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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Buffalo teacher and union leader kicked out of a Buffalo school board meeting

Kevin Gibson, Secretary of the Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF), was evicted from a public meeting during public expression.   A polite Mr. Gibson approached the rostrum at the February 4th  Buffalo school board meeting to address a matter of public interest.   He was interrogated by Buffalo School Board Member Larry Quinn as to his identity.  Mr. Quinn asks Mr. Gibson if he is a member of the BTF,  and told him that the meeting was not a "BTF meeting".  

Seconds later, a member of the Buffalo Police Department (a real safety officer with law enforcement accoutrements) ejected Mr. Gibson from the meeting.  Not one board member stopped the action, and the feeble Donald Ogilve sat in the corner observing the obstruction of democracy.   Mr. Ogilve is likely licking his wounds after the beating he took for sending the children of Buffalo out into the frozen city this past Groundhogs Day.  

Every teacher and member of the public should be outraged at the actions depicted in this video.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. Quinn has always been a pompous ass. Sneaky Ogilve could care less about the democratic process, so long as he and his get theirs. Ogilve is like the man behind the curtain pulling the strings , always in the crap and never getting any on himself.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get it. The guy was following the rules, and any Buffalo teacher answering Quinn's insincere question would had to have answered affirmatively - at least I think I'm right.