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Friday, September 26, 2014

Jetter the Liar, Jetter the Thief

Each and every member of the Hamburg School Board, who voted to compensate Dick Jetter for his lies ought to be arrested for aiding and abetting in the theft of taxpayers dollars.   In the Spring of 2014, Dick Jetter stole Hamburg tax dollars by filing for reimbursement for damage done to his car while he was out day drinking with a school administrator.  He lied to the community and his wife and children.  
According to reports in today's Buffalo News and on WBEN, Dick Jetter and the Hamburg School District entered into an agreement permitting Dick to get in excess of $100,000 for breaking the law.    Meanwhile, students of Hamburg are jammed in classrooms and cuts have been made.  The settlement agreement is effective October 1, 2014.  One wonders, why the agreement wasn't immediately effective, or retroactive to July when Dick Jetter faced his day of reckoning.   

The settlement agreement claims that neither party admits to fault or wrongdoing.   It seems to any simple-minded folk, that there must be more to this story.  It looks like Dick has the goods on some of the Hamburg Board Members and certain community members, and this settlement is tantamount to "hush money".   The district also agreed to give Doc Jetter a letter of reference.   Oh boy, here is hoping Dick doesn't get too lathered up in a state of inebriation.  Lord only knows what will come forth from his lips. 

Of the 6 members remaining on the Hamburg School Board, only one member, Sally Stephenson, voted against the agreement and she made no bones about her concerns.  (Mrs. Stephenson and Mrs. Forcucci voted in the negative on Jetters employment contract in March, 2013 and they were publicly chastised then for their wise decision.)   Sadly the remaining Board Members, including Cameron Hall ( Hamburg's Canadian Contingent) who took his seat on July 1, 2014 voted to approve the separation agreement.   Thomas Flynn the Third is reported to be very sensitive toward Mr. Jetter and seems very understanding of the underlying causes of separation agreement. 

Nice Job Hamburg School Board Members, you make good role models for the children of the district.  Now the kids can lie, cheat, break the law, be unfaithful and it will be OK in Hamburg.    Shower bad behavior with positive rewards.  That makes sense, doesn't it? 



Shit comes from thy mouth said...

Was Dan Cha at the meeting this morning. Hey Danny, dont ya think you and your "pals" need a community meeting- you should be outraged that your puppets on the BOE spent your tax dollars to pay off the drunk. Gee Dan, you must pay atleast $4,000 in school taxes in the posh hood of yours, you and Cam are close neighbors, arent ya? Please Dan, call little Eddy and Striper MOM, you are the only one who can "cut the cancer" from the district. Please Dan, Hamburg needs the Hamburg guy more than ever. Hope you are running for a BOE seat Dan, we need you so much, you are so smart, cleaver, and well respected in legal communities, like the DAs office. You obviously have spent hours on your love of the schools, please Dan Please, become a BOE member. What will we do if you fall silent? Come from behind the shadows and make your self a legend. What will people think of you Dan- what will be your lasting mark? Do it of the kids Dan. We know you did it for the kids at the Waldorf School. Cmon Dan, you are the most power man in your come, help our kids!

Anonymous said...

The talk around my work this morning is how we can all lie, steal, cheat and get away with over $100,000 and a full year of benefits. Like you said, what example is this for the students? Gross.

Anonymous said...

You might as well say that the
school taxes from Cam's
neighborhood are going to pay
Jetter. What a crime!
The high school is filthy,
the students don't have enough electives to take and sit in
study halls and Jetter gets
a yr of healthcare and vacation.
Next time, Hamburg, elect someone with guts and brains.
Catherine looks better and better.

Anonymous said...

Catherine was a Jetter victim. Jetter and his wife are trash- filthy people- liars. Remember Jetter bringing his kids to Hamburg the first day of school, and displaying them like pawns in his sicko world. He will use and abuse anyone, Jen Giallalla, his secretary etc. Word is he got more than one blow job in his office from all the PEOPLE (GENDER NON SPECIFIC) that he needed in his game. Drinking and sex in the admin building regularly, and thats why he kept his computer. Don't worry, call DIGITS. Yoviene and Fylnn were drunk with Jetter all the time, so was the math teachers Hills. It was one big party, and the pigs used district monies.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the first student who is misbehaving or caught in a lie and tells their teachers and principal they thought this kind of behavior was ok because Jetter was rewarded for it by their BOE.

Anonymous said...

It's time for Mr. Yoviene to resign. Even if you assume he wants to do right by the community, he's obviously not capable. He loves his country club lawyers more than the families and taxpayers who count on him. Forcucci may have acted like a harpy, but she correctly wanted nothing to do with the sweet contract Yoviene and his faction give Jetter. So Yoviene went out of his way to get rid of one of the clear voices of fiscal responsibility on the board.

And who do we have left? Totally spineless seat fillers like Heeter and Brunner and Flynn. Folks who have demonstrated no individual initiative or leadership. Folks who are content to let Yoviene drive the bus straight off the cliff, with Piazza and the rest of the parent extremists helping push it over.

So now that Forcucci is gone and Jetter has been gifted his nice severance package, this board of ever so cozy members have it exactly the way Yoviene wants it:





Do you want this travesty to end? Demand resignations. Stop giving current board members financial support. Seek out serious opponents to defeat current board members in upcoming elections.

Throw the current board members out if they won't honorably resign. Don't ever forget what they've done to our community, and make sure your family and neighbors and friends don't forget either.

Dirtbag said...


Concerned Hamburger said...


Concerned Hamburger • 5 hours ago
Forcucci is gone, Jetter is gone (good - as both are crazy), now we need Sally gone and Hamburg will be back on top and out of the news! I know I am going to enjoy homecoming this weekend and the Wall of Fame Ceremony tomorrow night, GO BULLDOGS!!!Concerned Hamburger • 5 hours ago
Forcucci is gone, Jetter is gone (good - as both are crazy), now we need Sally gone and Hamburg will be back on top and out of the news! I know I am going to enjoy homecoming this weekend and the Wall of Fame Ceremony tomorrow night, GO BULLDOGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, here's a thought:

If the board hadn't wasted all that money going after Forcucci, it would have had more than enough money to tell Jetter to take a hike with no golden parachute. But Yoviene and his buddies wimped out because they knew they'd take a public beating spending even more money on lawyers.

They were forced to reward a criminal with big bucks because they ran out of money fighting over the laughably minor Forcucci nonsense. And now they want the community to believe that they're just being fiscally responsible pouring more money into Jetter's bank account.

Great job, school board. Great job. It's fun playing with the house's money, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well since Jetter got his payday,and is gone.What happens to Giallella she just as bad as Jetter.Students in the middle school will say it's ok to lie,if Miss Giallella can why can't we.

Anonymous said...

Dan Cha has caused so much damage by making a mockery of himself and the "turd" fleming, that NO one in a right state of mind would hire either of the "turds". So, Chrissy and Brian were fired--- because they know too much. LOL, lets here the birds singing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Mrs. Forcucci, but if it wasn't for Jetter's charges against her, this school district would still be stuck with that lying, fornicating, thief of a school leader . Question in town is why hasn't anything been done to the principal that was in on the false police reports. The phoney threatening note egging and probably much more. All the individuals that Dr. Jetter blamed. Principal and Dr. Jetter even blamed Mrs. Forcucci's young daughter a high school student. What kind of people knowly try to destroy a young girl? A principal and a supt with no morales. Why is the middle school principal still here?

Anonymous said...

Daniel Chiacchia can stick that small frame of his and flush himself down the sewer. Forced Richard Jetter down our throats when there were excellent superintendent candidates out there willing to work here. We selected the bottom of the barrel. Edward Piazza proxy for Daniel Chiacchia manipulated the search committee for Jetter. Best friend on supt search comm. reported , "no one else had a chance no matter how good they were" Majority of the supt search committee stacked by Dan Chiacchia for Jetter to become supt. Just a fact. So I suggest Dan Chiacchia stay away from any further involvement in school affairs other than his one kid in the school

Anonymous said...

The severance pay is bad- but hamburg providing a letter of recommendation? That's worse. How could the board seriously recommend employment at another educational

Anonymous said...

Sally Stephenson often gets a bad rap, yet she immediately recognized from the get-go that both Jetter's personality and the contract written by his buddy Andrew Friedman were seriously flawed. As it stands now she is the only person remaining on the BOE that cannot be controlled by the Chacha/Yovienne contingency. Take note: Both Achromovitch and Jetter tried to get rid of Sally...didn't work out too well for them did it. Chacha is batting zero, or will be once Forcucci wins her appeal, which at this point appears to quite likely.

Anonymous said...

About that letter of recommendation: It's standard practice for all of them. I'm sure Achramovitch had one in his separation from Ken-Ton and Greece. They all have them and you can't believe a word of any of these letters. In many cases, the superintendent themselves get to write the letter from the district. However, you can FOIL it and and publish it for muchos laughs. Be forewarned about any letters of recommendation from any future superintendent candidates. They are all a bunch of hooey. Be sure to FOIL any previous separation agreements of any future candidates. Many surprises, since the devil is always in the details.

Anonymous said...

I have heard from two UPES teachers that they saw TWO laptops at UPES in August. They were there for servicing and they BOTH had Jetters name on them. Be careful BOE, he may give you the "dummy" laptop.

Also, you do realize that Dave Yoviene will take Jetter's laptop and burn it. He is the kind of guy who loves to sweep everything under the rug. The man does not care about justice...he desperately wants to be a member of the "ol' boys club." What he doesn't understand is that the "ol' boy's" don't like him, nor do they respect him. They know he is running daddy's company and that he is really a college drop out, with no real skill or intelligence. For god's sake the man can't even write a complete sentence..(this all came out during testimony.) Anytime the BOE receives an email that they can actually understand they all know that a lawyer wrote it.

browsing said...

Sally deserves a bad rap. She CONTINUALLY demonstrates her self "righteousness" by voting no. This WILL NOT serve in our kids best interest to drag things out! Sally's gotta go!!!!

Anonymous said...

browsing, are you a dumb shit? It seems so, you see browsing, perhaps you are too busy browsing to realize the only one with a brain is stevenson. the woman votes "no" dumb shit on things that are bad for kids- like hiring Jetter. are you that stupid or just ignorant. Its Ok, you probably graduated from Hamburg. Dumb shit browser.

Warts around Town said...

Of course Jetters lap top has already been cleansed. Don't you realize Brent Jordan has gotten a 50% raise in the last 4 years, and his woman Mrs. Bolin got his job. These are pay offs Hamburg, and the middle school principal isn't the only one banging jetter- we hear Jetter is Jazzy, right Andrew? Everyone in Hamburg should be tested for an know some people like to spread virus and sexually transmitted illnesses, like Darren Chiacchia- who is on trial in Florida for having sex with his male partner and not telling him he has the HIV/AIDS virus that can kill someone. Was Jetter like this? A sicko, one would think yes. Head to the doctor Hamburg- and get some blood work done.

lmao said...

Did Danny Cha visit his brother in the lock up on his 50th birthday? Wasn't Darren at the BVS hate party last November? And then he skipped bail and was arrested crossing the US Canadian Boarder and then Danny Cha, the Hamburg Guy, had to go beg Judge Damico to be kind to his warrant skipping bro, wight he handsome voice- "why would anyone be at a dinner party, if they weren't invited"...Darren said in support of his unsopportiuve brother's comments to get rid to forcucci and stephenson. What a laugh these fools are, what a laugh!

Anonymous said...

School superintendents have virtually no impact, good or bad, in the quality of education in most districts. It's time that the board and the taxpayers wise up and stop paying big bucks to these administrators.

Hamburg should clean house, starting with the passionless rubber stampers Mr. Yoviene has cultivated on this board. We don't need Heeter and Brunner and Hall just sitting there without vision and without critical analysis, just signing off on whatever is put before them.

It's not a go along to get along universe anymore. These are tough fiscal times, and now that Yoviene and these characters have wasted an obscene amount of money in their weird war for politeness, it's past time for them to stop their immature soap opera behavior and start fighting for the kids and the teachers and the taxpayers.

The Yoviene Faction should start anew with an apology to the Hamburg community for valuing attorneys above kids and for treating the taxpayers as dupes in the board's misguided adventures this past year. You disrespected us, broke faith with us, and let your personal enmity trump the needs of the residents and taxpayers. Honorable folks would have resigned after embarrassing the community for so long and so visibly in the media that "Hamburg" has become a byword for dysfunction and irresponsibility.

Of course, that won't happen, but Mr. Yoviene and his buddies on the board should find some way to recoup all the money they've wasted on attorneys. Perhaps they should cut some administrative staff or acknowledge that superintendents add little value to the education mission, so we need not pay top dollar for them. Use the money for kids' sports and more teachers

Anonymous said...

The supervisory services of a NYS certified School District Administrator (aka Superintendent) is a requirement of Education Law and applies to every district in the State. Some schools meet that requirement by hiring a full time person, others enter into a sharing agreement.

The 'outrageous' salaries and detailed contracts these people command today are the direct result of the emergence of job protection for every school employee - other than the Superintendent Their protections come via union/district negotiated contracts, Teacher/Principal tenure or the equally constrictive provisions of Civil Service and NYS Labor Laws. Again, none of these apply to the Supt.

There are also dis-incentives for a person to consider this kind of job.
These include ever changing and often conflicting expectations on the part of his/her 'boss" (Board of Education) the staff and the public. There is also a significant perception of negativity, even suspicion, about the job and the person - from the public, the press and the unions. One person cannot be all things to all people, and when charged with dozens of decisions every week, the Supt. is certainly going to alienate someone, in some way every time.
When enough people become non supportive, the Supt. needs to move on or risk being fired by the Board which often changes its politics, focus and values following every annual election.

A unique dis-incentive for anyone to consider the Hamburg Superintendency is - this blog which has devolved from providing insight and suggestions to adolescent type bullying while emphasizing/enhancing the negatives and ignoring most of the positives. In this environment, it will be hard for us to comply with the law without offering a huge salary and lavish fringe benefits guaranteed by a binding contract that will protect the individual, and irritate, even anger the public.

While thinking about the quality of any candidate we may attract, consider Mr. Jetter. Despite claims to the contrary, there were NOT a lot of experienced, capable, effective leaders who applied for this job a year ago. By comparison, he was the 'best'.

Assuming you read this blog, might I suggest to you Mr. Jetter and Mr. Connors that this buyout is one of the worse options available to you. Mr. Connor's claim that you are a 'talented and capable administrator with a bright future' is dimmed by the cloud of this buyout. This sad outcome is surely to be well known throughout our region, and in today's social media environment it will be exposed far and wide. One would have to ask, what responsible Board or community would hire you now?

The $100,000 buyout sounds like a lot, and it is. But in another perspective, you could have earned that much is a few months in a new position - and much more for the rest of your life. Mr. Connors should have advised you to admit this one-time mistake, offer your resignation in an honorable manner, and move on. That move would have reflected well on how you handle a crisis.....future Bd/Ed employee might see that as a positive. Now they will learn about the huge expenditures of taxpayers' dollars, with money better used to provide instruction. All that money went to bribe you to leave, and pay attorneys on both sides of the issue who would NOT have benefited as much by your immediate self-motivated and honorable departure.

Today's society seems willing to give most people a second chance. This option for you has been made less likely by the cash spent to get rid of you, and pay an attorney to facilitation that outcome, and another to force it.

Anonymous said...

So 10:31 you are blaming the blog for the high salaries given to a superintendent in Hamburg? That seems very strange. Government officials are blasted in the media everyday, including Gov Cuomo, yet their salaries are lower than what Hamburg gives their crowned kings of the Hamburg Star Chamber. Give me a break....and check into reality. The salaries are out of wack, because Jetter and Achramo before him are keeping the dirty little secrets in Hamburg. One wonders who Danny Cha will be digging up for the BOE seat and then crown the next "dunce" of Abbott Road. Check your facts and work on your argument----- its completely flawed.

Anonymous said...

To 10:31. You make some excellent points but you have one key fact wrong.

NYS Education Law does NOT require a school district to have a superintendent. It DOES require a principal. Many principals, directors, business official, and other administrators have the SDA certification.

You did not have to offer Jetter a huge salary to "come to Hamburg." He was already here and there was no way he was going to turn down the position even if it meant only a modest increase in salary.

I disagree about Hamburg having difficulty attracting good candidates. After Achramovitch and Jetter, the next one will look awesome by comparison. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by an administrator taking a chance on Hamburg.

Don't be fooled into throwing more money at this.

Anonymous said...

The cost to attract a new Supt. who will cope with this blog just went up.

Anonymous said...

Where are the extremist parents who pushed so hard for Jetter to be hired? Where are they now to step forward with their little press releases to explain how they helped cost this community all that money that was just blown on getting rid of Jetter?

They're gone now. Poof! The shit hit the fan and their prized Jetter blew up in their faces after Forcucci objected to rushing Jetter's hiring, and now they've all scattered. Instead of coming forward and admitting to their fellow residents that they made a big mistake, but have some constructive suggestions as to transparency and inclusiveness for the whole community, they've abandoned everyone. The same way Yoviene and his cronies abandoned the kids and the taxpayers when they chose to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on rich attorneys to fight their petty personal battles.

That's quite some crew we've had running the show behind the scenes. A small group of radicals who managed to grab more influence over the board than the rest of us voters and taxpayers, and look what they did with it! They led Hamburg right off the cliff behind a crazy pied piper, while the lawyers sipped champagne and the rest of WNY laughed at all of us.

And now their darling Jetter has sailed off into the sunset with another big pot of the kids' money, and that cabal of parents has wiped their hands of the mess they helped get the district into. Their party ended unexpectedly soon, so they packed up and left the rest of us with a mess.

Nice job on behalf of our kids, folks. What's next on your agenda, just closing down the district altogether?

Anonymous said...


Read my post again.......It said NYS Ed Law requires the "services" of a Superintendent.... No mention of hiring one. . The law also provides for a Prinipal to oversee every building, it is not a District level position. The fact that any other school employees hold the SDA (now called SDL by the way) is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 1:35 pm who said...

"The cost to attract a new Supt. who will cope with this blog just went up."

This is the most insightful comment I have read here ( most others are not comments, but nasty, redundant insults).
All superintendents have high pressure, highly accountable positions in which they get beat up and take heat--why deal with the overt slander and harassment that stems from this blog? Hamburg will not be attracting top candidates. Respected leadership has been slandered here. It's a toxic place.
Candidates know the deal.

Anonymous said...

If a potential school superintendent candidate is dissuaded by a simple blog, then good riddance. Any candidate worth his/her salt would take this stuff in stride since it's the province of just about every superintendent's job anywhere in this country.

It's beyond hilarious that anyone would actually believe that a blog would keep qualified school superintendent's from seeking such a high paying job, In fact, it's incredible that anyone would think that a blog would have a millionth of the influence on potential candidates that all the terribly embarrassing news stories and the pathetically stupid Forcucci hearings will have.

If there's any problem attracting good candidates, it is directly attributable to the public behavior of the board and Dr, Jetter during this contentious period.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:34 - until you learn how to spell stripper, it is evident that it is you who keeps posting the same redundant things over and over.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:15-- it's so cute that you think a comment blaming the ills of this district on a web blog is the most insightful thing you've read. I guess being desperate to bury the embarrassing Jetter fraud drama and the incredibly juvenile persecution of Ms. Forcucci lowers your standards as to what is insightful.

Good luck with your campaign to get people to forget about the massive failures of this board and the embarrassment the board members are to Hamburg. The average resident is still thinking about months and months of terribly embarrassing News stories about board problems, not some blog.

Anonymous said...

to 9:12.
I Agree--and the same is true for numerous posts. Even when misspellings aren't the issue, idiosyncratic writing styles reveal redundant political beefs. These bloggers will continue to write WHILST not having a clue as to how transparently obviously their true identity is.
The WHILST comments (so overtly pretentious) and the defensive poster "if you had 1/2 a brain..." are among the top ten list.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Dan Chiacchia sure is a tiny little guy, huh?

Anonymous said...

Was Jim Martinez arrested? I think I heard something about the BAC?

Anonymous said...

JAMES MARTINEZ is probably the most unstable person, anyone has ever met. These are the top 5 reasons JAMES MARTINEZ is not fit to be in a school:
1. In the spring of 2014 Martinez told the Boston Valley parents and staff that they could not have their field day outside because "there were snipers in the woods."
2. James Martinez fabricated a break in at boston valley elementary school. He then lied and said that he had called the state police. When a inquisitive board member called the state police she discovered that Martinez was lying. The reason that Martinez didn't call the police was because he STAGED the break in. When people don't call the police after a supposed horrible event, you immediately know that they made the whole thing up.
3. This could be in #2, but it's so bad we are giving it, it's own number. After Martinez staged the break in at Boston Valley School in 2013, he allowed the children to enter the school a few hours later, without having the building swept and checked for a bomb, a gunman etc. This was of course because crazy JIM MARTINEZ made the whole thing up. OOPS!
4. JAMES MARTINEZ was so abusive towards the kids and teacher's at the high school that he was involuntarily transferred to UPES.
5. JAMES MARTINEZ has lied to multiple police agencies in order to "get" people who he does not like. He favorite thing to do is to derail probationary police officers by making up lies about them. What goof Martinez does not seem to remember is that he is probationary and can be terminated for any reason.
BONUS: #6. JAMES MARTINEZ threatened to ARREST a board member in 2014. This fool does not know that his reno-911, super trooper status of being "district security-douche", does not actually mean anything. The sight of Margaret Murphy giggling during the trial every time it was brought up that Mr. Martinez threatened to "arrest" a board member is priceless. hahahahahahahaha!



Anonymous said...

12.22 spot on... We hear the nut verbally assaulted a teacher at the gym on 10-1-14. Deep issues with Martinez. Yoviene on tape saying wild things. No doubt those words will come back to haunt both of the crazies. Yoviene and Martinez- as thick as thieves. Between the two of them, do they have a bachelors degree. Check Martinez credentials- seems wrong to let a guy like him to be around people- children and adults. Ask school counselor battin - Kathy battin--- character committee chair--- and pillar of all that is moral---about mr Martinez. It is said she knows all, and so does Kathryn Mendez. Come on folks speak up- we rely on folks like u would are super moral. Right?