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Friday, October 17, 2014

Why run for election when you can take the seat of someone who did?

There are 18 people interested in the seat vacated when the Hamburg School Board in a shocking anti-democratic move ousted publicly elected school board member Mrs. C. Forcucci.   18 Hamburg Central School residents have expressed interest in taking a board seat they did not run for, except in once instance.

The following Hamburg folks feel it honorable to put their name forth to be hand selected to serve.  One person on the list did run for the Hamburg School Board in May 2013, and lost.

The list of folks who are hopeful Forcucci seat fillers are:

Mr. Steve Barber
Ms. Amy Brohfuehrer
Mr. Mark Cuda
Mr. Benjamin Davis
Ms. Candy Ditkowski (May 2013 BOE election loser)
Mr. Terry Dunford 
Ms. Joanne H. Smith
Mr. Chad Witherell
Mr. Richard Scheider
Mr. Patrick Ryan
Ms. Judy Piskun
Mr. Gary Rog
Mr. Bob Madden "professional substitute BOE Member" (filled in for Ms. Kelly Harper and then lost a real election with live voters in May 2011)
Mr. Peter Meyers
Mr. Robert Lohr
Mr. Robbin List
Ms. Dana Lamb
Ms. Kristie Kustra

Remember folks, Candy Ditkowski lost the election in May, 2013.  The others were not on the ballot. They did not run for election. 
There are reasons why we have elections in America, and one is playing out right before your eyes in Hamburg N.Y..   It is the people, the voters, those who honor their obligations to vote in elections that decide who represents the interests of the people and who monitor our tax dollars.   The Hamburg School Board is a panel of money spending fanatics on a witch hunt of a woman who simply asked prickly questions, like wouldn't it be a good idea to have an external audit?   This small group of Hamburg School Board fanatics- the rogues- are being lead by a group of lawyers who are laughing all the way to the country club for game of golf and a spot of tea.  Almost 200 years ago,  Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville warned America of the fragility of our democracy and the specter of the tyranny of the majority. 

In the eyes of Concerned Hamburger, no one in Hamburg should stain the democratic process by putting their name forth.  By offering to sit in a seat vacated in such a vile undemocratic way the 18 volunteers and others who think they are worthy are validating the tyranny of the Hamburg School Board fanatics.   Each of the 18 people who are clamoring for the vacant chair should publicly denounce the actions the Hamburg School Board, and its out of control spending.  The seat of Mrs. Forcucci should remain vacant, until a sensible objective democracy loving judge or commissioner rightfully reverses the actions of the autocratic tyrants.

De Tocqueville cautioned America would be "reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals of which the government is the shepherd".  So if the 18 hopefuls must carry on,  they should remember who ever is selected must sit down and shut up- take your cue from Patty Brunner Collins- say nothing and do nothing.  This will ensure that you can serve on the Hamburg School Board for over a decade and make your contribution to the decay of democracy.  And remember honor President Dave and Tom the Turd, or you can count on the wrath of the frothing at the mouth attorneys with seemingly and endless source of money.   
Good Night, and Good Luck


Anonymous said...

I agree Hamburger, and if anyone should be appointed it is Whistleblower Terry Dunford. He took down the IRS Buffalo Office. He is the man to see right thru Yoviene and the Flynn Guy.

Anonymous said...

You never appoint someone who has lost an election,you don't stab the voters in the back.When the people speak at the polls the board should listen.

Anonymous said...

Why dont we just ask Dan Chiacchia who he wants?

Anonymous said...

Terry Dunford. He will clean up the mess. He is a legendary whistleblower who took down the local office of the IRS. I sure hope he is the same guy.

Anonymous said...

I thought these names were confidential? Interesting! Also, how about the State Audit that you guys wanted so badly, I heard it was pretty clean! Maybe that is why Hamburg is the #2 ranked District in WNY for Admin. efficiency. Post this!

Tom said...

10:46 AM. You Guys? "who wanted an audit so badly"? Are you a complete fool? Of course Hamburg is ranked number two in administrative efficiency- the lawyers do the work of the administration. Did you take one look at those legal bills on the Buffalo News site? It looks like Jetter, Jordan and Kaney couldn't even do a school calendar without calling the lawyers. Administrative efficiency...that is laughable.

On to the Comptrollers report......... quoted from the NYS Comptrollers summary...

"We found that the District was not transparent in its use of Project funds and potentially could have spent less on the Project. The District has set aside over $6.6 million for general construction and site work contracts which was not part of the Project’s original scope. Additionally, the Board President did not approve all change orders and allowance disbursement forms, as required by the New York State Education Department (NYSED). In addition, none of the allowance disbursement forms were approved by NYSED. Finally, we found a Project purchase for which competitive bids were not obtained."

Is that a clean repot? Guess you don't care to piss your tax dollars into the wind. What's confidential about the names for the school board you know that there are no secrets in Hamburg...its a transparent district. You need to catch up on reality. Now what do you have to say?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 10:46--

Are you delusional? You consider over-billing the taxpayers by almost $7 million efficient? You think being called out for failing to adhere to open government standards and keeping important information from the voters is clean?

You're a prime example of what is wrong with Yoviene supporters. You'll overlook anything because you're so political.

Anonymous said...

How many of those people seeking appointment by the Board politicos instead of election by the voters are on the email list of the radical parents group that were big supporters of the disgraced Mr. Jetter and currently support the totally ineffective Mr. Yoviene?

I should probably modify my use of "ineffective," though, because Mr. Yoviene has been perfectly effective at making rich lawyers richer at taxpayer expense and at overturning a proper election and disenfranchising voters.

And now Mr. Yoviene's board faction is about to compound the insult to the citizens of Hamburg by deciding behind the scenes who they will appoint to represent US instead of doing the right thing and letting US decide.

It's a shame that the board faction now represents just themselves and those in their inner circles. They've forgotten about the rest of us. I expected better, especially from Ms. Brunner, who I thought would be a leader instead of one of Mr. Yoviene's rubber-stamping sheep.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually believe that the cabal that controls the school board will appoint an independent thinker? Is there a snowball's chance in hell that Mr. Yoviene and the extremists who support him will appoint anyone who questions the status quo?

Or is it far far more likely that the board will appoint another go-along-to-get-along sheep who won't rock the boat and who won't challenge this board's horrible priorities?

Heeter and Brunner and Hall have done enough damage to the community by meekly accepting their second-tier roles in support of Yoviene and his buddy Richard Jetter instead of listening to the Hamburg community and putting an end to this embarrassing and incredibly costly circus. We don't need more meek sheep on the board content to go along with whatever anti-taxpayer/anti-voter ideas are pushed on them.

We need strong leaders who put the community first and personal politics and infighting last. We need board members who don't energetically campaign for the job, then just sit there like mindless lumps who have forgotten their promises to actually represent ALL of us.

Any moron can be a rubber stamp. If you're sitting on the board more concerned about collegiality and eliminating dissenting opinions than you are about serious debate, then you're not doing right by the Hamburg community. We already saw what happens when debate and dissent is squashed by a faction--the terribly embarrassing yet eminently avoidable Richard Jetter debacle.

So, will it be business as usual by Mr. Yoviene's board sheep or will someone in that misguided group stand up and say enough with all this nonsense that has cost Hamburg and our kids so much?

Which of the board sheep will become the lions we thought we had elected? Or are the roles played by Brunner and Heeter and Hall so set in stone that independent thought and leadership is simply dead?

The board can either play politics or it can actually care for the the real people who make Hamburg such a great community. It can't do both.

The board sheep should either lead or get out of the way. Hamburg can't wait anymore.

BOE Watcher said...

The taxpayers will feel it come May. And the teachers union with a 6% raise and those fat salaries of the administration- BIG BIG Cuts coming. And that dooofusss--- Joe Guning, Ed Osbournes son in law has the nerve to show his face in Hamburg. And, question an audit. Hey Joe call up the father in law and ask him about the audits, the foundation, the district finances, hiring and the benefits people got under that guy--- you know all about it right JOE? Still collecting Hamburg benefits thru your wife. Cmon Joe, have you no shame? I cringe at the site of Wendy Evendon speaking at a meeting. Yeah Wendy, you should be concerned about the legal bills. And if you can read you can see, its the district doing all the spending---they are stealing money from the kids. Plain and Simple, but this has been going on for years- Joe ask F-I-L! Lots of Hamburg secrets gonna come out. Pass the popcorn!

Anonymous said...

I agree that anyone who ran for election and lost should not qualify for an appointed seat. Ditkowski lost by more than half of what Flynn and Hall received in actual votes. Also, she stated at a "meet the candidates" forum that "she had no affilation with a sitting board member" when it is common knowledge that Yoviene financed her campaign. Also, what about the personal drama between Ditkowski and Forcucci. Think about it, she would be a Yoviene rubber stamp.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard Forcucci lost her appeal, when will she give up and say OK i was wrong!

Anonymous said...

How did things go in court for csf today?

Anonymous said...

...Just thought I would give a shout out to "if you had half a brain" poster 11:57am.

Since your idiosyncratic posts are SO obvious (and I've told you that before) AND most people know who you are...I would ( politely) suggest you just take a break from your compulsion to post on this site. If not, then just know that your identity is SO obviously known. --And your agenda.

Jerry Nagowski- Hamburg said...

9:58 PM-Mystery Man- what is the agenda and whom are you speaking of? What is your name, and who is 11:57. I agree with 11:57- the school district has NEVER had a clean audit. What is obvious? I am out of the loop. Someone tell me what's going on?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 3:55--

Uh, genius, Forcucci didn't lose an appeal. The federal court denied a stay of the the board's intention to fill her board seat without an election.

You're the type of commenter that makes this whole process a mess. You're so desperate to attack Forcucci that you'll say anything even if it's not true.

Anonymous said...

to 2:15 pm.

ugh, yes she did.

Anonymous said...

to: 2:15 pm "You're the type of commenter that makes this whole process a mess. You're so desperate to attack Forcucci that you'll say anything even if it's not true. you realize that you sound like a child?

Let the whole CSF thing go--its over!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What board members went to NYC for the convention and what did they learn this year?

Officer Secretary said...

11:47- Cameron Hall and Tom Flynn teamed up and bunked together at a 350.00 per nite hotel room. They are there for 3 nights- about 1200.00 plus food transportation and registration. So the district is out about 2500 for those guys. Now Patti and Laura got princess rooms- not rooming togther in NYC- so double that at 2400.00. Yep,4 BOE members in NYC. For what? My guess is Tom is tipping a few at Rosy O'Gradies. The district will be out 10K after that booze cruise returns to Buffalo. Why did 4 members go, wouldnt one of the idiots be enough.