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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jetter in Alcoholic Outpatient Therapy- Court Approval Needed Before Getting an Education Job

Former Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter appeared in Erie County court to answer for the lies he was caught telling about damage to his car.  (It has been suggested that his other lies that haven't been caught will have consequences that lie in the future, no doubt. )  Dick Jetter's suave attorney played the fiddle of "Jetter the Victim".    One is to guess that his defense cost him at the very least $20,000.   His attorney read statements from Steven Achramovitch, Colleen Kaney, Captain Michael Melisz  (Hamburg Village Police) and his wife's former husband.  These individuals suggested that Jetter was a victim of a dysfunctional Hamburg School District.

Jetter the Jerk
Jetter- the liar, the thief and the infidel- is also  Jetter the Drunkard.   The judge ordered the lush to remain in alcohol abuse treatment, and to keep himself clean for at least one year.  Jetter has to pay $1,000 of taxpayer dollars as a fine and do about 250 days of community service.   It was revealed to Concerned Hamburger, that the Erie County Assistant District Attorney read a statement in court asking the Judge to sentence drunk Dick to jail time.   The ADA told the Court that Dick's lies were known to Hamburg School District Safety Office, James Martinez, on the evening of May 6, 2014.   It was stated that Mr. Martinez plucked utility pole shrapnel from the door jam of Jetter's white Nissan.  It was stated that Jetter told James Martinez, a probationary district employee, to " go along with the lies".  It appears that Martinez, and possibly others, covered for  Dick the Drunkard.

James Martinez, a probationary employee,  is still employed by the district, even though it appears he aided and abetted Jetter in his lies.

Dick Jetter is collecting a pay check from the district and one years health insurance.   The Judge denied local Hamburg attorney Dan Chiacchia the opportunity to speak at the Jetter sentencing.   It was reported that a concerned Mr. Chiacchia was seated in the court room, and was chummy with the Assistant District Attorney.  Erie County DA Sedita appeared on WIVB calling Jetter a Jerk for calling a press conference after he lied about his car trying to portray himself a martyr.   Click here for the link to WIVB:  Jetter Sentenced.   Concerned Hamburger suggests that " jerk", while accurate,  understates the mental disposition of Dick Jetter.   Strangely, the attorneys for Jetter attempted to blame the alleged Hamburg dysfunction as the cause of Jetter's conduct.   Rather, the dysfunction in Hamburg was the result of Jetter.   In fact, it was Jetter, himself, who labeled Hamburg as dysfunctional.   Takes one to know one, so it seems,  Jetter.

The Judge ordered that Dick Jetter must have court clearance before obtaining any job in public education.  So, if some school district were stupid enough to offer Dick a job, he would have to ask the court for permission to work in public schools.

Dick Jetter's license to hold public school credentials is under review by NYSED. He could lose his license to teach in NYS when it is determined he does not possess morals nor character.

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