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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A scab has been picked

The Hamburg School Board voted to appoint Mr. Robbin List to fill the seat from which Catherine Forcucci was oustered in one of the most disgusting affronts to democracy in New York State School history.   Mrs. Forucci appealed the action of the boars of Hamburg to the New York State Education Commish John King.  And, she is challenging the votes of Canadian Cam and David Yoviene in Federal Court.  

It seems that the Hamburg School Board hasn't quite gotten that for which they have been searching.  The Boars made absurd justifications that Forcucci had to go so that dignity would be restored to the Norman Rockwell-esque community.    


President Yoviene is quoted in a WIVB report saying, "that in Hamburg we don't always get along".    What a strange remark coming from a man who spearheaded the charge of a wild spending spree to ouster a publicly elected official and in so doing made several claims that she was the reason that the Boars weren't getting along.   In the absence of Forcucci what seems to be the problem?    It was reported that Vice President Tom Flynn the turd had another emotional outburst when Mr. Robert Madden was questioned about his affiliations with Concerned Hamburger Awardee Mr. Daniel Chiacchia, and his participation in the public meetings organized by Misters. Edward Pizza  and D. Chiacchia et. al..   Apparently Mr. Madden did not like that question and stormed out of school board meeting after his interview.  What childish conduct for someone who stood at the Hamburg Fairgrounds Grange Building and announced that he and Mr. Chiacchia needed to "grow grass" and get more community members out to hear Mr. Chiacchia plot their course for the district.  Gee Mr. Madden, you should thank your lucky stars that you were not chosen, you might've been the next topic of a Buffalo News article.

So a new body on the school board.   Mr. Robbin List, an educator.  He spent several years on the West Seneca Board of Education in the 1980s and 1990s and again in 2010- filling a vacant seat.   He ran again for West Seneca Board in 2011, won a seat and resigned effective January 3, 2013.  He and his family moved to Hamburg, which disqualified him from serving in West Seneca.

 Good wishes to you Mr. List, you surely will have much on your plate.  The next 6 months of work in Hamburg will include hiring a new superintendent, and digging out of the wild financial mess created by Dick Jetter.   A word of advice to Mr. List, do not ask any questions and certainly do not raise any issues that might actually be cause for any other member of the school board to think.  You see, Mr. List, you will find out very quickly, these are not the brightest people on the planet.  If you show up, sit down and vote yes- you will do just fine sir.   And,  should you have the opportunity to choose your seat, do not sit near Mr. Flynn, he has been known to throw his books when having his temper tantrums.


R chease said...

Its ConcernedHamburger, NOT Concerned Citizens of Hamburg. Right?

Anonymous said...

Where is Ed Piazza and his bride Beth? Are they still living in the district? It sure seems odd that they hosted one of their meetings at their catholic church in Boston, and Ed spent so much time with his questionaries that were published on the Hamburg Info facebook page, and then abruptly taken down. Where are you Ed? Is everything OK? Arent you concerned anymore?

R CHEASE said...

IF I WERE DUMB LIKE LAURA, PATTY, DAVE AND TOM, I WOULD REMEMBER THIS.... It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Judge in Florida should be sent the video recording of Darren Chiacchia standing up at the Piazza hosted hate fest in Nov 2013 at St John the Baptist Church. Was Darren legally in NY? Or was he a fugitive, like in June 14? He looked all spiffy in his navy blue lauren coat when uttering, " its like going to a dinner party you werent invited to.". he was with Maria Chiacchia Johnson the sister who washes dishes for the school district.

Anonymous said...

The extreme parents group that drove this bus off the cliff have disappeared. They burned the district down and fled because they had no constructive intentions. Their whole focus was sticking it to Sally Stephenson, and when they couldn't get after her, they took down Forcucci.

They played their political games with our kids' school system and they wasted so much taxpayer money, and then they just walked away, leaving the rest of us with a mess and the rest of WNY thinking Hamburg is a joke.

Thanks folks. Nice job you guys did driving the district into disarray and embarrassing the entire community. We won't ever forget who you are and what you did.

Just watching said...

Yes 10:20, and dont forget what they tried to do with Kavanagh. I was to the meeting, and they are one sick group. Let see: Pizzias, Chichia, JUNE Meisner, CRAZY lady Mrs. Vanderwack ( her performance was like watching an insane person- the eyes were spinning), Holly Darling (anyone seen her facebook- she thinks she is a cat-- or her of springs facebook?), The lady from Lackawanna- the girl scout leader- who is a knob? Lets list the whole crew, sure hope they know they are on You Tube, and where is that crazy man Martinez. Lets see, we had the terrible teacher, who takes off once a week, Rebecca Nahrebeski ( check out her attendance) and her talk of being a victim. Lets see how far that thinking gets you in life- large teacher who is not so bright. Oh heck, I have listened to those recordings so many times, and just cant believe Mayor Moses was a sponsor at the grange building. Yep, they can touch Stephenson so they go after their friends. Gee, stinks like a bad plot- that the fools put in writing. Did they all call their homeowners yet to put them on notice??? I would sue their asses off.