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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Scab

A Federal Judge denied Mrs. Forcucci's request for a temporary restraining order, which would have prevented the Hamburg School Board from filling her seat.   However, it appears from recent media reports, the matter is not over, and Mrs. Forcucci and her attorneys will be returning to court in the next few weeks for further consideration on the matter.   It seems that David Yoviene and Canadian Cam shouldn't have voted on the removal of Mrs. Forcucci.  Frankly if either of these men had a scintilla of honor, they would have recused themselves from voting.  

So the Hamburg Board will meet on November 5, to review the credentials of the 18 hopeful candidates.   The last time the Hamburg School Board met and made a selection for someone to fill an office, they appointed Dick Jetter as Superintendent.  The lack of good judgement of the Hamburg School Board is undeniable.

The 18 people who have put forth their name to fill the Forcucci seat are nothing short of a scabs.  Crossing the line and stepping on the rights of others has enjoyed a long history of scorn in America, and the folks who think themselves above the democratic process should be publicly chided by those who respect due process and other rights enshrined in the US Constitution.    A person who would take the seat of an elected official tossed aside by the fanatical majority, with deeply rooted personal agendas and the taxpayers purse,  is a knobstick and has no respect for democratic principles.


Anonymous said...

LOL CH~ Hilarious. We could not agree with you more. What kind of person would even think they should cross the line. Lets try and kick David Yoviene off the Board. I bet if someone filed a petition with the commission for the removal of Flynn and Yoviene- there would be lots of seats. The other brain dead fools are useless. Just Hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic...but can you believe that MATT DILS used to be on the hamburg board of education and he had ZERO (0) college credits. It's amazing that a goof like him, with no education, would have the gall to think that he should be in charge of people who are highly educated and who hold such important positions. The goof couldn't even get hired as a correctional officer until he was in his 30's.

Anonymous said...

Bob Madden is Daniel Chiacchia's man. Guess how the majority will vote?

Anonymous said...

If bob is Dan's man then that's how I will vote (and a slew of my friends will vote too).

signed: one of hundreds!

Anonymous said...

Of course they are going to appoint Bob Madden. I saw that guy drunk at Larkinville. So much so he lost his wallet and had to be called to the stage. The steam donkeys- john Brady's band was playing. From what I observed me madden appeared drunk- in public! Now that sure is an embarrassment for a school board member wanna be. But he will fit in good with the other lushes on the boe. What a waste of space that board is.