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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hamburg School Board where is the alternative tax exemption for our brave veterans?

Recently, the Buffalo News reported on the veterans tax exemption on real property and the available tax savings for those men,women and their families who have sacrificed greatly to ensure our life, liberty and property. 

The News provided a glimpse at the savings for veterans in fifteen local school districts, Hamburg Schools was not mentioned.  It appears that the Hamburg School District and Hamburg School Board is ignoring the alternative tax exemption for veterans.  
The last time the citizens and veterans of Hamburg heard about the available tax savings for our brave men and women was one year ago.   According to district records, there has been no discussion by the Hamburg School District nor the Hamburg School Board on this important matter since February, 2014.  

At that time, Director of Administrative Services Barbara Sporyz reported that research and analysis needed to be done regarding the New York State Real Property Tax Law, section 458-a, which provides a limited exemption from real property taxes for real property owned by persons who rendered military service to the United States, provided such property meets the requirements set forth in the law.  

So, Ms. Sporyz what's the hold up on the tax exemption conversation?  Have you picked up the phone and called the assessors?  What is the impact on the non-veteran tax-payers?  It's clear there is a concern by some that,  "if the parcel is exempt does the balance get picked up by the other taxpayers". The answer to that is, yes it does.  But who cares?  One wonders if these non-veteran folks who might be concerned about an  uptick in their taxes gave any thought to what their lives might be like if our veterans didn't serve?  

February 2014 Hamburg Board Minutes
In February 2014, the community was told there was not enough time to implement the the exemption of the 2014-15 school year.  It remains perplexing why Hamburg has not addressed this important issue for the 2015-16 school year.   Mrs.  Sporyz claims she spoke to legal counsel regarding the exemption.  At what cost to the taxpayer was that conversation?  It seems to Concerned Hamburger, that the Hamburg School District is intentionally ducking this important tax break for military veterans. There is no need to speak to lawyers at $300.00 per hour.  A simple "google" search or old fashioned telephone call to neighboring school districts might do the trick.   

It's not rocket science, it's a process that is relatively simple.  Lawyers are not needed to address the veterans' tax exemption. The fifteen or so districts mentioned in the Buffalo News article seemed to have little trouble figuring out what to do to make the veterans' exemption happen. 

What is needed in Hamburg is a school community that recognizes and values the services and sacrifices of those who risk their lives so our freedom is secure.  

Since last February, Ms. Sporyz has been promoted, tenured and given a generous raise. She makes over $125,000 with salary and benefits.  Her business office has accumulated a record fund balance(district rainy day account)and at the same time cut teachers and staff positions , cut clubs and classes, pays two superintendents, and squandered 1/2 million dollars with Andy Freedman, Esq. in the Forcucci witch hunt.  

So, Mrs. Sporyz, what about the veterans?  When will the Hamburg School Board spend time discussing this much deserved benefit for our brave citizens?  Hamburg has many service personnel.  The lamp posts in the village honor the brave ones among us.  Hamburg Schools has produced hundreds of service personnel, some gave their lives in the service of this great nation.  So, when will the Hamburg School Board do their job and bring the tax exemption benefit to a public hearing for a discussion, then adopt a resolution and vote?  

The March 1, 2015 deadline is around the corner. 

Here is a bit of background information on the New York State Real Property Tax Law, section 458-a
A resident home-owner who was honorably discharged after full-time active service during a time of war (dates as determined by NY State Taxation & Finance) in one of the 5 branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, the surviving un-remarried spouse of such a veteran, or a Gold Star Parent is eligible. National Guard service is not considered to be active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. In general, reservists are also excluded unless they performed significant, full-time active duty. Those who served outside the time of war dates established by NY State may be eligible for the Cold War Veteran’s exemption, but they are not eligible for an exemption on school taxes.

Components of the alternative tax exemption are as follows: 

Basic Exemption:  Tax exemption of 15% of the assessed value of the property, not to exceed $12,000 or the product of $12,000 multiplied by the latest state equalization rate for the assessing unit, whichever is less.

Combat Zone:  For veterans who are documented to have served in a combat zone an additional tax exemption of 10% of the assessed value of the property, not to exceed $8,000 or the product of $8,000 multiplied by the latest state equalization rate, which ever is less. 

Disabled Veterans:  Where the veteran received a compensation rating from the Veterans’ Administration or Department of Defense based upon a service related disability, an additional tax exemption on the qualifying residential property to the extent of the product of the assessed value multiplied by 50% of the veteran’s disability rating, not to exceed $40,000 or the product of $40,000 multiplied by the latest state equalization rate, whichever is less.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh heavens, we have been waiting for school PTA ho, mom, strip club owner and low level hunt real estate agent.. mama tart Christina Whipple to tweet her tweeties. So tart Christina, have you realized that all of Hamburg thinks you are disgusting?

Anonymous said...

Hey Concerned Hamburger-

Where are you on the Doc Corasanti case?

That dirt bag lawyer from Harris Beach Dick Sullivan is crossing the line about that poor little girl who was killed by a drunken driver. So, Dick Sullivan who sucked tens of thousands from Hamburg is now moving on to defending a murderer. This can not get any better. And isnt the Rice Family lawyer the guy who defended Dick Jetter?


Anonymous said...

You can't tell me that the Vet's tax discount isn't important enough to be tabled at a meeting - after all the garbage that has passed through this group ... if they don't secure the tax break for these fine heroes they should all be sacked! Merge with Frontier and be done with it! That would save over $1 million for our kids!

Anonymous said...

Did ya see the loser Martinez at the meeting last night? Hey Mr Cornell- You got a wacko on your hands. Mr. Cornell, did you know that James Martinez called a parent in the HCSD and told the mom that he kids were not safe in school. YES he did. He is a liar who traumatized two children- one in high school and one in middle school. HE and CRAZY Jetter then cooked up a "safety" plan for the poor child- who believed the nut. The safety plan included Brent Jordan ( more on his promotion and raise later), Matt Moscato ( a history teacher who left Hamburg, who would blame the guy, right?) Rebecca Nahrembeski ( another history teacher who has been transferred around the district and between classes because she is a trouble maker- more on her later). MARTINEZ IS A WACKO. WHO TERRORIZES KIDS.

Anonymous said...

How about keeping the comments to the article they correspond with? Perhaps CH needs to have a "whinge" page for all those who want to rant about Hamburg gossip that is unrelated to the story rather than allowing them to post on every article whether it has anything to do with the subject or not? I think the blog loses relevance when comments about School Board business and town business that has nothing to do with the thread.

Anonymous said...

I love how Barb S . budgets large raises for Jetters two top administers to the tune of $40,000, one of whom was hand picked by that tricky Dick. This BOE approved that action but couldn't find any moneys for DECA . Go back to May and check the money waisted by Yoveine and Andrew on an illegal transaction with a company called" Digits" a computer forensic analysis co. Were they checking Jetters computer to see just how dirty this guy was or who else may be just as dirty. PLEASE tell me Dave and Andrew didn't use public money to spy on a PRIVATE CITIZEN. Im not as smart as that bottom feeder Dan Chia or [ I love to hear myself talk] Ed Piazza but that sounds like it could be a
federal offense, Just sayin.

Eavsdropper Hater said...

6:26 I bet if the vets in Hamburg found out the district is spying on private citizens in their homes using public monies and violating the 4th Amendment and God knows what else they would pick up their muskets and take to the streets. Didnt vets fight for the US Constitution? Brent Jordan got a promotion for doing DICKs dirty work, and so did that well know crazy person Bolin (documented mental health patient- poor thing). Call the VFW and the other VET posts and tell them about these money sucking pigs. If one of them had to survive in a world with out tenure- like at a Bank or something- they would never make it. Will M and T fire Tom Flynn when his dirty hands are exposed. I mean lets talk about a guy that is stupid.

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

Martinez should be fired. He is a dirt bag when I was at the high school he harassed the shit out of me always calling me out of class. He accused me of selling drugs. I never took drugs in High School, but some kids did and because their parents were popular they didn't get in trouble. He ruined my high school life. I finished college and have a job, but if I ever saw that guy on the street, I punch him in his big fat face. He is mean and really crazy. Why does Hamburg keep him around. I was so happy the day they threw him out of the high school. It was great. All the students hated him, he was a fat bully who you couldn't understand because he was so crazy. Now he is with little kids? Wow, what a screwed up school district.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan @ 8;24 am, Sorry to hear about your high school years, a time in our lives that should be filled with only good memories . Instead of punching Martinez in the face, you could send a letter to the Superintendent and to all of the BOE members stating just how things were for you back then. You see the CRAZY man Martinez who just happened to be Jetter's hatchet man will be coming up for tenure very soon. Something he is desperate to obtain.

Anonymous said...

How could Martinez even be considered for tenure. He not only aided Jetter in most of his wrong doings, he has filed false reports, was seen destroying documents, knew about Jetter's false claim of vehicle vandalism from the very first night but for 2 months he stood by while others were blamed for that very vandalism, he helped organize a pep rally for the poor victim Richard Jetter 2 days later. The topper is that he put the safety of some 200 plus kids in jeopardy at the mysterious Boston Valley School break in. Oh, did I mention the RUSSIAN's that he claims were outside the school in the woods. This guy is off the hook , are any of you familiar with the term JETTER CRAZY

Willy Brandt said...

So now they violated the 4th Amendment. And the lawyers know about it? And they approved it? Hmm... this is getting more and more like Stasi ( that would be the E. German Secret Police- to all those ignorant BOE members).

Just saying said...

Were are all the crazy people who were supporters of Dick Jetter- why aren't they coming out in support of the vets? Too much work? Or are they terrified they are gonna be exposed for the lack- jobs they are. Here is a goodie that was written to support Jetter. Whoa... the crazies are running for cover. Where is Mrs. Reader and her outbursts at public meetings? Hey Mrs, Reader- what did Mr. Jetter teach your kid- its OK to be a liar and get away with it and get paid for it. Why don't you take that big mouth of yours and stand up for the vets. You have probably come across a few of our finest in your daily work? Use that big mouth of yours to help. We know you love shooting it off at BOE meetings.

Here is what her head is like in a note to Dave Y.

Dr. Mr. Yovienne-

Good evening. I am writing to you in an effort to encourage you to make the right decision in the up coming vote on filling the superintendent position. As was published in the buffalo news recently, three finalists are in the running for superintendent. I would like to show my support for Dr. Rick Jetter and hope that he will be strongly considered for this position. He has demonstrated poise and professionalism throughout the past few months in dealing with a board and their issues that are less than desirable. I do believe that Dr. Jetter truly has the best interest of the children in mind when he is faced with decisions on a daily basis. He is very familiar with the trials and tribulations that we as a district are facing today and has dealt with a number of board members in a manner that is respectful, yet unwavering, in his attempt to serve our/my children. Often times, this respect he has shown toward board members has not been reciprocated. This is not easy to face on a daily basis.
I do think that many people in the community share this perspective with me, and as a voting citizen that elected you, Mr. Yovienne, I do feel that it is your, and all the board members responsibility, to vote in a manner that best represents our interests. Not theirs.

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter. See you tomorrow night.

Margaret (Molly) Reader, DPT

NYSUT member said...

Now that a Hamburg Teacher, Mr. Cerone, is on the Spingville BOE, does Paul Connelly still write emails about him going after his job.
As reported on this site a year or so ago-

"On Easter Sunday, while many of you were sitting down to a family dinner , Dr. Paul Connelly was typing emails to certain members of the Springville Board of Education. In one email, Dr. Connelly writes, "Just want you to be aware, I have e-mailed the Hamburg Supt., who is a friend of mine to let him know how helpful Mr. Teacher* has been. We need to adopt this budget on April 17th, personnel decisions aside, but this is getting ridiculous. Lots of misinformation out there but I need each of you to be aware, study our budget and be on the top of your game. Thanks and sorry to have to send this on Easter!""

Wouldnt it be great if he could flush that out of Paul? What was so damaging to teachers across the state? Does anyone know about this ??? Springvile cutting jobs again- are they sending all their money to lawyers too?

JB said...

I am not sure if Chris Cerrone is aware that he can direct the superintendent (Connelly) to give him the emails between Connelly and Achramovitch. If he gets any resistance I am sure he has made friends with the other board members and the majority can back him up. If a student made a threat via email it would be dealt with immediately. The board of edu. is the checks and balance body who watches over the superintendent, so Cerrone and the other board members need to get those emails to see if a threat was made. If a threat was made Connelly needs to be terminated, or resign as Achramo did. He may also need to face prosecution, depending what he wrote.

JB said...

So I was talking to a board member of Hamburg the other day. What a strange conversation. I was told that a lawyer at Hodgson Russ wrote a letter to board members saying that they were not entitled to looking at the legal invoices for the district and they were not allowed to see the invoices for the company called DIGITS. The member told me that the lawyer basically said, FU- you are gonna need the majority to check on our spending, and since the majority run by the goofy fool Flynn ( with a hot irish temper) and "please like me Dave Y" who hired HR to do their dirty work it would be impossible for a board member to have any oversight on the lawyers and their spending spree. Anyone want to know how much the district has spent in legal fees since July? Where is the news on this? What did DIGTS do for the district. Rumor they were hired by HR- Andrew Freedman to spy on homes. Its hard to believe this could be true, it really sounds crazy doesn't it? But look at the Sheriff and the NYCLU case reported yesterday in the news. Its really crazy stuff and they the law firm tells a BOE member they can't see the bills? I wonder how much it cost to write the letter? Guess no one will know cause they can't see the bills. Secrecy enjoys a certain disdain among people who really believe in America, and know that lawyers- most of them- are nothing more than blood suckers and the prize is to such the blood from children and their clubs and sports. Cmon, lets talk about this please? Many Flynn and Yoviene need to stand in front of a judge in orange jumps suits like old Shelly Silver. Wonder what M and T Bank would say to the car salesman?

Anonymous said...

Any single board member is entitled to any piece of paper or information that any other board member is entitled to. For example, a board member who has no allies on the board has just as much right to see legal bills and invoices as the board president does. The board president is not a SUPER board position that has more power than other board members. The board president merely facilitates meetings and is a figure head for the board. In Hamburg Joan Calkins started this thing where the board president is more powerful than all of the other board members put together and Yoviene's little tubby ass has just carried this tradition forward, because it suits him. The reason that any single board member has the right to see the legal bills is that each and every board member was put on the board by the community (with a little extra help in many cases) and their job is to act as a checks and balances over the administration. If the administration and most of the board members choose to do something that is not in the best interest of the tax payers, the children and the community, the individual minority board member can see it and expose the impropriety...but if they are not allowed to see the documents (any document they want) then they cannot do their job. If the board majority were allowed to keep documents from a single board member then they would be essentially removing that minority board member from the board. The minority board member should file an article 78. They would win easily in court, as they have rights to the information, bills etc. What I think the board is doing is they know that they particular minority board member in question is going to be off the board soon so they are banking that the litigation will not happen quickly enough to reach a verdict prior to her term finishing. Get going minority board member and get the ball rolling legally.

Byron said...

Dave Yoviene's mo·dus ope·ran·di (M-O, a distinct pattern or method of operation that indicates or suggests the work of a single criminal in more than one crime) is that he likes to do underhanded things, but he tries not to appear as if he is behind the "thing" that he did. I rember one particular time, not too long ago when Yoviene was discussing following through on a promise that he made. Yoviene begrudgingly said that he would keep his promise, but that "I don't want anyone to think it's me." A short time later Yoviene hached a plan with a few other morally bankrupt people to fabricate circumstances under which the promise could not be kept, that also would seemingly make it appear that Yoviene was not responsible for the double cross. BUT, the thing with Yoviene and many other uneducated, sneaky, corrupt, troglodyte's, is that their behavior is very transparent, even though they think they are stealth. So Dave, just realize, your shit is very "see through", you ain't fooling a sole, and surely not me.

You know what's really interesting? How some people let other people get away with horrible things and just forget about it. Conversely, others do not forget, nor do or will they let it go. I guess when your someone like Yoviene you get lucky MOST of the time when you screw over people because they just let it go..

Gregg W said...

CH, I saw you updated Laura Heeters job. Is she actually teaching? She should have her mental state evaluated. She has emotional ups and downs, crazy crying and then on the other extreme. I think in my opinion, Laura Heeter should be nowhere near kids. Call and write to Randolph schools, Laura needs to have her head checked out. SHe is a really sick lady. Very sick! Education Law 913 says the employer can check out the health of an employeee. Maybe they can get a two-fer, BEcky N and Laura Heeter. Cmon Tom, wanna do a head check resolution? Just sayin dude.

Robin B said...

Hey James Martinez you crazy freak- you think your are gonna skate away? You are a messed up guy, who should have your certs pulled from NYSED. Really you dirtbag, you coved up Jetter's lies? And what about that gun story and your break in stories. Try to pretend it didnt happen you loser, you are stupid enough to talk to people on a recording. Oh James, you are as stupid as you are and ugly fat loser. Tenure? Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

It has been decreed by the administration building that there will be no 12:1:1 classes for Special Education students at the High School.
"What about the students who have been recommended for classes in 12:1:1 placements?" you ask.
Rumor has it that district representatives are telling parents that 12:1:1 classes will only be available if the budget allows.
"How does the budget allow for innumerable sections of AP classes, but not for classes for special education students?" you ask.
Good question- and one not enough people are asking.