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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Scab Finalists

Hamburg School Board has released the names of the residents of the district who are willing to be scabs.    Two of the individuals picked by the Hamburg School Board lost real elections- when the people of the school district get their chance to vote.
But it seems that in Hamburg elections don't  matter.   This panel of idiots, who are running a 60 million dollar organization have continually stomp on  the fundamental democratic principles of this nation.  

We honor our deserving veterans, and hang banners of character virtues from the light posts in Hamburg, but it seems for this school board those practices are merely window dressing.  When it boils right down to it, the Hamburg School Board has exhibited un-American conduct by undoing the rights of the voters to elected school board members.  Now, the imbeciles have chosen  8 people, 6 never ran for the Hamburg School Board in a real election- with live people.   Mr. Madden and Mrs. Ditkowski did run, but both lost.  Is it not clear to the dunces that perhaps the voters of Hamburg do not want Mr. Madden and Mrs. Ditkowski on the Board?  The voters clearly made this statement at the ballot box. 

The Boars of Education will  meet on December 2, 2014 to select the scab who will take their place alongside the trough.  

Amy Brodfuehrer

Mark Cuda 
Candy Ditkowski- Loser in 2014 Board elections
Dana Lamb
Robbin List 
Bob Madden- Loser in 2011 elections, professional substitute boar member
Judy Piskun  
Richard Schneider


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Hamburg just move the Administration Building on to Tasseff Terrace- and then Cameron Hall, Mark Cuda and Dan Chiacchia can run the district as a Block Club. As if this isn't completely transparent. How desperate can people get?

Anonymous said...

Here is a funny. Jetter's linked in account has changed. He is now calling himself and education writer and he conveniently eliminated his career in Hamburg. What is an education writer? Does he give tips on how to disgrace yourself in public education. What a mockery this guy is. I just stamped my letter to the Judge and told exactly what was going on in the administration building under the Jetter.

Anonymous said...

look at the buff news story about the guy they hired to look into the canisius high school controversey. In the pic of the attorney jetter is in the background.

Anonymous said...

The Board majority is simply going to pick its favorite so that the appointee has a leg up on everyone else going into the election next year. Nothing hard to figure out here.

Politicians at their worst.

Grey Beard said...

Oh you know the they (the school board)it going to give the seat to Candy Ditkowski, so why don't they get it over with already and stop wasting all the other scabs time.
Lets not forget Cindy was/is part of that parent HATE group who put our school district in this financial mess.