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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Richard Jetter, " I am not scared"

Richard Jetter, "I am not scared".  So were the words of Richard Jetter in news media reports just 6 months ago.  Click link for WGRZ report : WGRZ REPORT MAY 7, 2014.  One wonders if days before Jetter faces the man in the black ropes if he is now scared?

Former Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter will be sentenced on Tuesday November 25, 2014.  Richard Jetter's crimes were reduced in a deal cut with the Erie County DA's office.   One wonders what sort of horse trading was being done for Jetter's crimes to be reduced.  Surely, any public official who steals money, lies, files false police reports and accuses innocent people of crimes they did not commit should face the music?   But, so it seems, not in this case.   Doctor Jetter appears to have the goods on lots of folks, and in exchange for a reduced charge, he might keep his mouth shut.   So it seems.

Dick Jetter left his job as superintendent on May 5, 2014 and got  drunk during the day with a district employee.  Dr. Jetter drove his car around a utility pole.  The next day after a Hamburg School Board meeting, in an effort to blame others,  Dick feigned shock and horror to the community and media after viewing his damaged car. He pretended it was his first encounter with the bumped up vehicle.    Dick, members of the Hamburg Board of Education, staff members and union leadership attempted to hoodwink the public into believing that some "rogue" faction in Hamburg were responsible for the damage.    In the furtherance of his fantasy,  Dick had himself a pity party.  He called a media conference, and a rally to dress-up up his lies.  The community was drowning in condolences for Dick.  Dick was a victim.

Dick and Hamburg Board President attempted to blame the "CSF" camp.  Dick Jetter lied to his wife, Jennifer Jetter, which prompted her to make a Facebook post in which she cast blame on CSF, Sally Stephenson and others (did she ever apologize to those folks?).   It is clear that Dr. Jetter's lies were not told only to the school community, but also to his wife.   Dick Jetter allowed the lies to continue, despite the facts that were revealed.  

On June 25, 2014 during the kangaroo hearings of Catherine S. Forcucci (aka CSF), her attorney revealed evidence to Hamburg District attorney Andrew Freedman which placed Jetter and his white Nissan Sentra around a utility pole in South Buffalo on 5-5-14.  Andew Freedman did nothing with this information (see Hodgson Russ-Hamburg legal bills).   Dick Jetter and some members of the board allowed the lies to continue.   Eyewitnesses saw Dick Jetter wrap his car around a utility pole as a Hamburg School administrator stood by laughing at the sight, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story?   Dick Jetter submitted claims to the school district for the damage to his car, and he was reimbursed.  In other words, he is a thief.

Make no bones about it readers, it was Catherine Forcucci and her attorney that discovered and uncovered Doctor Jetter's lies, not the Hamburg Village police,  like some people might like you to believe.

Dick's mask started to crack, and by the middle of July seeing the writing on the wall, he turned himself in to the Hamburg Village Police.   But prior to turning himself in to the police, Doctor Jetter put in a legal claim against board members and the district (see legal bills). Was he planning a lawsuit against the district?

And, it has been stated by some, that Dick Jetter claimed he would "sue" the Buffalo News if any allegations were made that he damaged his own car in a drunken escapade with a school district employee.   Various media outlets reported that Dick tried to blame board member Sally Stephenson for cooking up the truthful story of his rendezvous with the utility pole.  Dick was blaming any of his imaginary demons, yet all he needed to do was take a look at demon number one in the mirror.

Richard Jetter has no conscience.  Even a cursory review of psychopathic traits would lead one to thoughts of Richard Jetter.  

And, Hamburg you are paying for it.   It is time for you to make your voice heard to the Judge.   You should write a letter telling the Judge that this kind of conduct is not acceptable in public service, or anywhere for that matter.  Hamburg Schools has lost clubs, and programs.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been wasted,  and you paid for it. The lies of the Jetter Administration soiled an entire generation of Hamburg students.   And, what will Jetter get?

Recently a blogger remarked about a post on local attorney Dan Chiacchia's Facebook page, and Concerned Hamburger can not agree more.   Mr. Chiacchia urges his friends to take pen to paper and write to Judge Franczyk.   He suggests that the Jetter conduct should not be tolerated in public life (see in blue below).

So Hamburg community- now is your chance to tell Richard Jetter what you think of his conduct.   It is your public duty to be heard.  Take a moment and write to the Judge.   Silence suggests indifference.

Dick Jetter 
Hats off to you Mr. Chiacchia- your Facebook post gets the "Concerned Hamburger" award. 

"Former Hamburg School Superintendant Richard Jetter is being sentenced before Judge Thomas P. Franczyk on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 2 PM after having pled guilty to Filing a False Police Report. I urge all members of our community to attend the sentencing or at the very least write a letter to the judge urging just and fair punishment for a public official who violated our trust. Something is just not right when someone pleads guilty to perpetrating a fraud upon the public and then walks away with $125,000.00 for his troubles. This does not include the thousands in attorney fees to clean up his mess. Don't forget the time and energy expended by our Village Police Department in investigating this false crime Jetter reported. Taking full responsibility for your actions is not holding our district hostage for additional pay and benefits. The old saying that he's laughing all the way to the bank keeps resonating in my ears. Let Judge Franczyk know that Jetter needs to make full restitution, which means paying back all the money that he coerced from our district after he failed us. 
Your letters can be addressed to 
Judge Franczyk at 
25 Delaware Ave.
Part 20
Buffalo, New York, 14202 
The fax number is 845-7510."


Potter Road Teacher said...

This is very interesting. Had Donald Ogilve come out about Jetter, too? Time will reveal all those connections. Not everyone is circling the wagons. I am hearing all kinds of stories, which sadly are true. It just seems odd, that Don has been so quiet? Wasnt it he who sponsored parent hate session number one? Gee, where is Martinez? Lots of talkative people out there. Many Many Many. Funny how many people are Erie One never liked Don and glad he is meeting his match with the sisterhood after he ran out of Boces like a bat out of hell.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see letters submitted by Mr. Yoviene and the rest of the board who sided with Jetter for so long. Jetter was their choice over the objections of Ms. Forcucci. And it was Mr. Yoviene who rushed to give Jetter a hefty severance package even after he admitted duping the entire school district and all those supporters who rallied for him and wrongly blamed Forcucci.

The least Mr. Yoviene can do is express outrage on behalf of the families and taxpayers of this school district. The best he can do is offer a public apology to Ms. Forcucci for pursuing ludicrous charges against her while supporting and rewarding a criminal.

It's probably too late to right the wrongs against Ms. Forcucci, but it's never too late for Mr. Yoviene and his board majority to acknowlege that they made huge mistakes that greatly embarrassed the Hamburg community and cost a fortune in funds that should have gone to the students.

It's time to step up to the plate, board members, and admit that you followed the Pied Piper into Crazy Town, abandoning all common sense and fairness along the way. Do what Mr. Chiacchia recommends and write your letters and then disclose them to the public so we can see whether you're standing up for the rest of us or just paying Jetter to go away because you're too weak to deal with the situation like responsible adults.

In my opinion, you paid Jetter to leave so that your board experience would be easier instead of taking a stand and refusing to reward someone who had betrayed our community. You spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a laughably immature persecution of Forcucci, and then gave Jetter a big check on his way out the door.

At least have the decency to stand up for what is right, even if you're embarrassed that you were hoodwinked by this guy you chose over all the more qualified candidates for superintendent.

Anonymous said...

12:41, Right ON!!! But, you are wrong on why they paid Jetter to go away. The things that Dave and Tom helped Jetter, and others, attempt to orchestrate are criminal in nature. Jettter is already talking. It will all come out and when it doesnt time, and silence wont do any good. Lots of people are clipping at the heals, and as another write said, very odd that DC would come out publicly against Jetter. What do you think of that Doc. Jetter? You pals are turning on you? Lots of that going on. Circling the wagons- a plan gone wrong. Cmon School Board make a stand on Jetter, or you too spooked.

Anonymous said...

He won't get any jail time and these scumbags need to pay, every god dam last one of them

Anonymous said...

So no body thinks its a big deal that the independent hearing officer- David Hoover- was the districts former counsel. He was the disttrict lawyer as recently as 2007. Does anyone recall, or see in the transcript that Hoover or the district revealed the OBVIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST ( guess that doesnt matter with this lot)? Heck, if I were Forucci I would file complaints under PART 1200
RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT for attorneys. It is pretty clear there were lots of conflicts. It is simple to file a complaint against attorneys, if they have a conflict and do NOT get written waivers, or if they reveal any info...they should not have. It seems that David Hoover, who is a lawyer should have revealed this information. And what, he got over 20K to rubber stamp Yoviene and Flynns CRAZY obsession with Forcucci? Really, as if the BOE is doing any better now? FILE THE COMPLAINT AGAINST HOOVER. MAKE HIM STAND IN FRONT OF JUDGES- LET HIM BE INVESTIGATED LIKE WHEN HE WAS COLLECTION PENSION CREDITS FOR MOONLIGHTENING AT BOCES. Hell, if you cant connect the dots between Ogilve, Hoover and the Freedmans- you gotta be blind as a bat. Oh, and Jetter was their "BOY". Easy to Prove.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jetter gets locked up for a year. Teach the kids in Hamburg a lesson. He is a dirt bag. Remember that crazy self help shit? The bus and the vampires. So many people saw him as a joke. The teachers only supported him to get their contract. I know many who wrote letters to the judge to tell their own Jetter story. He is a slime bag who hit on every female teacher and some male ones too. He is nuts and everyone laughed their way to the bank. The guy looked like a 8th grader trying to get around. LOL

Anonymous said...

Jetter the drunk, cheats on his wife- with guys and girls. Really? The staging of this was as about as stupid as Jetter. Heard Danny boy was in court and asked to speak, and dear captain crunch, I mean Melisz wrote a Letter for the drunkard jetter. Gee fellas, looks pretty strange to those who are watching. Rick jetter the drunk! So is it true he was drinking in his office with staff. The NYSED dept should take his license away. Oh the tales they weave. It must suck to be stupid???? Gee Dan, is business so bad that u can knock off for the afternoon to pose as a concerned citizen? A busy guy like you should be down in florida helping your brother in his felony case. Just saying, little fella.

Anonymous said...

Hey guess what- Jetter has been a drunk for years. He is a scumbag. Hopefuly NYSED will take his license.