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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hamburg Schools Attorney Andrew Freedman and Attorneys for Catherine Forcucci summons to Federal Court

Concerned Hamburger has learned from a reliable source that Hamburg School District Attorneys Andrew Freedman and Catherine Cooley of Hodgson Russ and attorneys for removed Hamburg School Board member Catherine Forcucci were called into Federal Court today.

It seems that the Federal Judge assigned to this matter has something to say, and it could not wait for the normal court calendar process.

As reported by Concerned Hamburger, on October 8, 2014, Hamburg School Attorney Mr. Freedman motioned to move Mrs. Forcucci's petition from NYS Supreme Court to Federal Court.   Mrs. Forcucci and former Board Member Holly Balaya filed papers with NYS Courts in an effort to nullify the votes of President David Yoviene and "Canadian Cam" Hall.   Some people are suggesting Mr. Freedman's actions to move the matter to Federal Court were done in an effort to delay the case from being heard
It seems his plot, if indeed true, backfired.   He and his Hodgson Russ sidekick will be in court today.  Ironically, had Mr. Freedman kept the Forcucci matter in Judge Devlin's court, he would have appeared today in front of her.   So, much for the forum shopping lawyer delay games.

Mr. Yoviene it is claimed by Forcucci acted as accuser, prosecutor and jury in the matter of the Forcucci removal.  "Canadian Cam' Hall is claimed to have operated as an operative for his campaign financier- Mr. Daniel Chiacchia, Esq.    Mr. Chiacchia has publicly aired his disdain for Forcucci. Neither men should have voted on the removal of Forcucci.  In fact, charges should have never been filled against Forcucci.  The woman did nothing wrong, and this is American with elections.  Removing someone from an elected position should be reserved for the likes of   Congressman "Beam me up" James Traficant, a notorious criminal.  

Who on earth do these people in Hamburg think themselves to be?  Any lawyer involved in this should have their license to practice law revoked.   How can they be trusted to safeguard  the US Constitution?

The Hamburg School Board will likely spend close to a 1/2 million dollars once this is all said and done.
What a shame.
What about the kids?

Perhaps the Federal Judge in this matter will send a strong message to Hamburg.   Perhaps he should require all those involved in this sick miscarriage of power mandatory community service.  All those narrow minded tyrannical members of the Hamburg community who plotted and schemed to remove an elected official ought be require to take a civics course, and perhaps interview a new legally immigrated American from a country where there is no democracy.  These people in Hamburg need a wake up call.  This is America.  And if you don't like it, take Canadian Cam and the rest of the Board and move into  Tom Flynn the turd's parents' house in Canada.    

Visit Link to see motion papers submitted by Attorney Freedman : Hamburg Money Spent in Lawyer Forum Shopping


Anonymous said...

A defendant can move a case to Fed court when the case is about the u.s. constitution. its automatic if defendant wants. this is no big deal. case will be dismisses by fed judge Arcara. no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:38 - sit back and gloat while I laugh my ass off at your ignorance - no doubt

Anonymous said...

Its NOT AUTOMATIC???? Are you are for real? You think it is AUTOMATIC that a lawyer can switch from State to Federal Court? What? You need to get yourself to a democracy triage clinic.