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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Forcucci As Hero*"

Early Saturday morning, Concerned Hamburger was emailed a link to the New York State Court webpage which revealed the Summons and Complaint filed by Margaret Murphy, Esq attorney for Ms. Catherine Forcucci. (see:Summons and Complaints with Juicy Exhibits)

Catherine Forcucci is placing the matter of her removal from an publicly elected position on the Hamburg School Board in the hands of New York State Supreme Court Justice the Honorable Diane Devlin.   A hearing is scheduled to take place in Judge Devlin's court on October 16, 2014.  The Hamburg School District will need to respond to the summons and will appear for arguments in front of the Honorable D. Devlin.

After reading the documents, Concerned Hamburger has more questions related to the actors in the Forcucci matter.  We know some people in Hamburg suggested Mrs. Forcucci was rude and perhaps uncivil toward them. (So what?)   Secretary Jennifer Lackie,  employees Jodi McNamara and Sharon Matern, Hamburg School Board President David Yoviene, Laura Heeter, and of course Hamburg's very own over paid buffoon Dick Jetter all testified on the district side of the hearing- against Forcucci.  Boston Valley Principal James Martinez made claims against Forcucci, but sources revealed that he was likely too volatile to testify and refused to take the stand (quite bold for a probationary employee, wouldn't you say?) Mr. Martinez did have a public outburst at a hearing in July which was cause for the hearings to stop and order to be restored.

What we don't have are answers to other nagging questions, one would ponder after reading the very lengthy list of "juicy"exhibits attached to the summons.

Question 1.
Why did Hamburg Attorney Daniel Chiacchia, Esq send a very spooky email to Forcucci's attorney Margaret Murphy?    
Spooky Email sent May 3, 2014 at 11:23 am
Concerned Hamburger can not quite understand the meaning of this email sent by Mr. Chiacchia and marked as Exhibit I.  It seems to be a threat that if Mrs. Forcucci doesn't step off the board then she will permanently cement a tarnished reputation.  Perhaps other readers can come to other conclusions, but in the opinion of Concerned Hamburger is seems like a glaring threat made by Mr. Chiacchia, of the Chiacchia and Fleming Law Firm**.     What is Mr. Chiacchia's skin in this game?

Just yesterday, the Hamburg Sun Newspaper published  remarks from Mr. Chiacchia related to Forcucci's legal action.   "Hamburg citizen and concerned parent Dan Chiacchia, who has been vocally opposed to Schrauth Forcucci throughout the hearing process and events leading up to it, said the documents filed "have no basis in fact. "  What a strange remark by an attorney.  Is he suggesting that the Summons and Complaint are filled with lies?  The Sun further reports that Chiacchia remarked,  "She just wants to be in the limelight," he said, of Schrauth Forcucci. "They're trying to create something out of nothing. Sure, I wanted her gone. I want all of them gone, Sally [Stephenson], Holly [Balaya], Martha [Cavanaugh], Chuck [Mahoney]. If they were all out of this district, we would be fine."   
D. Chiacchia passing out campaign materials, 2013.
His candidate Joan Calkins lost by 72 votes
to Catherine Forcucci 

The spooky Mr. Chiacchia veers off on a tangent unrelated to the summons and attacks, and threatens,  individuals whose names are not mentioned in the summons.   Surely, if anyone is seeking the limelight it is none other than Mr. Chiacchia, as he has done month after month with his poor political posturing at school board meetings.  This has done nothing but make him look foolish in the eyes of any on looker.   

Who is the "they're" that Mr. Chiacchia references?  

Is he suggesting the "CSF CAMP" (Catherine Schrauth Forcucci), as referenced in Exhibit N, a text message sent by Hamburg Board President David Yoviene in an attempt to blame others for the damage to Dick Jetters' car, when in fact it was Jetter himself  who drove his car into a pole after a day of boozing with Middle School Principal J. Giallela.  

One wonders if Mr. Chiacchia isn't working very hard to suppress other issues? Perhaps he has imaginary demons?  He sure did blow a wad on the failed Joan Calkins and Shiela Ruhland campaign in 2013, and then another gob of cash on Canadian Cam, and Thomas Flynn the turd campaigns in 2014.   Perhaps Mr. Chiacchia is bitter because Mrs. Forcucci beat Joan Calkins in the May 2013 school board election by 72 votes.  Get over it, this is America. 

Question 2: What did Andrew Freedman and David Hoover know and when did they know it? 

The reader must review the letter sent on June 26, 2014 by M. Murphy to David Hoover and Andrew Freedman (Exhibit U).  In this letter, Ms. Murphy memorializes a conversation she had with the attorney for the district and the attorney presiding as the hearing officer.  She writes a letter to ascertain the information that she shared with Freedman and Hoover was entered into the record.  Murphy shared with the two fellas the outcome of an investigation that was conducted as part of the defense in the removal hearing.  It appears that Murphy notified the two attorneys Hoover and Freedman on June 25, 2014 that she had evidence that Jetter twisted his car around a pole in So. Buffalo, and that his car was NOT vandalized on May 6, 2014.

So, one must ask why it is that the attorney for the Hamburg School Board, Mr. Andrew Freedman failed to notify authorities that Jetter damaged his own car.

Did Mr. Freedman notify the school board?
July 23 remarks weeks after he was told Jetter lied
Andrew Freedman was quoted on WIVB Channel 4, on July 23, 2014  (see link: Andrew Freedman on Jetter- weeks after he learned about Jetter's lies ).  

What happened on the days between June 25, 2014 and July 21, 2014?  

Why wasn't Dick Jetter placed on Administrative leave immediately pending an investigation into his conduct?

Why did the district's attorney permit the superintendent continued access to the district resources?    Freedman's words as quoted from WIVB suggest shock, but he knew about the lies weeks before July 23.

It seems to Concerned Hamburger that Mr. Freedman and Mr. Hoover acted improperly.  Surely, as attorneys, both men  are officers of the court and must report all crimes to the police in a proper fashion.  Did they do this?  What did they do?

It seems that Mr. Freedman has some questions to answer and at the very least should be removed as attorney for the Hamburg School Board or placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into his conduct.  Rather than facing these tough questions, the school board gave Mr. Freedman the authority to negotiate a settlement with Jetter, which awarded Jetter over $120,000 to resign.

What a horrible example of the children of Hamburg.  Individuals who should be role models and inspirations for what is right in America have done nothing but continue to sour the public's faith in government.  School officials who lie, cheat, drink while they should be working, and then get large cash windfalls are poisonous to our youth and society. School Principals who have exhibited emotional instability have continued exposure to children.

Lawyers who think themselves smart and crafty have made a mockery of their profession and the laws of our land.  School Board Members like David Yoviene who can not see past their own ignorance should be jolted into reality by a populous who cares about civil discourse and deliberative, thoughtful, government. What kind of role model is Mr. Yoviene for the kids of Hamburg who aspire to a life of public service?

Leave the mudslinging and parody to bloggers and the media.  It is not the place of the actors in our governments and the lawyers who give them what appears to be dreadful advice to use tax resources to carry out person vendettas.   It is shameful to any objective observer that the likes of Mr. Chiacchia, Mr. Freedman and Mr. Hoover engender any trust of the public what so ever.

Shocking that folks don't have the independence of mind to see though these suits to the meat of the matter.  We live in a democracy folks.  And if our nation continues to behave in the manner like what we have seen in Hamburg, we may as well fold up our tents.

It is not Mrs. Focucci who has exhibited "misconduct" its the jerks who care little about education and children and more about racking up the billable hours, and hiding a truth that will likely come out, eventually.  Consequences, as it were, often lie in the future.

Concerned Hamburger must credit Ms. Forcucci for her brawn amidst what appears to be a very rough crowd in Hamburg.  Standing up to bullies and the public venom which characterizes most of the Hamburg School Board is a difficult task.    Sorting out lies from truth is most difficult as it seems that most of the testimony in the Forcucci matter was homespun smoke in mirrors.

Seeking the truth is an act of heroism, which all persons in a civil society ought to aspire.  However, in the matter of the Forcucci removal some strange tales were presented, which challenge the nature of the hearings and the characters of countless people.  One wonders if the staff who testified were pressured to do so, or perhaps given raises or other benefits at work?   It doesn't seem impossible.

You are indeed correct on on point Mr. Chiacchia, "Forcucci as Hero".  Words well chosen.   But, you should've stopped there.  So, next time you are thinking of what to do on a Saturday morning try being the concerned parent you profess to be, and take the kiddies to the park.   Save up your spookiness for Halloween.   No doubt, Mrs. Forcucci's attorney found your email admonition worthless, yet as strange as most who read it.

* title of spooky email authored by Daniel Chiacchia, Esq.
** Chiacchia and Fleming Law Firm, Mr. Chiacchia is law partners with Andrew Fleming,Hamburg Village Judge.  And Andrew Fleming's bro is a partner and Hodgson Russ.  And, Andrew and Bernard Freeman, of Hodgson Russ were once law partners with David Hoover.
What a small world we live in.  One wonders if they all exchange greeting cards around the holidays.


Anonymous said...

Whoa thats crazy shit.

Anonymous said...

And the saga continues... will we ever reach a point of being able to move forward? I have a feeling that this will continue on for at least another year... I really feel sorry for the kids. Perhaps a parent needs to sue the BOE for lost opportunity as a result of their bad management!

I would feel cheated if I was a student at Hamburg ... no wonder St Francis has become the sanctuary for local students!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, please, please don't tell me this will cost the school district more money! The schools are completely tapped and supplies that were promised to be purchased last year will not be because there is no money.

Can't there just be a vote of 'no confidence' in the school board and start with a fresh group?

If anything, this whole debacle has indicated that there needs to be more protection for students and members of a school district when it turns out that elected board members were not all that they promised to be...

Anonymous said...

one thing is for sure, Margaret Murphy is 100 times smarter that dumb ass Freedman. How can the district still employ this fool? He got the crap beat out of him by Murphy. This is not an opinion, it is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Hamburger writes:"yet as strange as the rest of us who have read it."

Excuse me says:
Speak for yourself!!! I agree with Dan and thought his letter was excellent!

Anonymous said...

To 8:13.

Really??? Your ridiculous insults are obviously insidious and without merit. If there's any truth to your implications, back them up with something other than hearsay.

Like many, I believe we need more people like Dan who are willing to take a stand on behalf of the parents and community members and put an end to this drama. Catherine, Sally and company are TOXIC, loud, righteous, and continue to perpetuate dysfunction. The Jetter mess isn't the only thing that needs to be cleaned up in order to hit the reset button on our district. Time to focus on teaching and learning and it won't happen with these trouble-makers continually defending themselves and stirring up MORE drama. Enough!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ps... Hamburgers picture of Dan and Joan reminds me what a TERRIBLE mistake this community made in electing Catherine over Joan!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, so true, too bad joan was defeated. Hell, Joan brought the district disgrace with Steve Achramovitch and a hellish embarassment of going after this blog owner. The real black eye in Joan's pasty white face was the violations of open meeting laws that made her and her dummies, Brunner Collins and Flynn look like the idiots they have proven to be. Yes, lets go back to the Joan Days, the teachers would never have gotten a 6% raise. Nice try, joan is a failure... as a BOE member. Maybe an interesting specimen in the world of detached intellectuals, but a convincing loss in politics. Practice Medicine and do what you know.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, at this point in time, all BOE members and law firms associated with the current dramas need to go. It is the only way Hamburg will ever sort this mess out ... it has been going on for YEARS NOW!

The tax payers need to show they have had ENOUGH of the way this organisation is being run and managed - and VOTE NO for any more budget increases and VOTE NO for any of these members to return to the board, regardless of who they are or what they did or didn't do.

When companies get in trouble due to poor performance they CLEAN HOUSE - and start over. Where is the broom and the Ajax?

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous at 9:28, Have you forgotten about your Joan when she rubber stamped everything that came across her desk, or the hefty raises she pushed through for administrators on her way out the door? Or when she acted as an individual when posting that nasty letter on the district website, a clear violation of Education Law...

Anonymous said...

The most interesting think on this blog right now is the poll asking Hall to show his citizenship papers. Surely when he took the test to become an American he would have needed to familiarize himself with our Constitution. By voting to removed an elected official he should automatically be collected by the mounted police and have his status as a yankee yanked. That is if he has citizenship. What a great question. So, Cam, whats the harm? Didnt you get a little certificate from a Federal Judge saying, You are a Yank and you better uphold the Constitution? Show it Cam. And those who voted NO you shouldnt are probably the kinds of folks that want peoples speech to be gagged--- and elections to be overturned by tyrants. This is one sick community- Hamburg NY

Anonymous said...

It's time for the board members to own up to what Freedman did or did not tell them about the long-term costs of the Forcucci persecution BEFORE they filed their bogus charges against her. This latest appeal is completely foreseeable by any competent attorney, therefore the costs for the district associated with it were also completely foreseeable.

So, board members, what did the lawyers tell you your adventure was likely to end up costing us taxpayers? Why did you go forward with such an incredibly expensive and ridiculous adventure?

Or did you refuse to ask the big question--how many hundreds of thousands of dollars will fighting our petty political battles cost the community? Was it easier not to ask the obvious question so you could later claim ignorance that this was going to end up costing the taxpayers so dearly? Or did you dogpile Ms. Forcucci for personal and political reasons knowing full well how much money you'd be wasting at a time when our kids are being denied educational benefits?

The answer's there, folks. In this man's opinion, the board either knew full well that it's Forcucci games would cost us a pretty penny and just didn't care about the community or they didn't know the costs, and that raises serious issues about the competency of the board members.

Time to own up to your failure to properly represent the community, school board members. Mr. Yoviene has driven this board off a cliff, but he's not alone in ruining everything. Heeter and Brunner just rubber-stamped everything Yoviene wanted, and they're equally responsible for this mess.

The biggest mess that Hamburg has seen in generations.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's going on with that middle school principal? Is anyone following up on what she was doing with Jetter the night of his accident? Were they day drinking together before the accident? If so, wasn't the principal under an obligation to come forward when she saw Jetter duping all those supporters at the rally?

Doesn't the middle school principal have a duty to come forward and explain to the community her involvement, if any, in Jetter's fraud?

Anonymous said...

It's time for a petition on for the resignation/removal of David Yoviene.

Please resign, Mr. Yoviene. You and your faction of extremist parents don't stand for what the Hamburg community values. You are financially irresponsible and you're willing to embarrass the entire town with your infighting and bizarre politeness prosecutions that cost us an unbelievable amount of money.

This is the most embarrassing public board in the history of Hamburg. Please, show us some respect and walk away before you do further damage. And take your crazy parents group with you.

By the way, where has Mr. Piazza disappeared to now that the shit has hit the fan? He was right out front beating the drums until the Jetter mess blew up in his face. Where's Piazza now?

Anonymous said...

7:30 the parents of Hamburg should personally sue Dave Yoviene. He is the driver behind this- look at the exhibits. He would do anything to get her off the board, for his own personal agenda. I think it is the same agenda as Danny C, they sure do travel on parallel tracks.

The parents of less than 1/2 dozen young women can not get the district to cough up $5,800 for a hockey team, but they can pay for this shit. Sue them. Sue every single one of those board members who NEVER looked at Jetters contract until minutes before it was presented, voted blindly on the budget, who dont look at the legal bills MONTHLY to monitor spending. And then, Sue them for disenfranchising you the voters and for fraud. They board has been lying to the people of hamburg for YEARS, and its pretty clear now that some people are trying to place blame on Forcucci, Stevenson and her daugther Holly ( what the hell Danny C is talking about with those teachers tells a lot about his thinking). Take a look at the voting records of these individuals- these are tough woman who ask the right questions and the dumb shits on the board are nothing but a waste of space. SUE HEETER, YOVIENE, FLYNN, ET. AL. And dont forget Hamburg, the old board spend over 100k chasing around the person who recorded an fake executive session 5 years ago. Its still going on folks---lots of deep dark secrets that you the taxpayer are paying for. Speak up people, these folks are crooks!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 7:59--

Seriously? The girls can't get $5800 so they can have a hockey team just like the boys have, but this damn board can drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on rich attorneys? Wow. That is truly dismaying.

Every time we revisit this school board and Mr. Yoviene's leadership, it gets worse. For years, the district has been passing more and more costs on to the parents of athletes, citing budget restrictions, but I didn't know that the district is refusing to let the girls have a hockey team. That's absolutely shameful.

Perhaps the attorneys would be so kind as to return enough of the money Mr. Yoviene's rubber-stamp faction has pipelined to them so that our girls can play hockey. Probably not, but it's nice to think some of the adults involved in this travesty might want to do something positive for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Of course Freedman put faith and trust into Jazzy Jetter, did you see those legal bills? Santa Clause came to Andrew Freedmans house this year, wait til he gets his Hodgson Russ bonus. YOU PAID FOR IT. JAZZY BLEW A WAD WITH FREEDMAN- the taxpayers wad. What motivated Jazzy- more to come (on this topic).

Anonymous said...

9:13 Sally and Catherine are loud and toxic. Yes, you are right Patti and Laura dumb ass stares and mousy comments, and Yes voted every single time make for great BOE members. You mustve missed Tom Flynn throwing his books in a temper tantrum on 9-10-14. I would say look at the videos on the district webpage but that part of the meeting was deleted. Really are you that stupid? Explain what you mean by toxic? Do you mean they ask questions? Maybe if the others on the board asked a question or two, or applied an ounce of critical thinking- Jetter would have NEVER been superintendent. Really....put down some facts. You do not have any! You probably have never been to a meeting. My guess is you just listen the ignorant people of Hamburg who bought the Chiacchia snake oil. Boy you are gonna have one big wakening when the truth comes to the surface. Cmon, give us some facts!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8:13

Did you look at the legal bills posted by The News in its article? How many thousands and thousands of dollars did the school district pay the attorneys for PUBLIC RELATIONS work? How is paying attorneys for PUBLIC RELATIONS work and for advice on HOW TO HANDLE THE MEDIA during the secret hearings controversy even legal?

Aren't there state law restrictions on how a school board can spend supposed legal fees? Is it really lawful to spend so much taxpayer money on lawyers who are doing public relations work?

What would the level of public outrage be if the community got a huge bill from a public relations firm hired to make the school board look good? I imagine it would be out of sight! The community would be demanding resignations if Mr. Yoviene and company hired media consultants at taxpayer cost, so where's the outrage when they pay attorneys to do the same?


Anonymous said...

TODAYS BUFFALO NEWS- Did Andrew consider Mrs. Forcucci's civil rights- or was he too busy to think about that. Or was he so angry because he actually was emotionally drawn that he snatcher her notes from her at a meeting at the Hamburg Admin Building- the police were called because the district's lawyer couldn't control his temper. Gee, is that Official Misconduct David Hoover. Give me a break- this shit won't stop until school boards across NYS Wake UP and Smell the rats at the door. They aren't looking for crumbs on the floor- they want the keys to the pantry. Same thing with Harris Beach and Dave Yoveine the hypocrite screamed about those bills.... If I were Andrew Freedman I would be humiliate to show my face in Hamburg. Where is the pinochio nose? "Hodgson Russ partners Ryan Everhart and Andrew Freedman presented the firm’s annual Special Education Update, October 1, at the Millennium Hotel in Cheektowaga, New York.
The update covered significant changes in special education law, including a year in review, increased accountability for students with disabilities, and tips on handling disability discrimination claims with the Office of Civil Rights.
The event was attended by superintendents, special education directors, CSE chairs, pupil services administrators, and board of education members from numerous districts around Western New York."

Anonymous said...

If the district is supposedly receiving such great legal advice from Hodgson Russ, why is the board such a mess?

Who drafted the Jetter contract and why was there no morals clause permitting immediate termination of Jetter after he pled guilty? What was the school district attorney's advice on that piece of work?

Did Mr. Freedman tell the board in advance how much the Forcucci hearings and appeals would cost? Did he provide the school board with a flat fee estimate for doing all that work or did he promise to cap his fees? Or was it all just added to the hourly bills that keep accumulating?

Who provided the legal advice that the Forcucci hearings should be secret in obvious violation of law? Did the school district attorneys advise the board that they should not hold secret hearings against Forcucci?

Did the school district attorney advise the board to fight the lawsuit seeking to end the secrecy of the hearings? If not, what was the reason offered by the school district attorney for believing that the school board would prevail in its unsuccessful attempt to hide the Forcucci hearings from the public?

Is anyone auditing the attorneys' billings? Is any independent authority or expert reviewing the advice being provided by these attorneys to assure Hamburg taxpayers that the advice is correct and prudent?

We have had the Jetter contract mess, the Jetter payoff instead of fighting him to the end as was right, the Forcucci hearing attorneys' fees mess, the promise of more attorneys' fees on the appeal to the State Education Department, and now we have even more money being absolutely burned defending against the new lawsuit understandably brought by Forcucci to stop Yoviene and his board faction from wrongly removing her. How and why does this board keep digging an ever deeper financial hole costing the community dearly?

Seriously, do you realize that Mr. Yoviene is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys' fees going after a woman who has committed no crime or moral fault? Do you realize that rich attorneys are getting richer because, in part, Ms. Forcucci supposedly said Santa came early to the Jetter house? IS THIS THE TYPE OF RIDICULOUS NONSENSE WE WANT THE BOARD TO SPEND OUR MONEY ON WHEN THE KIDS HAVE HAD EVEN INTRAMURAL SPORTS TAKEN AWAY BECAUSE THE DISTRICT CAN'T AFFORD THEM?????


Wake up, Brunner. Wake up, Heeter. Wake up, Hall. Get off your mute and ineffective butts and get to work representing US, not Yoviene and his cronies. Stop being weak rubber stamps and start doing your damn jobs!

Anonymous said...

To 11:01pm who posted:
"Hey anonymous at 9:28, Have you forgotten about your Joan when she rubber stamped everything that came across her desk, or the hefty raises she pushed through for administrators on her way out the door?"

Response: not a good criticism. The trend DATA (not your opinion or misinformation) from Business First resulted in our school community being celebrated at the top of the list for administrative efficiency."

Anonymous said...

The ROOT cause of ALL of the dysfunction that has gone down in the past several years stems from ONE families vendetta, toxicity, and bad behaviors.

NONE of this would have happened!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems pretty certain that the school district lawyers know they can't win in Devlin's court. Let's see how they handle that likelihood.

Just saying said...

10/8 at 4:44 are you referring to Daniel Chiacchia and his sister Marie johnston, you know the emails they send out. Talk about a families bad behavior, there brother Darren is on trial for spreading AIDS?HIVS. He jumped parole, went to Canada in July and then we arrested coming over the boarder. He and his brother had to go to Judge D'Amicos court and he was remanded to Florida where Darren, accused of spreading AIDS with his gay partners is awaiting trial. So, all you hamburg people, who got the Dan C email, and the Maria Johnson email like I did on Saturday ask youselves why do these people spend so much time on Hamburg when their very brother has a court appointed attorney in Florida. Take a good look at Dan's nutty email to the other lady lawyer and ask yourself if he hasnt come undone. You see Dan doesnt realize that most people in Hamburg think he is a nut and that his obsessions with the Stevenson family is borderline criminal. But, when a secret is hidden, like Dans, people resort to sick behavior. Stay tuned Hamburg, we all know whats coming..... Just Saying Danny Boy, and please get some rest. Sometimes sleep helps us with our demons. Its OK- Al Gores wife made mental health issues part of our nomenclature. Talk about your problems...there is help with Obamacare. Time shall tell...and then what?

Anonymous said...

To Anonuymous 5:52--

Maybe the district's lawyers feel they can't win because of absurd things like David Yoviene not only bringing charges against Forcucci and testifying against her, but also sitting in judgment against her.

Or maybe the lawyers recognize how absolutely shameful it is that the Yoviene school board would charge Forcucci with misconduct merely because she said Santa came early to the Jetter household. Maybe they recognize how utterly immature and foolish the board majority is to try to suppress Forcucci's speech and to try to disenfranchise those who voted for her.

Yoviene's school board is un-American and dangerous. Dissent is not allowed, even when the dissenters turn out to be right on crucial issues. It's totally shameful.

Anonymous said...

...So because you don't like Dan, you

a) hold him accountable for his brothers matters and
b) accuse him of mental health issues?

Anther ILLOGICAL post.

Anonymous said...

7:07- who said anything about not liking Dan, just holding him to the same standards he holds others. Lets face it the guy is a knob. Really he has come undone. I worry about him, you know with the brother thing, and his bizarre conduct. Maybe he needs a rest, or something to help him sleep. No human should carry the kind of hatred around that he does. Its disturbing to watch. But since he has an irrational obsession with people he doesnt know, it does lend itself to some mental health issues. I am not a doctor, but he does seem crazy doesnt he? Poor guy, there are pills for his ailments.

Anonymous said...

I KNOW ... why doesn't the BOE offer Catherine a package of oh let's say $100K to walk away and withdraw her appeal - surely it would be cheaper than a long drawn out court case? It worked for Jetter .. isn't that the right thing to do David Yoviene? Even from a financial point of view?

Let's see some consistancy even in craziness for pete's sake!

Anonymous said...

to 7:30.
Another hypocritical statement--THIS BLOG is the place of irrational obsession and hate comments. What's even more hypocritical is the inclusion of the word ethics in the title of this blog.

More specifically--What's ethical about insidious posts that use sarcasm to try to defame others?

Anonymous said...

to 7:07 pm.who writes:
"But since he has an irrational obsession with people he doesnt know, it does lend itself to some mental health issues."

Its called community activism: gathering the facts, rallying the forces, and taking a stand to put an end to the dysfunction getting in the way of teaching and learning in this district.

Anonymous said...

It's really shitty to tell that you'' speak kindly of them if they suppress their speech and knuckle under to a power-mad board.

How about simply respecting their beliefs even if you don't agree with them and refrain from trying to shut them up?

The right thing to do is to encourage people like Forcucci to speak their minds. The community rarely benefits from a go-along-to-get-along mentality among public officials. That's when abuses are hidden and become institutionalized. It's far better to tolerate dissent than it is to demand homogeneity.

It's just wrong to tell someone that you'll agree to say nice things about them if they give up their rights and go away. That's not what Hamburg is all about.

HCSD Staff said...

"Its called community activism: gathering the facts, rallying the forces, and taking a stand to put an end to the dysfunction getting in the way of teaching and learning in this district. " Is thats what it is called. Is that what Danny Boy calls it. He is the worst community activist in the world, if that is his objective. I agree with these writers. I went to the meetings last year, that abruptly ended and all HE did with Piazza and Martinez was attack, attack and attack again Stephensons and Kavanagh. Funny, he didn't mention the art teacher at HHS Mr. Brady would said the F word to a kid and then dragged him out in the hall by his backpack. Or Mr. D. Hill throwing desks and screeming at a young female math teacher after he entered her room while she was teaching and berated the hell out of her. Or how about Cha man turning the district up side down to create a new class for his kid, and then his kid decided it wasn't what they the world turns. I got repulsed by Dan, Ed and Jim when they had Becky Nehrebeski stand up on an alter and say she was billied ( says she, the biggest bully HMS ever knew, and who is absent from school sometimes 2x per week) . So, lets see, if he is so concerned about education maybe he should do something worth while and leave those he has attacked alone. Really, as if the whole community doesn't know that Sally was the one who filed Judicial Ethics charges against the local judge. It is Dan with the VENDETTA. Yawn Dan. The entire community sees you for the nasty person most think you to be. Isn't there some client that you picked up from the placemat at Uncle Joes in need of some Tort or something- a slip and fall, whatever it is that you do to earn your keep. Get out of Dodge Dan. One can only pray that with people like him in Hamburg the goodness of most of this community will finally see through his sick orchestrated plot. I know, because I get his emails, and I find them as odd as anything that could have been written about a character in One Flew Over the cuckoos nest. Frankly I love Sally Stephenson, she is the only one that makes any sense on that Board and the only one with enough respect for the community to speak in public about her concerns with school issues. The other deaf mutes are useless. And I hope Catherine S.F kicks there asses into the middle of next week. We reap what we sow.

HCSD Staff said...

Oh and Mr. Cam Hall- just show us your citizenship papers. The community needs to know, are you a fraud too? Are we gonna have to spend 1/2 million for you to prove you are a US Citizen. SHOW US THE PAPERS- FOR PUBLIC INSPECTION. My guess knowing the character of some of the people on the BOE, he probably is still a Canuck.

Anonymous said...

All the girls want is $5800 for a hockey team and it's denied while the board spends 10k for a weekend in NYC. And it's obvious when Danny boy, Martinez, piazza post on this blog..they're the only ones opposed to Forcucci at this point (I would've said Dave but he's too illiterate to figure this blog thing out). I'm glad people finally realize what is actually happening now.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:16--

What's this about the school board spending $10,000 on a jaunt to NYC? Why are they doing this? What does our school board need to do in NYC that it can't do right here in Hamburg?

And why won't the school board members pay for a girls' hockey team? They're partying in NYC and they can't help the parents of these girls fund an important athletic opportunity?

Have these board members forgotten about what is important to Hamburg parents and grandparents and taxpayers?