cash for his agenda not ours. David Yovine having reviewed the News legal spending should be removed not Ms. Forcucci.

Anonymous said...

So, how much was spent defending Jetter, and investigating the vandals that damaged his car? Would that be the "events of 5/6/14."
Jetter ought to repay Hamburg every dime. Board members. You must not forget your board member training where you learned you are legally and financially responsible for the decisions you make. Time to vote down the budget. Finally. Every time they claim the money is for the kids, now we clearly see it is not. This is outright theft of taxpayer $$.

Euclid ave said...

Aaron saykin went from wgrz to hr. He came up with the districts media plan- wow, hope that guy needs a day job. I have to wonder why anyone would associate their name with this mess? I counted 15 lawyers. Heck they drove to Albany and everything. Talk about making hay when the sun shines. Of course we now know, if sporyz, jetter of kaney had a clue they wouldn't need to contact the lawyers every minute of everyday. I heard Hodgson is merging with Harris beAch to create a new department called hamburg schools. What are we up to a million dollars yet? No wonder Dick jetter went missing and went to bry Lin dry out. Can you imagine if he started singing? Are they still doing electric shock therapy at bry Lin? Did the dirty people order his brain to be erased.

Anonymous said...

What was Dr. Coppola doing at a Springville school board meeting?

Grey Beard said...

Anyone know what time jetter's hearing is scheduled for tomorrow ?

Anonymous said...

Who thinks that Andrew Freedman did a good job for the district?

Charlotte Ave. said...

Holy crap

what is left for my kids?

everyone of those who support this waste should resign. We want smaller classes for our kids intramurals restored, a health program for our elementary children. Sorry we saw and cried at the destruction of our school.
The continued legal spending is killing us and destroying our classrooms and our teachers.
Charlotte Ave Parents

Anonymous said...

Many by now have inspected the legal spending thanks to the Buffalo News web site. It appears that an organized attack by a # of social studies teachers may cause a problem for the rest of us who have nothing to do with that witch hunt.

Buffalo Lawyer out having a Manhattan said...

Danny Cha, stop embarrassing yourself with your calls to the DAs office. For the love of God, the ADAs are talking about you at Happy Hour in Buffalo. Really Danny Cha, why you want JEtter off so bad? ADA Chatter

Not the Hamburg that I know said...

8-9-14 at 8:28 am. Lots of us have look at those invoices and the question remains, why are they black out so much? I sure hope the news takes the district to court to have all the bills released so we all can see the witch hunters. We know that Palma and Nahrembeski were out for Kavanagh's job. Palma could barely keep her miserable little mouth shut. Did you get the text messages that Nahrembeski was sending out when she was helping Danny Ch with his hate sessions. Becky thought she was being sly, but a number of witnesses are very prepared to address what she and others were doing. I wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt criminal, some of it. And, then when the pathetic woman got up on the PULPIT at the church crying that she was a victim. Has anyone any shame. Kaney, Martinez, and many others.... My quess is lots of heads are gonna role when those bills get released, and if I were any of those teachers involved in any of the things that went on, I would do what someone else on the blog wrote- find a lawyer- a good one. The social studies department should be ashame of themselves- its in print, so no denying it.

Anonymous said...

Richard Jetter mission was to drive off anyone who opposed him whether legitimate or not. Problem he had what I thought were decent people going along with his agenda. Legal invoices are telling thanks to the News. Now we know what we voted for was not education but personal grievances.

angry parents said...

We demand that this school district stop this legal spending and we mean now. Our classrooms that are children are returning to Tuesday are over crowded.

alum said...

To Concerned Hamburger please:

We need a Letter writing campaign to the District Attorney, either US mail or email

Dr. Richard Jetters contract could cost us over a MILLION DOLLARS WITH BENEFITS FOR THE NEXT 4.5. YEARS. Mr. Sedita would be doing every student in Hamburg a huge favor by keeping those tax dollars in our school and not in Dr. Richard Jetter's bank account.

Mr. Sedita needs to know we do not support Dr. Richard Jetter who has deceived this entire school community. That he will be doing the entire Hamburg Community a service since it will allow us to avoid his contract since he will no longer be able to serve as a supt here or anywhere. There could be other offences that may have occurred under Dr. Jetter and we need to be free of is contract. Alum

Anonymous said...

Middle School Principal

needs to be investigated blaming a high school kid for a lie created by the two of them jetter and gieallo is not what we expect from our principal. What example is this for our children.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago they tried to part 83 Chris Cerrone so folks it could happen to anyone of us. Don't really need a reason they could create one.

Judy Judy judy said...

Hey Jazzy Eddy and Weightwatcher Wendy, why dont you take Mr. tresmonds resume off your stupid facebook page? Isnt it enough that you fools harassed the man, and instead put your trust in one of the worst attorneys in WNY---who cant even represent his own brother, who is accused of trying to spread AIDS around his homosexual cumminity? Really haters, as if the questionaire that you had posted in October wasnt enough? You took that down pretty quick, but not quick enough. So, why dont you all try to apologize to the kind man called jim Tresmond and perhaps turn your attention to the 14 plus lawyers from Hodgson Russ. Please dont tell us your hypocrites? Is waistwatcher still taking the school pictures? And where is Jazzy Eddy and his haters? Scum of the earth---- in my opinion---- pnd scum.

John Darling, Hamburg, NY said...

In case anyone has been away from the news. I recently found a press release from the Hamburg Community. I live in Hamburg and I NEVER was asked about the following press release in quotation marks. In fact, I have learned from many many many downtown Buffalo lawyers that this guy called Dan Chiacciha is working over time trying to get Mr. Jetter out of his legal problems with the ERIE COUNTY DAs OFfice. I was told that bird calls the DAs office often to try and get Jetter out of the hot shit he is in. Why, one might ask? Lots of things are going around, but I guess the this Dan Doesnt want Jetter to talk about anything that might be not so pleasant for those on the outside to hear. I URGE ALL OF HAMBURG TO WRITE TO THE ERIE COUNTY DA AND TELL HIM THAT WE DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY TO PAY JETTER AND HIS IS A BAD MAN WHO NEEDS TO SPEND TIME IN PRISON. AND AS FOR DAN C, who the hell are you, and why do you think you are so important? Most of the WNY Community only know you from your sick obsession with harassing members of the Hamburg community. Go away Dan, you are NOT HAMBURG. And the rest of these people? WHO ARE YOU?????

"Press Release from the Hamburg Community

The events of this past week have shocked and disappointed our community. The school board and entire community supported the appointment of Dr. Jetter to lead our district. There were approximately 20 final applicants for the job who were thoroughly screened. The school board, after a thorough review of the candidates’ credentials, believed that Dr. Jetter was the most qualified person for the job. No one could have predicted the turn of events that have transpired over the last few weeks. We continue to stand behind our current administrators as they work tirelessly to continue to provide the exceptional educational services we come to expect. Our district continues to be ranked among the very best, and it will continue to do so. Many districts lose superintendents on a regular basis, relying on interim leaders for several months. We just need to consider Dr. Jetter's tenure as being that of an interim superintendent that is just being replaced.

Hamburg is a strong community. Community members rely on one another and take responsibility for their actions. We do not tolerate negativity. We band together to support and promote the positive. It is about people being held accountable for their actions. If someone brings negativity to our district and community, then need to leave. The actions of Dr. Jetter should in no way diminish or excuse the inappropriate, unethical, and unlawful actions of the other community and board members that have been subject to public scrutiny. Any disciplinary proceedings regarding board members must continue.

We will continue to stand together as a district and community to ensure that school board members and district leaders are held to the highest standards. Dr. Jetter is the one who needs to take responsibility for his actions, not anyone else. If he has a conscience and truly has the best interest of our community at heart, he should do what is morally and ethically right and resign immediately without costing our district additional resources.

Our families feel the same frustration, embarrassment and concern that everyone else is experiencing in Hamburg. There is not one person who can fix this situation, and there is not one person to blame. We are all in this together. The Hamburg community needs to continue to work together, share their thoughts, concerns and ideas in a constructive, respectable way and support the people who are willing to put themselves out there to get the job done. Together, let's keep on trying until we get it right!

Ed Piazza, Beth Piazza, Dan Chiacchia, Molly Reader, Jennifer Reagan, Joseph Gunning, Susan Neureuter, Jeff Neureuter, Maria Johnson, Christina Whipple"

Maple Ave said...

Dr. Coppola needs to keep an eye on sporyz and kaney, they still doing the dirty work of the martinez, jetter and chiacchia camp. Yoviene is so scared the truth is coming out. Coppola, you are a sharp guy, you need to watch these snakes like a fox and do not trust a word anyone says to you, they are in cover thy ass mode. I bet Jetter isnt the only one who the DA is gonna put in front of a grand jury.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Jetter's plea deal may include giving up the names of administrators who participated in the vandal-that-wasn't hoax and coverup, and insurance fraud, against both the district and the insurance company. He's trying to stay out of jail and he will likely have to give up names to do it. He won't resign either. Hamburg will have to spend much $$ proceeding through a Part 83. Even a 3020a action takes years and $200,000. Hang on to your wallets!I

face book said...

Anger is too mild an adjective to describe that these 10 individuals DO NOT represent the Hamburg Community.

First of all Joe Gunning is not a Hamburg School District Resident.

second the most uncivilized at public meetings have been

Daniel Chiacchia
Molly Reeter
Edward Piazza
Joe Gunning (not a district resident Ed Osborne,s son in law)
Maria Johnson (Dan Chiacchia's sister and former school aid for the school district)

This group not only turned away great supt choices but stacked the search committee for Dr. Richard Jetter. Add insult to injury Daniel Chiacchia knew of Dr.Richard Jetter's history and not a good one.

Reason for Chiacchia's involvement he could control and dictate his agenda to Dr Richard Jetter and James Martinez. Speak about negativity he presented it at every school board meeting as well as 4, as some refer to as hate sessions all captured.

Now Dan Chiacchia would have you believe that he wants Jetter to resign, not so fast. He is feverishly working the DA to drop Mr. Jetter's charges . What does that mean is that the school district is saddled with his pay for possibly 4 and a 1/2 years with benefits and pension. He stole from our school district, lied tried to blame minority school board members, a hs student of a sb member. Caused 2 middle school students another member of the school board to suffer extreme damage all while he knew it was all fabricated by supt and the principal of the middle school.

Dan Chiacchia also texted that the kids of a school board member would basically suffer if they did not resign. So tell the truth group of 9 you do not represent the Hamburg Community and how dare you I know all involved and have been on your face book page from day one and I find it appalling that you continue to spin your lies.

parent sick class size said...

Hamburg Community are you the responsible 10 who are sending my kids to a class of 27? my guess is yes. The gall is that now you believe Daniel Chiacchia wants peace. He has driven the legal spending with his actions and direction to Rick Jetter and he is desperate that Rick Jetter keeps his mouth shut. He has orchestrated this whole mess. He knows this and anyone not naïve enough by now can see it. Once a supporter now sad that 10 individuals claim to speak for all of us.

Jetter needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to negate his contract.

Second the legal spending cannot continue. Our classrooms are being affected and this is sad.

upes said...

earlier post on administrative raises.sick. Our elementary kids are going into classrooms over crowded and upwards of 27 to 28 kids. Boston Valley kids classes of 18. We have issues with giving raises when we cannot afford to hire teachers to make our classrooms safe and conducive to learning.

Blog hacker said...

The DICK- do you realize we know exactly your posts are coming from and that you were pinged? Really? You think there are idiots out there. Perhaps in due time dick.

Anonymous said...

Who conducted the last search and brought Jeeter to the district ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, I noticed you cruising me and my husband today. Thought we're not really into 3 ways , you seemed VERY interested. You were wearing a blue shirt , jeans and have a blond mustache. You should look on Craig's List, you may have better luck finding someone there.

Watching donny said...

Dave Hoover was law partners with Berny Hoover- Andy's daddy- who both work for Hodgson Russ. Umm- big conflict of interest. Look at the legal bills- papa berny all over research the mess his boy made with the quasi judicial comment. These are nasty folks doing the dirty work of gee.... Let's guess. Danny boy was yucking it up with Jeff swi? These guys don't care about hamburg, they along with the likes of David yoviene are pond scum. In my opinion , it is they who need to examine their conscience! Hoover does what Hoover is told to do- like his replacement the sloane ranger. The way I see it- those who can practice law- do, those who can't migrate to dumbie boes and churn the hell out of the tax payers. Those who have law degrees but do t really have a clue, lead the stupid clueless idiots like yoviene, hall, Flynn, dumby patty, and heeter the ho. Funny they go after the smartest person on the board. I see scumbags! Real filth! Just an opinion mr. Digits! Lol

Anonymous said...

Forcucci ouster was rigged from the get go. The liar and self-confessed criminal Jetter was merely the proxy to start the wheels spinning. If Forcuci doesn't appeal, one must ask why she paid the big bucks to Meg in the first place. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that she would lose at the BOE level. They could have easily voted her out from the get go but it appears that their primary interest was in bankrupting her.

Anonymous said...

It's absurd that the News continues to turn to Ed Piazza for a community perspective. Visit a local diner or bar and listen to the locals speaking of this entire board with disgust. The average Hamburg resident despises the political hacks on the board who are embarrassing the whole community.