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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Amherst Middle School Principal Michael Cornell interviewed in Hamburg

According to the Buffalo News, the Hamburg School Board is down to a lone candidate for Superintendent- Mr. Michael Cornell, Principal of Amherst Middle School.   Mr. Cornell has five years experience in Amherst, and was an Assistant Principal in Lancaster.    According to sources, Mr. Cornell has no central administrative experience, but is considered a great building leader at Amherst Middle School.

It seems that the Hamburg School Board is having trouble attracting seasoned administrators to take the position of Superintendent.  It has been suggested that some in the tiny, yet notorious, parent group are working behind the scenes to thwart highly qualified candidates from coming to Hamburg.  

Any candidate for the position must be a tall blade of grass willing to stand-up to the scythe of the vocal minority.  Sometimes, the grass is not greener on the other side.


Anonymous said...

You so funny!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cornell would be right out of his mind to come to Hamburg. He already has Tom Flynn against him, and so that means Danny Boy must be pulling that fool Flynns strings. I mean Tom, do you realize how stupid you are? The shoe is gonna drop, isn't Tom?

Bankers said...

Tom Flynn is an embarrassment to M and T Bank- everyone here thinks he is a joke. He only got his job here because his father has contacts in the car business, like for example the Honda people. He sucks at his job, and most of us wishes he would leave this place for all the embarrassment he has cause to himself.

Anonymous said...

So, the best candidate Hamburg can now attract for a lucrative superintendent position that should be prized is a guy with NO district-wide administrative experience? He's merely managed a building? Why are we taking a flier on a candidate who doesn't have the administrative experience critically needed by Hamburg after the disastrous recent years under the Yoviene faction?

What a terrible situation for the great people of Hanburg to be in. Thanks again to the extreme parents group that's been at the heart of all the controversies for abandoning faith with the community and pursuing divisive personal politics that have now left a once great school district unable to attract qualified superintendent candidates who are at the top of their game.

Anonymous said...

6:56 am : Thanks Dan Chiacchia and his witch hunt against Sally Stepenson because she caught him and his partner in their game of getting business from the bench. Now, they have to actually do slip and fall and ambulance chasing advertising during the John Tesh show. There are lawyers out there that create public documents by having people lie so they can create smoke in mirrors...and old trick learned as an ADA. You know like the crazy ADA who said some guy tried to run her over outside of court, but the guy was on a bus someplace else. You see Hamburg you got duped by Dan, and Dan only cares about Dan and his business. You know he didn't tell you that that "poor victim" he tattled one about- that all the teaches know because of her conduct in school. Well Hamburg Dan and Andy were gonna file a civil lawsuit for the family. Frothing at the mouth they were looking for a big fish to sue. Danny is angry Hamburg, because he is the one whose behavior needs to be questioned now, doesn't it. Just Saying.

Anonymous said...

Answer me one question- will Mike Cornell bring with him self help books like Jetter and make all of us read his psycho-therapy. How much did the district spend on the Energy Bus? Hey Cornell, if you are coming here leave the self help books on the other side of the Kensington Expressway.

Anonymous said...

Smoke AND mirrors, not smoke "IN" mirrors.

Smokin Joe said...

"Smokin crack" is probably more like it for the"concerned parents". Maybe they hit the crack pipe and headed over to the Whipple's strip club for some pole dancing and lap dancing. I mean we are talking about some really class people here.

Smoke in mirrors, smoke and mirrors or smoking crack- anyone who had trouble zooming in on Chiacchia's agenda must've been smoking the hookah.

Anonymous said...

No matter who the new super will be, I hope they have enough balls to NOT ALLOW TENURE to Wacko Martinez! The new super needs to ask staff members and parents for their opinions. Even the ones who once supported him have now seen the extent and affects of his madness and are now embarrassed that they were blinded by his "charm" (ugh) in the beginning! Wacko loves to hear himself talk but it's hard to listen to him. But if you do listen closely, you will hear him contradict himself in the same sentence. He also claims to know when someone is lying because he watches eye movements and body language. Study his body language when someone is defending their cause - he can't control it. It's a joke that he is principal of what was once a very family oriented school. Now it's a prison with gag orders.

Please, if anyone knows anything or has had similar experiences, speak up! It will be 5 - 6 more years of this til he retires if you don't. That's a lot of damage to a small community. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the staff who were bullied into going to the School Board Meeting in September 2013 because Martinez and Jetter lied to cause turmoil in the district should speack up. Martinez is so paranoid. BVS is one of the worst schools in WNY. Tom Flynn was going to take his kid out of there so the teachers were told. GET RID OF MARTINEZ.

Anonymous said...

From the homepage of James Martinez, BVS Principal. He writes about academic rigor. It appears that the BVS principal is not only a psych-liar and bully extraordinaire, he appears to be illiterate. He attempts to write about academic rigor. How strange that a man with few brain cells has had to spend his entire life being a bully because he has no academic muscle to speak of. James Martinez calls the police on people- like his "safety" pal Cap't Melisz in Hamburg. Martinez calls the police on people- he is a crazy man. However, when he and his thugs staged the break in at BVS- he never called the police. PARENTS OF BVS KIDS- YOU MUST GET THAT MAD OUT OF THAT SCHOOL. HE IS A WACKO, AND HE IS SIMPLY STUPID.

On his webpage......

"Academic Rigor?

Many concerns and negative statements were made over the last year regarding the implementation of the Common Core Standards. I personally believe that the New York State Reform Agenda and daily classroom assessments will help our children in the long run. The reform has a 7 year time span. The resources NYSED has given to educators through the web site Engage New York has made the change easier. I am sure you heard from your student last year that school work was very hard and “I do not understand what the teacher wants or how to complete the assignment.” This statement can be attributed to academic rigor or helping students learn to think for themselves. “Academic rigor has four main components: Create, Organize, Integrate, and Apply. Students create their own meaning out of what they learn. They organize information so they create mental models. They integrate individual skills into whole sets of processes, and they apply what they learned to new or novel situations.”

Although learning this process will initially cause student frustration, if closely monitored by the teacher it will generate “productive struggle”.

Productive struggles:

Lead to understanding
Make learning goals feel attainable and effort seem worthwhile
Yield results
Lead students to feelings of empowerment and efficacy
Create a sense of hope
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding these changes in education."