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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Hamburg School Board is looking for another superintendent of schools.  Since 2007, Hamburg Schools has had 5 superintendents.   Any superintendent hopeful can visit the district web page for more information about the open position.   The stated application deadline is November 21, 2014.   But sometimes that changes like in 2010 when Donald Ogilve decided Mr. Achramovitch would do the job, and when candidate Dick Jetter decided to go on a family vacation during the school year and on the day he was meant to be interviewed.  So, perhaps the dates listed are suggested dates, based on who you know.

It is not clear what the interview process will be like.   Surely, the committee members who recommended Dick Jetter should be precluded from having any involvement in selecting the next school leader.  In fact, anyone who couldn't see Dick Jetter for the wanker he turned out to be should be made to wear a sign reading, "I was fooled by Jetter the wanker".

The Board of Education in Hamburg has exhibited consistent substandard judgement. This cadre of idiots foolishly entered into an iron clad contract with wanker Jetter which  cost the district enough money to fund the entire athletic program for one year.  It makes one wonders if perhaps the boars are collectively taking a hit from a weed infested hookah prior to meetings.

So,  Hamburg School Superintendent hopefuls welcome to the twilight zone.


Duh said...

Is it true that the nut James Martinez is under investigation by NYSED for telling a parent that her kids were in danger at HHS and HMS? Boy, will get his licensed pulled? Did anyone file a complaint that he made up stories about break ins at BVS. He lied, what else is new? He never notified the police that his crazy head thought that the building was broken into, when indeed it was him digging out incriminating files in his office? Isn't endangering kids when you don't call the police when you think a building has been broken into. Hope State Ed pulls his license...he was crazy when he was at Ormsby. Maybe his BOY Donny can get him a job washing dishes at Emerson?

Anonymous said...

Well knock me down with a feather- lawyer Andrew freedman at HHS talking to Mrs Kathy Battin last week. Were they planning to deliver turkeys. It's amazing how many people sing. Is it true there was a verbal explosion? No union representation- threats of insubordination. That musta been a show- to crazy people with out of control tempers going at each other. Weren't the police called to the hamburg admin building on Andrew freedman because he lost his temper on forcucci? Gee, sure does seem this guy lets his personal feelings get in the way of his professionalism- so it appears. My opinion is that lawyers really should not be harassing staff members. Look how the truth surfaced on jetter- I bet there will be lots more on those who were playing ball with the haters. Too funny that one of them counsels kids and runs a character club. Now does nt that just make ya sick? It's all an opinion of course, for now.

Darlene said...

Oh yes, I agree with Nov 8 at 9:39. That Board meeting that the lawyer snatched papers from Forcucci. Where are the morality police in Hamburg now? Funny they can tolerate Flynn blowing his stack at a BOE meeting, and the lawyer going wacko on a Board Member, a superintendent drunk during the day, a school principal caught drinking and whatever else with a MARRIED superintendent and on and on. Oh, and they take their morality cues from a lawyer who has a brother on trial in Florida, who was arrested at the candian border for jumping his bail, and was sent to Florida to stand trial from spreading AIDS around to his lover. Now, where are these moral compasses? Oh yes, and let us not forget the strip club mom who is Vice President of the PTA- you know the PTA mom who operates a nudey club on Route 5. Where are the morality police. Seems like an article for Don Esmonde. And where in the world is Ed Piazza? Calling for a morality intervention- please morality referee Ed- throw some of you grabbled fire and brimstone around. You and BVS Principal Martinez need to chase the snakes out of Hamburg. Just Saying....