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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hamburg Board of Education files a Federal Lawsuit

Well it looks like the school board has fired up the printing presses and is issuing some more debt for future generations of Hamburg School District residents.  Andrew Freedman of Hodgson Russ, attorney for the school board, filed a law suit in Federal Court in reply to Mrs Forcucci's appeal in NYS Court.    It is not a wonder that this board refuses to fund student programs, clubs and activities.   You see readers,  David Yoviene would rather give your money to Andrew Freedman, the guy who knew about Jetter weeks before the rest of us. 

So folks,  just when you think the school board couldn't spend more of your money, think again.     More on this matter as details become available.   In the mean time, hang on to your wallet, they are coming for more money in just 7 short months.   


Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so. Who approve this. Did I miss something. Please help me understand what the heck is going on here.

Anonymous said...

You could not author a book with more f--- ed up people. King F--- up Dave Yoveine. These people should be sent to that Island where Napolean went? Elba?

Anonymous said...

Spend more money,this is the Board of Misfits.

make it stop said...

Did I miss a board meeting ? when was this voted on ? Does Flynn and Yoveine think we are made of money. I guess they will not be happy until our kids are attending a one room school having one giant study hall.

Anonymous said...

Holy hell - a federal lawsuit to do what what? Our secretaries cannot get a contract. They are going to go berserk.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? On top of the hundreds of thousands they've already gift-wrapped and handed to the attorneys while depriving our kids of basic school activities, now Yoviene has authorized the filing of a federal lawsuit?

Please tell me this just isn't true? How completely shut off from the community are these board members?

Get out of your echo chamber and start listening to people outside your tiny little group of extremist parents who want to hijack the democratic process for their own purposes!

Stop making the rich fat cat attorneys richer while denying our kids essential activities like intramurals. You can't find $5k for girls hockey, but you can find $200k to chase Forcucci because she was impolite?


Simply the worst board with the worst priorities in the history of Hamburg.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of having a school board that doesn't represent the interests of the whole community? This board will end up spending probably half a million dollars on lawyers over petty infighting, all supported by a small group of parents who have control of the board majority faction.

What's the point of all this? You've got a small group of entitled folks spending our tax money on frivolous legal matters and trying to disenfranchise voters with gimmicks used to remove properly elected officials over minor disputes. And you've got the school board simultaneously crying poor and refusing to fund important kids' programs while just giving serious wealth to a bunch of lawyers.

Do we even need these people if they won't do what the whole community wants them to do--walk away from these terribly embarrassing mistakes that the board keeps making?

Why not merge Frontier and Hamburg if we've got a rogue board that doesn't give a shiat about the taxpayers and kids? There's no reason to fund this outrageously dysfunctional and juvenile school board anymore. They don't stand for our values.

Good riddance. Merge these two school districts and at least get rid of some or all of these irresponsible folks. And get rid of an expensive and relatively useless superintendent position, cut a bunch of redundant administrative staff.

We'll still have Hamburg High School and Frontier High School. We'll just be rid of a bunch of politicians who are dragging the whole community down, and we'll inject some fiscal sanity into this district.

Anonymous said...

This must be a joke. Hey Hockey Parents its time to start to picket.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8:38--

If it's true that the school board/administration say they can't find $5,000 so that the girls can have a hockey team, that's simply despicable.

Cutting kids' sports and refusing to fund girls' sports because of budget concerns, but then paying attorneys hundreds of thousands of dollars at will is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Choosing the welfare of lawyers over the welfare of children is a slap in the face of all Hamburg residents.

Does anyone still have the list of parent extremists who support Yoviene and his terrible priorities? Post it here so we can all see who in our community supports lawyers over children.

Anonymous said...

The Board didn't start the lawsuit. It was filed last week by Margaret Murphy on behalf of Catherine Schrauth Forcucci and Holly Balaya. The Board, via its attorney, has simply sought to have it moved from state court to federal court because it asserts a claim under federal law.

Lew Port behind Forcucci said...

Hey Forcucci- Andy Freedman did this up in Lew port with a guy called Ed Lilly. What you need to do is file federal lawsuit under the federal code 1983. Ask your lawyer, she will know all about it. You should file it against David Yoviene as president of the board, and the other members. Sue them personally. You obviously are on your own dime, and you should for sure sue those board members. They will not be entitled to indemnification. Surely Andrew Freedman knows all about Lew Port? He is just repeating the churning the legal bills in Hamburg. What fools would EVER buy into this shit. Sue them Forcucci---- All of WNY is on your side. I am telling you, you are a hero for fighting these one party communist thinking pigs. Hamburg is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Im heard Yoviene is saying the Board didn't start the lawsuit. Dave, did you hit the zanaz bottle? Yeah you did, the lady is just protecting herself. Geeze, do you have a brain?

Anonymous said...

Just like it was reported on WIVB- Andy Freedman attacked Catherine Forcucci in a meeting by snatching her notes from her. He filed this in Federal Court so Dave can give Candy Ditkowski a board seat. These people are total filth- they are buying time with your tax dollars Hamburg Fools. When will this stop???

Passing Around Dan Part III said...


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Please click on link to update yourself as to what is still happening with Catherine Schrauth Forcucci and Holly Balaya's Appeal. Click on each docket and read the appeal and all information involved. We all need to stay informed.

Thank You,

Passing it around Part II said...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dan Chiacchia
Date: Sat, Oct 4, 2014 at 4:54 PM
Subject: FW: The evil doers are back at it
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Daniel J. Chiacchia, Esq.
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Tel: 716-648-3030
Fax: 716-648-0810 County Supreme Court

Anonymous said...

Is that Cam Hall I see and Tom Flynn, wow, what a great list of people. Nice job Hamburg BOE.

Dan Cha Asked to pass it around Part I said...

Check this out Hamburg---in 3 parts..... Chiacchia sending the link to the NYS Courts webpage...a harmless act, but why does he care so much. And why does he call these people evil doers? He is a lawyer- I bet he wishes he was billing this. Funny Danny, you should be careful about this kind of political thing, isn't your partner the HONERABLE A. FLEMING, who you copy a judge. What about that impartial thing of judges. Just saying.... Hey those of you who also got Danny and his sister Maries email--- what do you think about that spooky note. Glad to see Donny O from Buffalo in the mix. Doesn't that guy have his hands full? Hmmm how interesting.


From: "Maria Johnson"
Date: Oct 6, 2014 10:44 AM
Subject: Fwd: FW: The evil doers are back at it
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Anonymous said...

See how all of this is being controlled behind the scenes by just a handful of the thousands of Hamburg residents and taxpayers?

It's a total hijacking of our election process.

Anonymous said...

GO DAN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Which one of Danny's contacts works at fredonia. Shirley any intellectual who chooses fredonia as an educational destination must see this Danny spinning for what it is- come forth fredonia. Edu- Shirley u must have something to say?

Anonymous said...

How can the BOE file a Federal lawsuit without a membership vote? Looks like another attempt by the District's law firm to highjack the democratic process and continue to stick the voters with the bill. This action is pure posturing. We should seriously consider sending our kids to other schools.

Anonymous said...

Evil Doers? Seriously. Um, no. Forcucci was trying to do her job by holding the Jetter accountable to doing his job. That's why she was elected. If the rest of the board doesn't agree with her, they have their own votes to cast. So, what's the problem?

And I have my vote. And next May I will vote for anyone who runs against these members and I will vote No on the budget...and finally put my house up for sale and get out of this wacky place.

Anonymous said...

To 5:19 who said:
"Which one of Danny's contacts works at Fredonia."

What are you referring to?
--and more importantly, why should we care? (I doubt anyone cares).

Speaking of Dan... There is NOTHING that could be written HERE that would change my opinion of him. He stuck his neck out and took a stand on behalf of this community! Jetter aside, Sally and Catherine DERAILED the focus of this district for their own political gain, family vendetta's, or personal/ psychologial needs (whatever they might be: power, righteousness, both?!?!?). Dan was the one who was willing to take a stand and rally the forces to get the district focus back on track.

I can't help but note... Compare the professional success of Dan with Sally and Catherine... need I say more?

Maybe I should... Given Dan's profession, I am completely amazed at the complete disregard one has for the law when posters (not as anonymous as they might assume) harass and defame him on this website. What the heck are these posters thinking????

On another note..I am not "edu shirley", but I am EDU and as an educated person I am well aware that there are legal consequences when making defamatory remarks--even on a blog.

Anonymous said...

to 8:04 pm who writes
"And I have my vote. And next May I will vote for anyone who runs against these members and I will vote No on the budget...and finally put my house up for sale and get out of this wacky place. "

Seriously?!?!? How childish.

What else will you do (when the vote swings the other way)... Scream "I didn't want to live here anyway" when the moving vans pull out of your driveway?"

Anonymous said...

Love the Fall Make Over Concerned Hamburger. I love this site. Some of you people really need to get over yourself. That email from that chi guy is nuts. He needs to pick up golf or a woman! LOL. Love the colors CH.

Anonymous said...

EDU- Not Shirley, what the hell are you talking about? Lots of questions here. Is Dan superior in some way to others professions? What are you talking about. You seem to have trouble communicating. Please slow down and explain, so those of us who arent as successful as Dan, the Man, can process the info. Sorry, most of us will never match his intellectual masterbation, or what ever the right word is. Sorry, I am not so bright. Hamburg Grad.

Anonymous said...

to 8:04 pm who wrote:
"Forcucci was trying to do her job by holding the Jetter accountable to doing his job. That's why she was elected."

Ive said it before, I'll say it again. Jetter's unethical/illegal behavior does NOT justify Catherine's bad behavior and lack of professionalism. Neither Jetter nor Catherine have put the best interest of children first.

Let's get another thing straight. You are saying that "Catherine was elected by THIS community to hold Jetter accountable?" REALLY? Was this her platform? I don't remember that!

On a related note, if you attempt to counter the above with fiscal responsibility, then the EVIDENCE shows that Catherine has cost this district a tremendous amount of money due to her unprofessional conduct. --And will continues to do so.
And For what purpose?

Anonymous said...

" Jetter Aside"! NOW That might be the funniest thing ever written on this blog. Right behind Joan and Steve doing he dirty dance work out. " Jetter Aside" Wow. Pass the peace pipe please. Who is Shirley?

Anonymous said...

What some supporters of the Yoviene cabal who post here refuse to understand is that you can absolutely take a stand for what you believe in, but when that stand extends to using your board faction's voting majority to kick a dissenter off the board for incredibly minor things like merely saying "Santa Claus came early to the Jetter household", it's gone way too far.

And the very idea that the Yoviene school board's supporters actually believe that it was right to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars prosecuting Forcucci for NON-CRIMINAL conduct while awarding Jetter for CRIMINAL conduct should entirely undermine their credibility.

HERE ARE A FEW QUESTIONS FOR THE YOVIENE FACTION SUPPORTER--instead of constantly whining about people who don't share your views of Forcucci and Stephenson (who you appear to be obsessed with), answer these questions:

Do you believe that it is responsible to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys' fees chasing an non-criminal with politeness problems while you are simultaneously cutting the kids' K-12 intrumural programs, refusing to fund girls' hockey, and not providing anywhere near sufficient Common Core training for teachers and parents?

Do you believe that it is proper for the board to spend money on attorneys to provide public relations advice on how to handle the media regarding the secret hearings controversy?

Do you believe that it was smart or proper to spend so much money on the Forcucci prosecution that it put the board in a position where it did not have the funds necessary to fight Jetter, forcing the board to offer him a huge settlement after admitting to criminal conduct?

Don't you believe that when Jetter was exposed as a criminal who victimized his supporters and the community at large with his dishonesty, Mr. Yoviene and his faction missed the opportunity to reach out to Forcucci and resolve the hearings with a compromise (especially considering that Jetter was a chief accuser)?

Wouldn't compromising with Forcucci after the Jetter drama and moving forward have been a MUCH MORE ETHICAL choice--and much smarter--than continuing this incredibly expensive fight where the price, so far, includes the board caving in to a criminal and giving him more than $100,000 simply because the board is worn out by its continuing fight against someone who has committed no crimes?

When all the bills are finally in, from the full cost of the board's Forcucci adventure to the ill-advised settlement awarded to Jetter--do you understand the rest of the community's concern that that HUGE pile of money could have been spent on teachers to alleviate elementary school overcrowding or vital Common Core training or kids' sports or any number of other needs that are important to kids? How can you justify the incredible costs of the board's political infighting to already strapped taxpayers?

Yoviene school board supporters, you can contribute to a healthy discussion on this blog by answering these questions. They are the questions of most of the community, not just a small group. Get a dialogue going that is more than just your usual personal defenses of people on your side of the aisle.

In short, step back from your personal involvement with the personalities at the center of this mess and consider what the rest of the adults in Hamburg are seriously worried about.

Anonymous said...

I dont see how anyone is harassing anyone. It seems that people are just critical of the spokesman and concerned parent who has inserted himself into a public discuss, For pete sake Dan is in the paper every time Hamburg comes up blabbing on about Sally. Talk about harassment. Lets call a spade a spade. We have the witch in our cross hair.... And how about going after teachers jobs, and other people in other professions. You see, I got a telephone call from Mr. CHaiachia (sp) last year inviting me to his office to see all the goods he had dug up on people he doesnt like. Its pretty scary stuff. So if he doesnt want criticizism he should give up his "evil doers" campaign. And who are these evil doers? Those on his list? Or, who? I bet I am one cause I got a live phone call from him last year spewing garbage to a perfect stranger.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not a lawyer, but I looked at those legal bills and I looked at the summons and it sure does look like Andrew Freedman( i don't know the guy at all) knew all about it and it sure looks like he lied. Or there most be something more to this. Isn't there like some kind of a ethics board for lawyers. Maybe they can figure it out. I heard there are ethics boards for teachers, I think its called a part 83? Or something like that. Maybe the ethics board, if there is one, for lawyers could figure out what this guy knew and when he knew. I don't know, but those legal bills and what is reported in the news sure do tell different stories. Is it possible that the Hambrg Board and the lawyers were in a cover- up? Hamburg- Gate. Heck, my taxes went up 450.00 this year- school alone- if these guys are crooks, I will buy the tar and feathers. I work hard for my money and I am sick of all this. Cant wait to see Augusts legal bills. When is the news gonna have at them?