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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wakey, Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Rise and Shine Hamburg Tax Payers- you are going on a spending spree Friday morning.

Andrew Freedman, Esq (left) and Dick Jetter (right) are too close for Andy to act objectively.
Perhaps they had more than a professional relationship, i.e. a personal friendship? 
On Friday morning September 26, 2014 at 7:30 a.m.,  the Hamburg School Board will accept the resignation for Dick Jetter, the Liar.    The Hamburg School Board will have a meeting at the Hamburg Administration Building on Abbott Road bright and early in the  morning.  It appears to be a very short meeting.  The meeting agenda posted on the school district web page does NOT include an executive session break out.  This alone suggests that the separation with Rick Jetter has been done in secret.  One wonders what kind of financial goodness will be bestowed upon Doctor Jetter in exchange for his silence?   The biggest question is if Andrew Freedman, Esq of Hodgson Russ negotiated the separation agreement, and if so, why?  It seems to Concerned Hamburger, that it was Andrew Freedman's poor judgement that got Hamburg into this Jetter mess in the first place.  Was it not Andrew Freedman who negotiated Jetter's employment contract 6 months ago?

Surely Doctor Jetter might have a lot to say if the Hamburg Board simply had a hearing and fired the man for stealing money from the tax payers and being a serial liar.   Please recall, the Doc was reimbursed by the school district for his damaged car, that he drove drunk into a lamp post whilst out day drinking with a school principal.   Any hearing officer, who can hear, would see and hear that Jetter is not the calibre of person who should be near a school setting.

Multiple media outlets have reported that Dick Jetter is getting a severance package from the district in exchange for his resignation.    The details of the severance agreement have not been learned, but it has been rumored that Dick Jetter may have attempted to blame the district and affiliates of the district for his patterns of lies and apparent drinking problem that became public as the result of his disturbing lies about his car.

The Hamburg School Board ought not give Dick Jetter one penny.  Dick has been collecting a big pay check for the last approximate 3 months.  The School Board must at once commence termination proceeding against Jetter, and allow an independent officer to find him guilty of lies and theft.   Why should the Hamburg taxpayer enter into a secret severance package with an unethical, and apparently, mentally demented Jetter?

So readers, wake up and protest any agreement with Jetter that does not include his license to be around children revoked, and termination from the district with NO chance to be near kids in NYS under any circumstance.  The Hamburg Central School district must at once file a petition with the State of New York to have Rick Jetter's license removed as he does not hold the moral character to be an educator.

Wake Up Hamburg, once again a dysfunctional school board is squandering your  money.


Anonymous said...

Now they just got to can that nut Martinez. He needs his head checked to.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the area and have been fallowing the Hamburg school district antics with a great deal of interest. apparently, you have a Principal who sees gnomes or trolls in the woods, another Principal who drinks with the superintendent. The Superintendent that was hired only last Spring, after not being thoroughly vetted, is a deeply troubled man. And the School board is both dysfunctional and in need of adult supervision.
I purposely did not even consider Hamburg because of the schools when we were house hunting because of all the drama and shenanigans. The Hamburg school district needs a thorough housecleaning before they can have any level of confidence and respect.

Anonymous said...

Jetter is in for a big payday.Nothing less of what he made in one year.Most likely 164,000 he would get to say thankyou and bye bye.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance! Get him out of this district. I am ready for some normalcy.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can FOIL the separation agreement so you'll know how much of our tax $ is going to Jetter. Then you can try to have the boe members removed for mishandling of the the public's money based on that action. However, that rarely works and simply gives the boe more reason to use the lawyers. You're better off voting down the budget in the spring. The dirty little secret of school budgets is that austerity budgets don't deny the students (it doesn't cancel sports or transportation) but it does force the boe the stop making such stupid financial decisions, such as administrative raises.

Anonymous said...

The school board does everything in secret because the members have no respect for the voters who elected them. If Jetter gets a severance package, Mr. Yoviene should resign. He's failed as a leader.


Anonymous said...

I have been told that the noose is tightening around JIM MARTINEZ'S neck. Start shredding JIMBO!

Anonymous said...

TRANSPARENCY?!?!?! Jetter's words the first day of the public Forcucci hearing, "It was not the intent of the board or me as the superintendent to keep anything in secret" Seems like Dick has A LOT of secrets huh? That doesn't seem very transparent to me. And now his resignation negations are being done in PRIVATE. What the definition of hypocrite?

spot on all of this said...

Could not agree more with all the comments and post. Sick all of this and we are rewarding this sob for being a complete F up, and there are those that continue to support him. Get lost resign and save us all.

Anonymous said...

cutting intramural sports and all clubs at hamburg while the BOE spends 2k per person for a retreat in the big apple. sounds like the hamburg we know!!




Patrick Riester comes to SS. Peter and Paul from St. Christopher's School in Tonawanda
SS. Peter and Paul School located in the Village of Hamburg is proud to welcome new Principal Patrick Riester.

Riester received his high school education at St. Joseph Collegiate Institute and went on to receive his bachelor's degree in secondary education, with a focus in social studies at Canisius College. From there, he went on to receive his master's degree in literacy.

He then began his career in education, serving as the seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher at St. Andrews Country Day School in Kenmore. He then went on to teach Global 1, U.S. History, and Psychology at Niagara Catholic High School.

While Riester enjoyed his time as a teacher, he felt like something was missing.

"As a teacher you are able to motivate, inspire and influence only a handful of students at a time, where as in administration you have a larger sphere of influence," said Riester.

Riester comes to SS. Peter and Paul School with three years of experience as an administrator, having served as an assistant principal at St. Christopher's School in Tonawanda.

He is already working on various ways to help make SS. Peter and Paul School a top destination for students. He hopes to give students various options for after school activities and clubs.

He is also hoping to make an impact by helping the school land some top technology for students to use, such as smart boards and iPads.

However, the most important aspect of Riester's job is the relationships he values with the students, their parents and guardians.

"I'm always willing to talk," said Riester. "I welcome people to stop in or give me a phone call."

Riester encourages parents, guardians, and parishioners to contact him about what the school has meant to them in the past and what they hope it can be for the future.

For more information, or to give Riester a message, e-mail him at priester@sspphamburg​.org.

Super said...

If the Hamburg Central School District and afford to give Dr.Jetter a severance package then By all mean they can afford to fix class sizes , our transportation issues , reinstate the teachers and counselors that where laid off , reinstate the sport programs and clubs that have been cut. JUST SAYING

Anonymous said...

WAIT!!! How can the board still be DYSFUNCTIONAL? I thought that Schrauth Forcucci caused the dysfunction, and she was removed.

Anonymous said...

Add the hundreds of thousands of dollars Mr. Yoviene has given to attorneys instead of to our kids to the severance package he's going to give to his buddy Jetter, then ask yourself what in the world Yoviene is doing leading a school board.

This is absolutely the worst school board we've ever had. Yoviene is incompetent and cares more about his attorney friends than he does about our students. And then folks like Heeter and Brunner and Flynn sit there like brain dead zombies doing whatever Yoviene tells them to do instead of REPRESENTING us!

When are these people going to grow backbones and actually act as community representatives instead of Yoviens's cronies? Their legacy to a wonderful Hamburg community is going to be a memory of them as spineless dupes who did nothing to help our kids because they were more concerned about petty politics. We'll remember their incompetence long after they finally leave the board.

Nice job, Yoviene minions! You made Piazza's little parent group very happy!

Anonymous said...

Where oh Where is Eddy Piazza, Christina Whipple and Wende Evendon? Wait till the truth comes out about those wackos. Wait, Whipples own a striper club on rt 5 that was closed for drugs and underage drinking and sex. Then they open it back up in the mothers name. What the hell kind of people are these? Really when the truth comes out in this district heads will role, no wonder they gave Jetter hush money. But what will happen to Martinez? Cant shut that guys mouth. He needs to be fired immediately- he doesn't have any job protection, and needs to have mental evaluations asap. Tom Flynn, the drunk is covering for him cause he is on the lies. Scum- all of them

Anonymous said...

Jealously Reigns--- get a life--- obviously a very ill minded person who followed Danny Boy. You are a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Hodgson Russ is worthless. Andrew freedman showed us all what he is capable of / or not#

Anonymous said...

re: anonymous 2:48 - same poster over and over that can't spell stripper

Anonymous said...

Stripper is easy- two "pp"s-- as in whipple and snapple. Easy to remember with reminders, your friendly english teacher