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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Breaking News: Jon MacSwan backs out of Hamburg offer

Top candidate for Hamburg School Superintendent Mr. Jon MacSwan of Cleveland Hill Schools, has backed out of negotiations.    Staff in Hamburg were notified today that Mr. McSwan will be staying in Cleveland Hill. 

So, it seems, back to the drawing board for the Hamburg School Board.   

Can this Board of Education get anything right?     


Just sayin said...

Did Chiacchia and Piazza get to him?

Harper Vally PTA said...

Jon saw the vitriolic and caustic parent group in Hamburg and decided it wasn't worth losing his integrity over what ever deep routed issues that obstructionist parent have with the district. It is obvious to the regular guy that the Board now is far worse than it has ever been. Tom Flynn negotiated Jetters iron-clad contract with cost us taxpayers 10s of thousands, and now it appears that the same dumby can't negotiate his way out of a paper bag. Wonder how such an idiot can stay in the employment of M &T bank. Don't kid yourselves Tom is in the pocket of the small parent haters- cha cha, piazzia, whipple, krenkik and Evendon. I thought the dysfuction was going to end once Forcucci was gone. Has it occurred to any of Board watchers the Dave and Tom need to go ASAP.